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Aug 28 · 2 min read

What is it and how any can do it

If you do a search in Google for “ Healthy diets” you’ll find endless opinions on what you’re supposed to eat.

Some say that you can shouldn’t eat carbs and fat.

Others say you can eat only fats and any kind of vegetables and legumes

Who’s right?

According to Wikipedia there are 50+ different diets you can try most of them are offering some sort of benefit. In this article we are going to deconstruct the concept of dieting so you can easily pick the one that will get you the best results or the Optimal Health Diet

Dieting Definition

Dr Leonard’s from the university of Minnesota defines a diet as the food and drink a person consumes daily and the mental and physical circumstances connected to eating.

Diets Categorization

In general the 6 different “macro” groups of diets

  • Vegetarian diets — Diest Mainly excluding meats (Please note that there are plenty of variations on vegetarian diets “semi-vegetarian diets” including different types of proteins and products i.e pescatarian diet or Kangatarian diets )
  • Weight control diets — Diets based on a weight control
  • Crash diets — diet plans which involve making extreme, rapid changes to food consumption
  • Detox diets — Diets aiming to avoid consumption or certain foods or attempting to flush out substances that are considered unhelpful or harmful
  • Belief-based diets — Diets influenced by people’s religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs.
  • Diets followed for medical reasons — Diets based on medical conditions or intolerance to certain types of food

How to find an Optimal Health Diet

Step 1. Define your personal needs (Health Goals, Budget and Health Conditions

Step 2. Find a Diet align with your needs

Step 3. Measure You Progress

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