Decentralised Autonomous Organizations — Transformation of ventures

My presentation at Follow The Entrepreneur summit in Malta

Before Ethereum, investors never truly got to invest directly in interesting and potentially disruptive technologies. Instead, capital has been traditionally coupled to company’s performance quantified in a system of shifting variables that range from

  • efficiency of execution
  • competence and composition of the team
  • leadership
  • capability for market penetration
  • ability to plan resources
  • sales strategy
  • business model
  • marketing
  • … (gazillion of other factors)

Technology and innovation has always been relegated to play a less key role compared to the investee’s growth capability measured in revenue or even through transversal considerations such as number of users, subscriptions, etc.

Thanks to the blockchain technology in general and Ethereum in particular, we now have the tools to move organisations away from the investment trajectory, a true revolution in venture capital. However, Institutional investors must change their perspective if they want to be part of this emerging ecosystem.

In this presentation, I attempt to introduce VCs to the world of Ethereum, DAOs, ICOs and the establishment of “Institutional Technology”.

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