22 years ago a woman claims to have been raped and isn’t telling anyone until Donald Trump runs for…

Feel free to stop bringing up the Clintons, or any other accused rapists, because nowhere in my write did I defend them or any other accused rapists. Making that argument, to me, sounds a lot like, “Well HE did it, so Trump can too!” And that is silly. Just because some other guy got away with despicable acts doesn’t mean we turn our backs when others do the same. In fact, that is exactly what rape culture is and how its perpetuated. But then so is questioning an alleged rape victim about what “took her so long” to come forward. I felt uncomfortable telling a high school music teacher that I had just been groped by two of her students. Jeez, I can’t imagine why a 13 year old child would maybe feel intimidated about coming forward to tell about a powerful, well known business man, an ADULT, attacking her.