Skipping background verification could be risky!

A rider attached with a bike taxi aggregator was arrested for allegedly robbing 4 passers-by, carrying expensive mobiles and purses. The culprit applied to attach his bike to the service and used the uniform as a decoy to commit thefts in the city.

Who is to be blamed for such awful incidents?

The above case lucidly points out negligent act on the part of the employer. The co-founder of the bike taxi aggregator claims to authorize drivers only on the basis of strict background screening procedures. But apparently, the reverse seems to have occurred. It has turned out to be real eye opener for the companies going for mass recruitment!

A big risk incurred by employers could be, not checking facts and references for genuineness, before hiring any candidate. With innovative services getting launched almost on an everyday basis, the risk of unsafe hiring has grown manifold. These services improve consumer satisfaction, with easy provisioning of good and services, but alongside rings the security alarm as well.

Evidently, careful hiring decisions cannot be made possible without a properly conducted background verification process. The misfortune of companies lies in not taking careful steps to check their hires’ background fully and employing them.

Here is, why you should never skip background screening, especially where customer facing is a must:

1. Candidates’ could be past convicts/ criminals- Candidates tend to “misrepresent/hide’ facts to get their hands on a job, and as a result, we see increasing story telling at the time of employment at all positions. ‘Almost two-thirds of job applications feature false information “as quoted by Elite Business Magazine, which clearly proves that lying is common.

2. Difficult to uncover the truth, once employed- Many managers struggle with finding out a truth after the tweaked facts have initially been relied upon. The candidates could have had past glitches which led to discontinuous of their previous job.

3. Presents a challenge to customer safety- A candidate with a dubious past could be risky when presented for customer facing. There will always be a chance of misdemeanour and felony, which is against the customer interest.

4.Works against protection from possible threats- Knowing about a candidate protects the customers,employees and organization from someone who can damage reputation,relationships, and company growth.

5. Saves an informed decision- While background verification does not guarantee future actions, or effectiveness of a job candidate, but can uncover past problems that may signal his/her optimality for the company. When it comes to a background check, there are numerous considerations that must be taken into account like past reputation, conduct, organizational behavioural and more.

TOI had reported in February 2016 that none of the bike taxi drivers in Gurgaon had a commercial licence. Gurgaon has over 200 bike taxis in total. They have been asked to get the commercial licences if the driver does not already have it,” said Bhushan Gupta, assistant secretary at the RTA. Hopefully, such proactive steps will bolster careful hiring.

A decision to hire a candidate is made as soon as the background verification is successfully attempted. But a hasty decision to hire could lead to severe consequences for the earned reputation. A thorough inquiry into the hire’s background along with the right references could add valuable insights into confirming an employer’s decision.

Hence, exercise exhaustive due diligence on your potential hire, because they can either make or break your company!