Lavish gay shower at the gym..

He is just my type.

A week ago, the warm weather did a lot to brighten my mood. So I decided to go to the gym. Now normally I go for a couple days and then mix it up — go run in the park for an afternoon, or go find a trail for a hike. But I found a different reason to go to the gym each day last week.

I had only gained a couple pounds of holiday weight so I wasn’t too self-conscious. I picked out a locker and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. It’s weird going to the gym for the first time after a long break. It always feels like everyone is staring at you. It’s uncomfortable but once you go for a few times, you get used to it.

I hit the open yoga/dance studio floor first and did my stretches in there. The walls were lined with mirrors and there were some bars that were strategically placed around the room for stability and support for stretches. Whatever you needed.

After stretching I chose a treadmill to warm up. The room was sparsely filled. Everyone was milling around, trying to get into a rhythm, like when you first have sex with a new partner. The chemistry is different and you have to find your groove, you know?

That’s when I spotted him — across the room, on a stationary bike. He was gorgeous.

Not one of those supermodel gorgeous types though. He almost looked approachable. Sweet smile, focused eyes, and a round face with a strong jawline. He was muscular but not the bulging bicep type. He had definition but it wasn’t scary. I never really liked muscles that were too big anyway. He was just my type.

I just continued to run for — what must have been — twenty minutes. That is, until he stopped cycling and leaned back in his seat to stretch. Then we locked eyes. He gave me a weak, awkward smile, as if to say, “Wait, are you watching me?” I just shot an awkward smile in his direction and decided to run away. When it comes to fight or flight, there’s no question where my survival instincts leaned toward.

After a couple of rounds on some other machines, I decided to call it a day and hit the showers. This was a new gym and the locker rooms were fantastic — shiny, new, and state of the art. Each shower had its own separate stall and sensor system. There were buttons by the stall door to set the temp, wait for the light to turn green, and (once you stepped in range) the shower started. 
I had finally chosen the one in the corner when I saw a familiar face walk into the shower area. I ducked into my stall and poked my head around the corner, just enough to see a glimpse of him as he slipped off his shirt and basketball shorts.

I would have seen more if someone else hadn’t walked in between us. My eyes met those of the new stranger who just smiled and ducked into the stall next to mine.

I probably didn’t make a good impression on anyone that day but there is one thing that I know for certain: I’ll definitely be going back.

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