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Guardians of the Cloud: Automating the Response to Security Events

Cloud adoption is occurring at a rapid pace and so are the risks and challenges in maintaining those secured environments. Doing it at scale requires the extensive use of automation and tooling. DevSecOps methodologies can also be applied to the detection and response of threats, decreasing the time to respond and preventing potential breaches. Logging pipelines, Slack bots, orchestration tools, and serverless technologies empower operation teams in a way that traditional security operations centers (SOC) can’t. Services such as AWS GuardDuty provide indispensable threat detection to continuously monitor for malicious activity and unauthorized access on cloud resources.

At Auth0, we…

Step-Up Authentication is Key to Making Paywalls Work in Media

Think Paywalls Always Mean Unhappy Customers? Think Again.

CTO’s in the media world are constantly juggling multiple, sometimes conflicting, priorities with how they manage access to their content. They have to combat user churn, drive revenue through a mix of ads and subscriptions, and maintain healthy traffic and SEO rankings.

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In recent years, the paywall has evolved into an effective tool for balancing these needs, boosting subscriptions by restricting what content non-registered users can access.

The New York…

Authenticating Your First React App

Auth0 provides many tools to integrate authentication into our applications. When building JavaScript apps in the past, Auth0 has recommended using the library. Recently Auth0 has created a new upgraded library to work with authentication in Single Page Apps (SPAs). This new library was released on July 2, 2019 and is called the Auth0 Single Page App SDK.

In this tutorial, we will integrate this Auth0 SPA SDK with the popular JavaScript library, React. We will be building it using React Context and Hooks.

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New Whitepaper: The Tao of Extensibility

Every identity professional is familiar with that vaguely frustrating feeling arising from working on a scenario that is almost perfect. If only that user store could support OpenID Connect… If only that legacy app could be slightly modified… Similar deviations from the canonical scenarios are the true norm, making it hard to provide a solution that only relies on the out of the box features commonly found in identity products.

Check out the Auth0 Blog 🔐 and find everything you need to know about Identity Infrastructure, Access Management, SSO, JWT Authentication, and the latest in Security. 👉 AUTH0 BLOG 👈

The Alexander the Great Guide to InfoSec for the C-Suite

TL;DR: InfoSec hasn’t changed in 3,000 years.

Battle Scene

Imagine an ancient battlefield. One side’s general stands on a hill and observes the flow of battle below. He decides he needs one of his chariot commanders to flank around to the west to pin the enemy against a cavalry group coming in from the south.

He takes out his scytale (basically an ancient secret encoder/decoder ring) and encodes a message to the commander on a piece of papyrus. …

Securing Angular Applications with Auth0 and Deploying to Netlify

TL;DR: Many Angular applications need some form of authentication to protect different sections of the app. Auth0 is the perfect tool to do just that. But what makes these two awesome tools even better is a simple way to deploy the application, and that’s where Netlify comes in. In just a few short minutes, you can create a new Angular application, secure it with Auth0, and deploy it to Netlify.

Deploying an Angular with Auth0 App to Netlify

Auth0 has integrations with many languages and frameworks, and Angular is no exception. Using the libraries that the team at Auth0 has created, you can secure your application and be…

What is Blazor? A Tutorial on Building Web Apps with Authentication

TL;DR: This tutorial introduces the Blazor framework by guiding you in building a simple Web application with C#. It will also show you how to integrate your Blazor application with Auth0 in order to secure it. Following the steps described in this tutorial, you will end up building two versions of a simple Web application. You can find the full code in this GitHub repository.

What is Blazor?

Blazor has been gaining in popularity lately, especially after the release of .NET Core 3.0, which enriched it with many interesting features. There is great interest around it and Microsoft is betting a lot on…

Beginner Vue.js Tutorial with User Login

TL;DR In this article, I’m going to show you how to build a Vue website that will showcase events hosted by an organization. Users will be required to sign in to view details of an event, so we’ll also be adding authentication to the website. We’ll go over some Vue background, Vue application structure, creating components, setting up routing, and styling with Bulma. You can find the final code in this GitHub repository if you’d like to see the end result now.


This application is using the latest versions (at the time of writing) of the following:

Note: This tutorial…

Improving the Sign in with Apple Experience with Account Linking

Today, users can choose from a variety of identity providers to suit their needs. Sign in with Apple is the latest addition to the lineup of social providers, offering a great experience to Apple users.

Sign in with Apple is optimized to work seamlessly on all Apple devices; from tvOS to macOS. Users can use the familiar FaceID or TouchID to quickly and securely sign into third-party apps. Apple also promises not to track or profile users and offers the Hide My Email option for those who would prefer to keep their email address private.

Sign in with Apple is…

The OpenID Connect Handbook

TL;DR: In August 2019, Auth0 published an ebook called The OpenID Connect Handbook to help developers leverage this modern identity layer to provide an easy and secure authentication mechanism to their users. This ebook covers all the main concepts that you must know to integrate your app with OpenID Connect providers. If you are in a hurry and would like to dive right into the content of the ebook, follow this link to get your free copy. …


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