#NotAllWhitePeople, The Quiz

Quiz format: Error or intention?

I understand the intention of this quiz, and support that intention. It could be made better by rewording it so it isn’t a remake of the McCarthyist narrative: “Are you now or have you ever…”, which allowed only a yes or no answer. Truth is that people grow, they change. Example. In my younger days (MUCH younger!), I would have to answer yes to many of these questions. As I grew older, I learned differently, and now, where I would have had to say yes, I can now honestly say no, *if* the questions had been worded to allow such. Of course, there are one or two I’d still say yes on, such as the question of laughing at stereotypes. Truth is, I laugh at *all* stereotypes when I encounter them, if not out loud, then definitely to myself, because they’re all based on preconceptions. Yet it saddens me that they still exist in this 2nd decade of the 21st Century. I really thought humanity as a whole would be over this mess by now.