Contemporary ecommerce web design trends

Everybody is aware of the situation on the modern market where there’s a drive for maximum profits by holding leading positions. That’s why it is rather important to keep to keep an eye on the latest design trends. But pay attention to the issue that it’s quite difficult to make any forecasts about web design tendencies in today’s fast-developing ecommerce world. What seemed to be contemporary yesterday, today it is considered as out-of-date. In this regard, you’re suggested to apply only best proven web-design techniques that encourage your customers to purchase items more and more.

Flat design & minimalism

There’s a term “clean design” implying clean code, general lightness, greater responsiveness and functionality for the same capacity level. The term is often used and known by many web store owners as well as customers. As a counter to this, there’s flat design that puts emphasis on using pure colors and expressive fonts. The features are assured to be specifically important for ecommerce. Why is it of great importance? The answer is obvious: original fonts applied by a web store create strong associations with its brand. As you can see, originality is equal to brand recognition.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is going to be a trend that is popular for a long time, since its main function is to blur borders between the real world and virtual reality. The idea is quite simple: simple: using a special AR-application the camera on your phone or tablet detects an image-trigger in the real world and then launches a page with interactive content on your mobile device. Having applied the feature, you’re provided with lots of possibilities such as creating virtual dressing rooms, product demos (for example, videos with brand showrooms), integrating virtual objects into real interior. On the whole, AR is an easy and fast way to establish remarkable communication that can transmit product and brand values.

Super adaptive design

Adaptivity is a necessity as more and more users worldwide give preference to various devices including tablets and mobile phones. In this case, the design should be adapted according to these requirements. Focusing on the resolution images obtain, you can provide customers with an excellent shopping experience. If a TV display is chosen for browsing the web store, your online shop should guarantee images of high resolution. Over 32% of users have a least one device with a resolution over 1920px. This proves the importance of adapting websites specifically for such wide displays.

Animation and hovering

Creative animation effects are used by many various websites in order to solicit more prospective customers. It’s considered as unique and innovative. Using various flashing buttons, rotating icons and unusual download indicators may leave a very positive impression on a user.


In the highly competitive ecommerce world storytelling remains one of the crucial points that helps you get your brand distinguished. By creating a unique and fascinating content you will not only make an emotional bind between your product and your client, but will also improve your clients’ loyalty and enhance sales rates. Simply put, a story makes your brand alive as it is connected with personal experience.