The International Boundaries Series | Book 2: Deeply Bound by C.R. Misty

Chapter 5 Mountain Tops

Sequel to Chapter 4 Piece of Him

Saturday evening is dinner night at my parents’ home and tonight is the night that Josh and I tell them. For over three months, I have kept this from them and that was a challenge in itself. I’m not always the greatest at keeping secrets and something as big as this was really hard to do because I want to just scream it from the mountain tops and tell everyone. Well at least I can finally do it now.

Josh is waiting for me on the living room while I just finish putting on a bit of makeup. I meet him in the living room, I say to him, “Okay I am ready, want to head out.”

“Okay” He answers.

The fifteen-minute drive over to my mom and dad’s place is more on the quiet side and Josh takes notice, he says, “So, what’s on your mind?”

“Oh not much” I say but in reality I am thinking over how I am going to tell them the news.

It is like he is reading my mind. He has one hand resting on the top of the steering wheel as we cruise down the highway. He glances over meeting my eyes and asks, “So are we telling them today?”

“Yes” I put on a brave smile.

We pull off the highway and are now taking the country roads on route to their home. As I look out the window, we pass homes from going thru a small town and then pass by farms with cows out in the pasture, open land and then spots of forested area. It’s funny how when you get nervous at least when I do about something time seems to go by more quickly and this car ride soon comes to an end as we pull into the driveway.

Josh looks over at me, “Wow Jordan, breathe! Maybe we can tell them as soon as we get in the door so that I don’t have to worry about you being nervous all night.”

“I think I will Josh.” I let a huge breath escape my lips.

“See, I am not just for looks.” He smiles and gives me a kiss on the cheek and we leave the car, walk to the house, and let ourselves in.

I call for them, “Mom? Dad, where are you?” I can hear them moving about they must be in the kitchen, supper is already in the stove as the house smells like lasagna and garlic bread.

Mom has bent down with the oven door open to gauge if the food is ready, as we walk into the kitchen. She is taking out the lasagna and dad is standing at the counter cutting the loaves of garlic bread. He is the first to great us as we enter the kitchen.

He gives us an enthusiastic, “Hey how is my daughter and son in law?” He puts the bread knife down to put his arm around me in sort of a half hug.

Josh answers, “We are good and you?”

“Oh I’m good.” Dad gives me a sideways glance, half-kidding, as there is some reasoning, “Jordan you are so quiet. Do you not have anything to tell your dad?”

I know that there is no way that he knows that I am pregnant. I’m not showing. His question isn’t to get me to spill the beans on my news so to speak it’s more of a general inquiry and I know what I am about to say will through him by surprise.

I look at him, smile and shyly answer in a breath, “I’m pregnant.”

At this point mom stops fussing with the lasagna and turns away from the stove to face Josh, dad and me, “What?”
I start to laugh, “Mom you are going to be a grandma.”

“Oh Jordan come here and as I approach her I see Dad give Josh a handshake which turns into a playful father son hug. She gives me a hug, “Oh sweetheart congratulations.” She automatically touches my stomach I guess that I am going to have to start getting used to this, “How far along are you?”

“Just over three months.” I beam and then catch a glimpse of my dad smiling back at the two of us.
All within a second, my nerves of anticipating this entire moment have evaporated and I am standing in a room that is full of happiness and joy. The feeling of nerves brought on by anticipation has evaporated and now it seems so silly to me that I was even nervous about this announcement.

Sitting down to my mom’s amazing lasagna diner is always awesome. It’s one of my favorite dishes that my mom puts together, but tonight for some reason the food seems much tastier then I remembered. Conversations are full of laughs and about the good things to come. Josh and I will be first time parents and Mom and Dad are soon to be first time grandparents.

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