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Guardians of the Cloud: Automating the Response to Security Events

Cloud adoption is occurring at a rapid pace and so are the risks and challenges in maintaining those secured environments. Doing it at scale requires the extensive use of automation and tooling. DevSecOps methodologies can also be applied to the detection and response of threats, decreasing the time to respond and preventing potential breaches. Logging pipelines, Slack bots, orchestration tools, and serverless technologies empower operation teams in a way that traditional security operations centers (SOC) can’t. Services such as AWS GuardDuty provide indispensable threat detection to continuously monitor for malicious activity and unauthorized access on cloud resources.

At Auth0, we have embraced the cloud since our inception, and with cloud resources in numerous AWS accounts in our organization, strong defenses and timely response to security events in the cloud are an absolute priority for us. That is why our Detection and Response team has embraced technologies to automate the response to security events in the cloud to scale for our future organizational growth. …



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