Pickle Fascination among Indians- What’s the Secret Behind this Obsession?

Isla Allerton
Sep 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Pickles! Just hearing the word is enough to make your mouth start drooling. This little thing is much more powerful than you think. After all, it has the power to make your food look and taste more tempting.

The obsession for the pickle in Indians has aggravated its demand in the country. Their meal doesn’t complete without having this spicy, tangy, flavorful, and super delicious thing in their plate. And why not when it tastes so heavenly! Besides, the option to buy Indian pickle online is what has accelerated the demand of the same here in India apart from its flavor.

But it seems that the obsession for pickles in India has reached the next level. And, here are some good reasons why that has happened.

Reason #1: It Is Good For the Gut

The utilization of different veggies is done perfectly in the pickles. When you see carrots, radishes, and even that crunchy cucumber in the pickle jar, the chances are that it is going to make your gut happy. These veggies promote digestion, in short, giving your gut all the reasons to stay fit and cheerful. So, either shop for your favorite mango pickle online or buy it at the store nearby, give your gut a chance to feel that contentment today!

Reason #2: Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium- Pickle Has It All

Call it the perfect thing in your place, as it is going to give you a power punch of magnesium, iron, and even the much-needed calcium. Besides, it even is a source of many other essential nutrients, which is why Indians die for pickles. They like to keep their metabolism moving in the right way, and for that, they eat this mouth-watering now and then. So, head to the store or buy Indian pickle online today!

Reason #3: Fights Infections

Indians have experienced it themselves! Whenever they eat pickles that have vinegar, the antibacterial and antifungal properties help in getting them the relief from the infections. Take urinary tract infection for instance. People here eat vinegar-dipped pickles to combat these infections and get relief from the pain and discomfort in no time. So, now you know why Indians prefer all sorts of pickles!

The Verdict

It wouldn’t be wrong if India is declared as the land of pickles. And the reason is the availability of a gigantic variety of yummy pickles that country has been serving its people since the beginning. Be it the famous mango pickle or lemon, brinjal, beans pickle, almost all types of pickle is accessible in the country. Nowadays, one can even buy Indian pickle online as well.

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