How To Build Your User Analytics Funnel With Social Login


Companies that want to make data-driven decisions know they need to learn as much about their users as they can.

But great companies know that the best way to get that data is not by asking — it’s by building a funnel to collect what’s already out there quickly and efficiently.

That’s why social login is one of the most powerful analytics tools. With the option to log into your app using a social media account they’ve already set up, users save themselves the annoying step of creating a new username & password combination. And you save them the effort of telling you who they are.

With a few simple tools and pieces of code, you can use the information they’ve made publicly available to make better decisions about your marketing, product development, and user retention.

Let’s go step-by-step through what you need to start using your user data better, from signup and login to analysis.

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