Where to find background music for your video

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You may have tried to find good background music for your videos before. In this case you should have experienced that it is not that easy.

And that’s not because there is a lack of songs but because of complicated licenses and usage rights.

It is important that you just use background music in your video that you in fact are allowed to use.

So in this video I will share with you where I get the background music for my content.

The music you are hearing right know in the background is from backgroundsymphony.com … they are also the sponsor of this video.

For me, their bundles are just the most convenient way. They basically have 3 bundles. You can choose between 50 songs, 75 songs and 100 songs. This way you get your own music library.

One reason for choosing backgroundsymphony.com as my background music provider is the license I get with the songs. It grants me full usage rights for all commercial purposes without any restrictions.

So I can use the songs not only for my videos, but also for podcasts, ad campaigns, product videos, films and everything else. That’s the fastest and most secure way to get background music, I know of.

When you visit their website, you can listen to the sound samples. They have a great selection which includes all important genres like happy music, funny songs, rock and heavy metal, hip hop and electro, epic cinematic soundtracks, blues and many more styles.

If you want to use background music in your videos, backgroundsymphony.com is the way to go. I use their songs with all my videos.