88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette

Randal Eldon Greene
Feb 6, 2018 · 6 min read

^_^ I love shimmer! Shimmer is just so prettyful. I love eye shadow too! There’s so many makeup brands out there that it’s so hard to choose which one. Well if you want the best, most shimmery colors, and you want it with a budget you can afford, then it leaves you with only one choice — the best choice! And I’m not talking about the choice of one shimmer over the other. You can have them all with the 88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette.
I got my 88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette from Super Sexy Scents and I love it so so so much! You get 88 fabulous colors for only $45! You get every color you could possibly need for any date, and it all comes on one palette. Talk about fun and convenient. Oh, the colors! The colors are so pigmented. All you need is like the most gentle swipe, with a brush or just your finger and bam! it’s a fucking rainbow on your face! The colors, yeah, they’re a lot like the other guy — you know who. What’s the difference? The difference is that you don’t have to pay no $16 for one color. You get them all for a fraction of the cost; all your product comes on one simple, color-arranged shimmer palette.
I was so happy with my order. I ordered it on the 25th, and I got it on the 31st. This company is so fast. There wasn’t even any extra shipping charges for my extra-fast delivery. I totally got the cheapest shipping they offered. Talk about unexpected service!
Know what else is great about 88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette? You’re not going to have to look all over for a color you want because it’s all right there. All your colors are in one palette so it’s quick to find the shimmery shade you want to spice up your date. And there’s a mirror inside your palette too! And not some little, itty-bitty mirror. It’s big! To top it off, your product comes with two eye shadow applicators, with applicators on each side. So really four applicators. That’s four because it’s two in one!
Each eye shadow is about the size of a dime. It’s small, but that just makes the product easy to transport. And with Super Sexy Scents’ line of super pigmented colors, you’re not going to need a whole lot anyway!
Oh, this shimmer is just the best. But if you don’t like shimmer like I do, then don’t worry! Super Sexy Scents has a Matte 88 Color Palette! Beings I’m a shimmer kind of girl, I’m happy that I chose the 88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette!
The 88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette is limited. So find it online or get the Super Sexy Scents app and buy your shimmer palette today! They’re going to sell out super fast, so hurry!

*_* Save it.

^_^ But I’ve spent it. I’m spent. That’s it. It’s all my breath.

*_* Obviously not all.

^_^ But you’re saying save it. And all that breath is gone. It’s a waste of breath, an amount of time I won’t get back. An amount of effort I should have never exerted.

*_* All breath is wasted, in the end. Might as well save it. Sure, you’ve lost what you’ve just said. But for future notice, just don’t.

^_^ That’s not true. It cannot be true. All breath is worth it if something comes of it.

*_* But all somethings end.

^_^ All somethings lead to other somethings. This could have been something.

*_* No, it could not have.

^_^ Why not?

*_* Because I have shimmer.

^_^ But not Super Sexy Scents’ 88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette.

*_* You don’t know what I have.

^_^ I know you don’t have this or you too would be happy. Happy I brought it up.

*_* Happy. Why happy? What’s so dammed good about shimmer that it makes you happy? What’s so dammed good about happy that it matters even if shimmer makes you happy?

^_^ But that’s the something.

*_* What is?

^_^ Happiness. Unwasted breath leads to something, leads to things like happiness.

*_* You find happiness in shimmer?

^_^ Why not?

*_* It’s so . . . artificial. Fraudulent.

^_^ Then what do you call authentic happiness?

*_* Not fucking shimmer.

^_^ Not fucking shimmer — then what? Kittens? Reddi Whip sprayed straight in your mouth? Micro-fiber blankets? Teddy bears? Lemon-scented markers?

*_* That’s happiness? That’s what I call distraction.

^_^ My goal in life is to be happy. Live. Laugh. Love.

*_* Your goal is a catchphrase. A marketable slogan.

^_^ It’s something worthwhile. If only a thing leads to happiness, then it is worth the thing. It isn’t wasted.

*_* Like your words to me.

^_^ Like my words to you. Like your un-appreciation of shimmer.

*_* I appreciate it, but it doesn’t mean happiness for me.

^_^ What would? Love? Think about it. Apply your shimmer; go out on that perfect date; fall in love; find happiness; have babies; have grandbabies; die with meaning.

*_* All because of the 88 Shimmer Palette.

^_^ Buy some! Spice up your date! It could mean happiness to you, if indirectly.

*_* Even so, what makes the state of being happy so important? A stronger feeling than mild happiness should carry more weight.

^_^ What do you mean?

*_* I mean a feeling like sadness, for example. Or even fear. It’s strong. It has more immediacy. Your happiness, it’s flimsy. It’s not only ephemeral, but while it’s there, it’s weakly perceptible.

^_^ But I love shimmer. And ice cream. And the fizz of a fresh Coca-Cola in my mouth. That happiness is what I crave, so it can’t be how you describe it.

*_* But it is. It is how I describe it.

^_^ And even if it is what you say, it’s a more pleasant feeling than sadness or fear. It’s better that way, objectively, if not biologically.

*_* Yet there is still no reality to the thought that happiness is more important than any other emotion. At least as a goal. I don’t get this “Live, Laugh, Love” mentality. There is more to life. Especially when to live means getting drunk, to laugh means laughing at some passing phrase, and to love means loving German chocolate cake. That’s not living, laughing, or loving. There’s nothing deep in it.

^_^ Deep and meaningful don’t necessarily coincide. Or, a deeply lived life can come from many shallow, quickly passing moments of living, laughing, and loving.

*_* Or all that shallow living is wasted, like your words. Like the notion that the shimmer palette matters. That it’s worth loving.

^_^ But if it leads to even a small moment of joy then it is worth loving.

*_* I believe I see a picture of a truly wasted life. And you know what that picture is?

^_^ *_* You.

About the author: Randal Eldon Greene is the author of Descriptions of Heaven, (Harvard Square Editions, 2016), a novella about a linguist, a lake monster, and the looming shadow of death. His typos are tweeted @AuthorGreene and his website is AuthorGreene.com

In 2018 Randal Eldon Greene wrote one story in dialogue for every week of 2018. This is one of those stories. Other dialogues have been published in various zines, anthologies, magazines, and journals. The completed dialogues from Greene’s writing challenge will eventually be complied into a book.

Some of these stories were published on Medium and are linked below.

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