Make-Up: Who Needs It? Part V

Bear Grylls with Courteney Cox on Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Ok so, my original plan for this post was to get a guy’s perspective on this topic, but while at the dentist recently, I heard a heard a promo for Running Wild with Bear Grylls guest staring Courtney Cox. The promo I heard was from Access Hollywood. To the best of my memory, it said something about her not wearing make-up. It could have been for the show, or it could have been in relation to her talking about “her regret over past costmetic proceedures.” All I know for sure is that I heard the words “no make-up” and that was of course when the dentist decided to show up.

Anyway, moving on. It was only when trying to look for the clip, that I discovered an article on the show’s website that told me what the clip was actually about. In truth, it was actually about Cox talking about “her regrets over past costmetic proceedures”. In the little blurb next to the clip, it states that she admits to learning lessons “after having work done that she regrets, [and] now knows it’s best to just “let it be.” In other words, a Hollywood Star of all people, is telling others that looks (and by default make-up) is not everything. It should not be the focal point of one’s life. If a Hollywood star such as herself can go on camera without make-up for the nation to see, why can’t we teach our girls and women that the natural no make-up look is in? This does not mean putting on so much make-up and hiding your flaws to the point that your skin looks natural. No, this means actually natural with no enhancements.

As stated in other posts, please don’t take this the wrong way. I am NOT declaring war on the make-up industry. A lot of good and innocent men and women would lose their jobs if the make-up industry disapeared. Rather I’m saying that it does have its time and place, it just isn’t in daily life. Make-up should be saved for special occasions such as weddings, holidays, and other festive activities. In this way, it would serve to emphasize your beauty that much more, as opposed to simply being a more elaborate style of what you normally do everyday.

So again I urge you to stand with me and declare that you are fine the way you are. You don’t need no stinking make-up to help you. That stuff is too much work in an already choatic life. As always, please feel free to leave a question or comment down below. #Allnatural #Makeupless #NaturalBeauty.

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