TUNE — MTN Australia Achromatic

MTN Australia
Aug 6 · 3 min read

NSW based TUNE collaborated with his homie MONA with 2 dope submissions into the MTN Achromatic Competition.

A good all round balance between letter form and character work, TUNE added some solid flavour to the comp.

See his answers to our rapid fire questions below.

TUNE x MONA — MTN Australia Achromatic Competition


  • Briefly introduce yourself and your art

Hello, My name is Tune. I describe myself as the most city person living in the bush and the most bush person when going to the city 😂

I started painting in 2004 with Cretn and Ynot. Levels of activity vary from year to year depending on who is close to me to inspire and energise me to create. Lately that has being young @monsteroner.

  • How did you come up with your Achromatic concept?

(Deadpool) I had stashed the character from a comic for a while and was keen to paint it. I loved how he was emerging from the shadows, as soon as I saw the achromatic comp I knew it would be a great fit! We intended on squeezing pieces next to it but on the day I thought it would be a better fit to a “theme” to keep our names comic based font. We extended our names like a battle cry, as if we were about to come up against Deadpool and meet our fate.

  • What challenges did you face and overcome with the limitations of only Black and White?

I have never painted like this before, it definitely challenged skill levels as it’s harder to hide behind bright fills… I had massive respect for exit and seiz already but I remember seeing their one tone characters and they were always so sick!! After doing it myself I love their work even more!

  • What techniques can you share about your process, did you find certain techniques helpful?

Just the old paint and repaint! I went a bit heavy on the black with some details so they got a little lost. I had fun working it out, laying black down, fade white on top then dusting black back on top, even converting a colour image to black and white asked me to use my brain. Probably could have photoshopped it ( don’t know how ) It made me a better painter for sure.

  • What is one thing/lesson you learned while doing the Achromatic challenge?

A good lesson is to have a plan is helpful but to be willing to be flexible on the spot can be helpful too.

  • If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

Get a bigger wall organised so we can get pieces in.

MTN Australia

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