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MTN Australia
Aug 6 · 3 min read

Force 261 is a Sydney based artist who took quite an interesting approach to the Achromatic Competition.

Experimenting with his submission, Force created a sculptural/installation style piece incorporating natural elements of the season into the work. Super creative.

See his response to our 5 rapid fire questions below.


  • Briefly introduce yourself and your art

Hi I am Daniel aka Force, I grew up naturally gifted in the arts and explored a lot of mediums and still exploring, I found graffiti as my main art passion in year 8 then met Mistery my Graffiti mentor not long after, just over 10 years ago now and he has trained me up especially to find my own unique style, I mainly wanted to break the box of having a mural on the wall and limitations of what has already been done, the artwork is called- Autumn drape.

  • How did you come up with your Achromatic concept?

Two weeks before the competition ended the idea/ concept came to my imagination and I manifested it quick enough to take it to different locations (blue mountains, centennial park ) take photos and enter, also for the theme being the end of Autumn I decided to do the fills with blowing fallen leaves.

  • What challenges did you face and overcome with the limitations of only Black and White?

Firstly I made one with linen fabric then found out I couldn’t enter it then had to remake another one with polyester canvas, I was originally going to make it mainly black with white outlines but scrapped it and went with white with black outlines.

  • What techniques can you share about your process, did you find certain techniques helpful?

For time wise I quickly drew leaves and made stencil cutouts for the fills also just used masking tape for thin outlines, I cut out and sanded back boards to the shape of each letter then applied the canvas before assembling and painting.

  • What is one thing/lesson you learned while doing the Achromatic challenge?

Don’t wear track pants while going for a run through the forest during the daytime with tools in your bag & holding a huge sculpture, it gets hot :)

  • If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

Obviously wear running shorts and vaseline joints ( maybe even using an astro cap for highlights, that is on my beautiful jawbones, cheeks and lashes to bring out the contouring of course ;)

About FORCE 261

Force 261 is a Sydney based artist inspired by his faith produces graffiti and street art projects.


MTN Australia

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We are the official distributors throughout Australia of Montana Colors (MTN). The first company to design and produce a spray can for the graffiti arts.

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