What are the features to look for in an exhaust fan before purchasing?

Ajay Sethi

Not many individuals are aware that exhaust fans are integral to every kitchen. Not only do they minimise the humidity and odour within the vicinity, but it also provides the ideal ventilation as a prevention against the dangerous buildup of dangerous gases.

But while purchasing and installing exhaust fans may seem like a simple job, there are certain factors you need to consider before even purchasing the fan. Previously, homeowners could opt for any of the few available fan choices available back then, but today, there are countless and diverse options that have been developed over the years.

So if you are looking to purchase a kitchen exhaust fan, here are a few factors you can consider:

Capability: Every kitchen requires a certain airflow for adequate ventilation. The airflow for all exhaust fans for the kitchen is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. In the case of small exhaust fans, the CFM of airflow is in between 30 to 50. In the case of larger models, the CFM of airflow can easily reach 200 to 300. If you need to calculate the bathroom’s minimum airflow, multiple the bathroom’s square footage by its height. Divide the result by 7.5 to find the exhaust fan’s CFM rating.

Sound Level: The kitchen exhaust fan loudness is normally measured in sones. Any fan that generates 2 sones or less is considered to be quiet. Any exhaust fan that generates 4 sones or more is considered loud. Based on the sones generated, the price is also determined. In other words, lower the sones, the higher will be the price.

Mounting Type: Exhaust fans can be mounted through several types namely, wall mounted, exterior or ceiling mounted. Wall mounted fans are the best choice for those who want to be placed in any location. Exterior exhaust fans are akin to wall mounted fans, with the only difference being that the noise is made outside. Ceiling mounted fans are used to improve the airflow through the ventilation system in the ceiling. In the modern home, this is the ideal choice amongst the exhaust fans for the kitchen. They are normally installed right above the kitchen itself.

Aesthetic Appeal: Previously, exhaust fans used to be a simple plastic square with wide grills, of the late 21st century. While the housing and the motor might be the same, several new fan features and decorative cover finishes are now available in the market.

Automatic Controls: The newer exhaust fans comprise of new tech features such as automated controls that switch on when the unit detects the rising humidity levels or temperature levels. However, users will need to manually turn on these units to remove odours from the kitchen.

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