Thoughts on The Madness of Our Socialists Society

We spent three hours in a meeting to discuss what colors of towels we will produce so that we can successfully get orders from majors home products stores such as Bed Bath Beyond, Macy’s and Kohl’s. The option of subtle and livable colors are obvious, but we were suppose to dive deeper and to convince the stores which colors are in fashion and to make up reasons why greenish taupe color is better than the reddish color next season.

Sitting there, I was thinking if we really care about the difference of a greenish taupe and reddish taupe color when I buy a towel, or when I or my family use a towel. I agree nice design provide comfort by instinct. But the almost extreme guessing game with merely a goal of selling is no less than madness. I also thought how often we change towels at home and if we should throw away towels each season and buy new ones. The price of towels in stores are getting cheaper and cheaper. It’s almost too tempting to not buy a brand new bath towel for often under $10. Towel is just an example. Look out there, stores and Internet over flow with things. Things are everywhere, sellings are everywhere. The emails of black Friday, cyber Monday specials are completely overwhelming.

Each season, stores like Bed Bath & Beyond spends millions on purchasing towels. The pressure of selling them among their competitors passes on to the companies of producing companies like ours. Companies like ours, more accurately, function like a combination of designing, developing, importing and trading. Majority of the production are done overseas in China, India, and Turkey for towels. American companies has closed their factories and warehouses in states such as North Carolina, South Carolina. Studied engineering and education in college in China, and then studied design in college and graduate school in US, I have worked in home textile and home fashion companies more then a decade. I had student loan to pay while companies’ salary is better than schools. The China where I grew up has gone with the wind and now joined the game of producing and competing to sell and sell for the last a couple decades. Things, money and the speed of realizing profits have driven people like chicken without heads. Where is the society of ours rushing into?

There was a time in history, big dairy capitalists poured tons of milk into the ocean because they are afraid that too much milk on the market would drive down the price. Meanwhile at the time, the workers’ families went on starving. I hope not to see the history repeating itself in this case. Nowadays, there are still kids of little opportunity of education in US, there are illnesses haven’t found cure, there are countries in poverty and wars. Can we move our energy to the improvement of us as human as whole instead of turning us into hollow creatures blind by the madness of profit and things? To do this, I think, it’s not an action of charity but a way to save ourselves. The way this world operates is complicated, but if US has been the leader of the world for the last a couple centuries, can we try not to be the leader of this madness in the twenty first century of today?

Back to us as common individuals of society, and a global citizen, how we could balance our own desire of immediate comfort and the conscience of lasting value creating? How can we be both financially responsible and also be part of positive force for the society and the world? How can we remain aware and maybe take initiative to help us out of the potential insanity of the capitalism?