Even guys know we don’t need makeup to look beautuful.

Make-up: Who Needs It?

Sitting here at the gym on an exercise ball, I see women of all shapes and sizes simply working out and not caring what they look like. Sure there are people in cute outfits and that look nice, but overall most are wearing a simple T-shirt and workout pants. On the women’s’ faces, I see barely a hint of makeup. This makes me wonder, if people I see here can be fine and not really care about looking their best, why can’t the rest of the world?

Truth be told, attempting to look your best each and everyday is hard ass work. I’m sure that every woman who reads this will agree with me. From giving up precious sleep time in order to perfectly blend makeup together to get that perfect “natural” look,takes a lot of time, effort and money. For those of us in college struggling to get by, this is simply an added expense on top of everything else.

As a point, I recently went to a Summer Arts Program hosted by California State University Monterey Bay (gorgeous place by the way, you have to go), and anyone who saw me knows that other than for our culmination presentations, I wore absolutely no make up. Aside from simply not having the time in the morning, I simply didn’t see the point.

Growing up, I was told that I looked beautiful just the way I was. Now that I’m older, I’m being told that I’m not pretty enough, that I need makeup. To this I say, “What happened to looking beautiful just the way I am?” The number one answer I get in response is, “You do, but…” In my mind this is an oxymoron. How can I be both beautiful and not beautiful at the same time?

In today’s world, we are being told two conflicting messages: To be yourself, you have to look like everyone else. For women especially, this means lots of makeup so you get that “natural” look. How can wearing lots of makeup be considered natural? If it’s the natural look you’re after, then why not defy the crowd, and actually be natural? As previously stated, it’s what I proudly do everyday. If I have uneven skin that doesn’t fit in with the normal description of perfection, then so be it. If I have zits, along with white/black spots, then so be it. It’s all part of being human. At least I am being my true self.

If anyone has any thoughts, feelings, criticisms, basically anything that isn’t a flame (as those will simply be used to help me make delicious s’mores), please feel free to leave them down below. Also know that I do plan to continue this topic in upcoming posts. Until then, please remember to simply be yourself regardless of what anyone else says.

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