How technology is beefing up the background screening industry!

With the salon facilities riding the application tide to pamper customers, identity verification has become a pre-requisite to background screening.

But the question is whether an application like TrustID will help to verify a candidate’s identity?

An application named Trust ID has been created linked to the Aadhaar Card, to verify any Indian citizen instantly. It primarily focusses to verify domestic helps and workers from unorganized sectors.

The primary intention behind this application is its instantaneity. It helps to determine a candidate’s authenticity, confirming his personal details quickly. It will surely help in building trust of employers, just at a click. Not only will this simplify verification but also streamline the background screening processes to be faster, efficient and effective.

This new app connects with the Aadhaar Card database, after details of the prospective candidate getting punched into the device. The details of the potential gets verified as per the requirements. This app has tied up with Gurgaon police to verify domestic helps, tenants, employees etc. Once the person is verified, he/she is automatically registered with Gurgaon police for future pursuance.

As known, identity theft is rising at an alarming rate with 77% frauds being identity related alone.

According to Pune Mirror, the traditional beauty sector is estimated at close to $15 billion in India. But with the divulging, tech based beauty service industry shifting forward, there is a greater need for identity verification. Although, it is extremely nascent but it is soon going to spread across PAN India. In a scenario like this one, unforeseen situations can creep in. More and more companies need to resort to strict background screening processes, to enhance quality of hires , especially considering the customer facing nature of the industry.

So will this service help, curb Identity Theft?

Maybe, yes.

But also on the flipside, such an app will provide open access to Aadhaar card details and raising concerns of privacy protection and identity thefts.

And also it is enough to protect identity of 98 crore Indian citizens? Will this kind of identity check add value to the hiring process, inviting genuine candidates on-board?

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