Gay nice guy meets Bad Boy

This one of those stories I never got to finish… enjoy.

Chapter One

Scott was exhausted from a long day at the second-hand bookstore that he worked at downtown. He had only been stocking shelves, but he hadn’t got much sleep the night before, so he was already looking forward to going home. Plus, he had lunch plans that he had been looking forward to all morning and it was time to get to them. The sun was shining, and all he cared about was getting out there and enjoying it for a bit. There was just something about summer that always put him in a good mood. The warmth and the fact that he didn’t have to worry about winter jackets and such made him so much happier.

His shift had been short that day, but there had been a decent crowd in the store, so the morning went by quickly. He liked days like that, the ones that flew by. He had been working at the bookstore for a few years now, and he enjoyed the work immensely. It was an easy job, and he enjoyed reading, so he always had books on hand all the time. He liked the fact that he could see the old finds that people brought in, he had the opportunity of discovering a lot of first edition books that came into the store. He couldn’t afford those, however, but it was always fun to see what the worn books looked like over time. Once the owner bought them, they were logged into the system and then put behind glass so that they wouldn’t be handled unnecessarily. You needed to be interested in purchasing the book before the owner would get the key out and let those books free again. The owner was a little eccentric, but Scott could understand where he was coming from. Books could be destroyed easily when they fell into careless hands.

He made his way to the front of the store where the owner, Mr. Davidson was behind the counter waiting on customers. He clocked out of his shift and waved goodbye before walking outside where the sun beat down on his face. He loved the sun and often wished that he could live on the beach. Now that would be awesome. He took a deep breath and enjoyed the fresh air. There was one thing about second-hand bookstores; they could be stuffy sometimes. He was glad that he had taken the early morning shift, it had been a breeze since he had just opened the store and stocked the shelves. It was the kind of shift that was not taxing, and you could just let your mind wander throughout the day, and no one bothered you. He didn’t have to speak with a customer at the desk or ring in their purchases. It was an easy shift. It also left him with the rest of the day to play with, and he was looking forward to seeing his man at lunch. In fact, it had been all he could think about all day. They hadn’t been together long, but it was definitely at the point where it could become quite serious, and that made him smile. He really liked spending time with his boyfriend; he was a good guy and sexy as hell. He headed to his car and unlocked it just as he got a text from his best friend, Brandon.

He sat down in the driver’s seat before looking at the message.

Brandon- He better not flake on you for lunch this afternoon

Scott sighed. Brandon was referring to Scott’s boyfriend George, who seemed to be making “flaking” a fine art these days. Scott was starting to worry that something was up, but George had kept assuring him that he was, “fine.” For the record, “Fine” meant the same thing in the straight world as it did in the gay world. It usually wasn’t a good thing. But he was trying to remain optimistic about the whole thing; there was no point in making waves when there was nothing to worry about. If George said everything was fine, then he would trust him.

Scott- Fingers crossed. I’m sure that he won’t, he knows it’s important to me J

Brandon- Well good luck. I hope you guys have fun.

Scott- Me too. I’ll text you later.

Brandon- If he ditches you, I’m free for lunch.

Scott burst out laughing. Oh, Brandon could be so helpful at times.

Scott- Stop lol

Scott was hoping that George wasn’t going to flake too, but he wasn’t about to worry about something before it happened. He was always overthinking things, and it often got him in trouble. He didn’t need to do that. There was no reason to think that there was anything wrong. George knew that he was looking forward to their date, he wouldn’t just cancel without a good reason.

They were supposed to be meeting for lunch in just over an hour which gave him enough time to go home and shower and change before their lunch date. He couldn’t seem to wipe the smile off his face when it came to thinking about George. They had been dating for awhile now, and Scott was starting to feel like maybe George was the one. He just hoped that George felt the same way. Why would he? He was quite the catch, a great boyfriend that anyone would kill to date.

He drove home, and when he arrived, he parked and hurried into his apartment building. He lived in a modest apartment close to where he worked. He didn’t need much to get himself by, he just wanted to be happy, and that was more important than working himself to death to drive a fancy car or to live in a big house. He knew his dreams would come true; it was just a matter of waiting for the moments and striking when the iron was hot. For the time being he was content with his life and that was all that mattered.

He unlocked his door and set his wallet on the table as he made his way to the washroom. He quickly undressed and then studied himself in the mirror. He smiled, he was an attractive male in a cute way. He certainly wasn’t ugly, but he also wasn’t going to get a call from Brad Pitt either. Well…if he was gay anyways. He enjoyed going to the gym, so his body was firm and fit in an athletic way. His sandy brown hair was cut short to his head, and his eyes were a deep blue. George used to say that it was his best feature. He loved it when George complimented him because it didn’t happen that often. He brushed the thought from his mind, maybe some things had changed between them recently, but that didn’t mean that anything was wrong.

He finished undressing and turned on the shower. He checked the temperature knowing that he liked it hot and stepped in when it was ready. As he washed up, he thought about George and whether they were on the same page when it came to their feelings. George had been flaky lately, and that was starting to worry him, what did it mean? George wasn’t communicating well with him, and he hoped if there were a problem he would know about it before things went downhill. He couldn’t imagine that being the case, however, things had been going great between them and he couldn’t imagine what would have changed that fact. Still, George was acting weird lately, and Brandon was already making Scott paranoid about the whole thing. Brandon just wanted what was best for him; he knew that but sometimes he made him worry when he wasn’t sure there was anything to worry about. He would give George the benefit of the doubt. If there were a problem, it would come out sooner or later, but he didn’t want to cause problems when there wasn’t anything to worry about.

He got out of the shower and dried himself off and grabbed some moisturizer, rubbing it all over his body. Before he went in to get dressed he sent George a text to let him know he would be ready to go shortly, he was just getting dressed. It was George’s turn to pick the restaurant, so he needed to know where he was going. He set his phone down and made his way to the bedroom. Looking through his closet, he tried to figure out what to wear. He decided on a tight t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He checked himself out in the mirror and smiled. He looked hot. He made his way back into the bathroom where he left his phone. He frowned when he picked it up. His text message had gone unanswered. Confused, he considered sending another text message then thought better of it. If he started, he probably wouldn’t be able to stop as he got more upset. He would wait twenty minutes, and if he didn’t hear from George, he would just make other plans.

Chapter Two

Scott never got a response back from George, and it had taken all his willpower not to text him and ask him what the fuck was wrong with him? He completely flaked on him again, and he didn’t even have the common courtesy to send him a response and let him know what was up. He would have understood if something just came up with George but to not respond at all was completely ridiculous and Scott couldn’t even begin to understand what was going on with him. He didn’t want to think that he was being ghosted, but he was definitely being ignored that was for sure. It’s not like the two of them had only been dating for a few weeks, they had been together for a few months, and they were in an exclusive relationship. It didn’t make sense for George to be behaving that way towards him. But he was, and it was a big dick move.

After waiting for almost a half hour to hear back from George, Scott had given up and embarrassed contacted Brandon to see if he wanted to have lunch instead. The day was so nice and the thought of staying home alone just depressed him. Besides, he wanted to vent to Brandon about George, try to figure out what the hell was going on. It was a beautiful day, the perfect day to grab some beers on a patio and that was exactly what he planned on doing.

He met Brandon at a bar and grill that had a great patio out back with volleyball courts. It was a great place because they could drink beers and watch the hot players on the court. Scott walked around to the back and saw Brandon already sitting down and talking to a guy that appeared to have just stopped at the table. Scott shook his head, smiling, here we go, Brandon was always talking to guys. He was a regular man about town. Scott approached the table, and both men turned to him and smiled.

“Hey, guys, what’s up?”

Brandon spoke up, “This is Kent, he works with me. His friends are on the far court over there.”

Scott nodded. “Nice to meet you, Kent.”

“Yeah likewise, I’ll catch you later Brandon.”

Kent left, returning to his friends and Brandon watched him leave with interest.

“You look like he has a target on his back.”

Brandon laughed, “Maybe he does.” He turned towards Scott and said, “I ordered us a pitcher.”

“Cool, thanks.”

“So what the hell happened? Or do I even want to know?”

Scott sat down across from Brandon and shrugged. “I guess at this point; your guess would be as good as mine. I have no idea. I sent him a text when I got out of the shower, and he didn’t respond. Hell, he still hasn’t responded.”

“Did you send him a message asking him what his problem is?”

“No, I’m not going there. I’ll end up losing my shit. He’ll respond eventually, and then I will ask him what his problem is. I don’t know.”

The waitress showed up with a couple of frosty mugs and a pitcher of Keith’s pale ale. Scott hated cheap beer, and if he didn’t put his foot down all the time, Brandon would be ordering Pabst like it was going out of style. If he wanted to drink piss, he would have stayed home and put it in a glass. Brandon knew if he wanted to drink beer with Scott that he would have to buy some decent beer.

“The guy is a dick; don’t you see that? How are you putting up with this? It’s not like it’s the first time.”

Scott thought about what Brandon was saying. “I wouldn’t say he’s a dick. He’s treated me great so far, maybe somethings going on in his life that I’m not aware of.”

“Well, then he should be communicating with you, not just leave you hanging. Like c’mon how rude is it that he’s not even responding to a message. It takes like three seconds.”

“Oh, I’m aware. I thought about it the whole way over here. There’s no reason for him not to respond, I just don’t want to freak out on him until I know what’s going on.”

“I would be losing my shit right now. It’s like he doesn’t care about your feelings at all. It’s not cool.”

Brandon poured them both a beer and handed one to Scott. They cheer to an eventful day, and Scott took a swig of his beer starting to feel a little better. He was really starting to worry about his relationship. He didn’t want to start getting paranoid, and Brandon certainly wasn’t helping the situation. He hoped that there was a good explanation for why George hadn’t responded to him but as the day started going on he was starting to think that his relationship was in a lot of trouble. Why hadn’t he heard from George? He couldn’t be that busy that he couldn’t respond to one text. It was unlike him and yet Scott refused to text him again. He had more dignity than that, and as much as he wanted to send twenty-seven messages in a row, he knew it wouldn’t help. If anything, it would make him look desperate, and that was the last thing that he needed at that point. He and Brandon had finished their first pitcher and were working on their second.

“Do you think he’s going to break up with me?” He had been thinking about it all day, we both probably had. Brandon was getting more unimpressed with George as the day passed on. They were enjoying watching the volleyball players, but he couldn’t help but think of where George was at that moment., He even wondered if maybe he was out with someone else. That would explain why he wasn’t on his phone or responding to his message. Scott didn’t even want to think about George being out with someone else. Just the thought of it made him want to punch a wall or something. George may be a lot of things, but Scott didn’t think he was capable of cheating on him. It was too depraved to think about.

“I think you should prepare yourself for that possibility. I mean it’s not exactly a good sign when your man doesn’t respond to your messages. Better yet, why don’t you dump him first, catch him off guard.”

Scott laughed, “What are you talking about? I don’t want to break up with him, and I don’t even know if he wants to break up with me. That’s jumping the gun a little don’t you think? You suck at advice.”

Brandon had laughed before he took a drink of his beer. “You just don’t like what I have to say. I’m only telling you the truth.”

“I know but it’s not exactly what I want to here, nor is it helping.”

“Well, I just don’t think it’s very nice. The guy is being a dick, and you’re just sitting back and letting it happen.”

“I don’t think I’m doing it at all. I just don’t want to freak out until I know what’s going on.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry if I’m being harsh. I just don’t like what’s happening to you. You’re a cool guy; there’s no reason why the guy can’t be good to you.”

“Thanks. So, let’s get off the subject before I lose my mind. What’s been going on with you?”

“I’ve been on a bunch of dates lately. It’s been a lot of fun. Nothing that I wanted to get deeper into really.”

Scott laughed, “What’s wrong with you man?”

“What?” He said looking surprised.

Scott shook his head. Brandon acted like a playboy, but it was just an act. He wasn’t sure what was going on with him, but lately, he just seemed to be serial dating and not really actually dating anyone in particular. He acted like he wanted to be a bachelor his whole life but Scott knew him well enough to know that it was just bullshit. He was no different than Scott was, just a guy out there trying to find true love. He was just going about it all the wrong way. Mainly because he wasn’t giving anyone enough of a chance to fall for him. His behavior ridiculously and if he genuinely wanted to find love and Scott knew he did he wouldn’t find it by going on a string of dates. That much Scott knew for sure.

“Why don’t you attempt to try out regular dating, you know where you spend more than one night with someone.”

“Why would I want to do that? It’s more fun this way.”

“No, it’s stupid. You are just killing time. I know you man; you don’t just want something casual, so I don’t know why you keep dating all these guys. Find one you like and try a real relationship out.”

“That’s easier said than done. I don’t want to date just anyone, and if I’m giving up my bachelor lifestyle, then the guy has to be pretty awesome.”

Scott shook his head, “Whatever man.”

“Do you know what real, true love is?”

Scott thought about it for a moment as he took a swig of beer. “Yeah, I think I do. I’m in love with George.”

“No way man, not him.”

Scott laughed, “Stop. I am, it just sort of happened. I was actually thinking about it today. Maybe it’s too soon, but I know how I feel.”

“Does he know?”

“No, I haven’t told him yet, and I’m not sure when I will. Now isn’t exactly a great time.”


“You have me thinking that he’s going to break up with me at any moment so yeah hitting him with the L-word is probably not the best idea.”

“It might never be the best idea with him.”

“Brandon, you don’t know why he hasn’t texted me back. You are assuming the worst, and it isn’t exactly helping matters here.”

“Okay, okay. But I’m not sure George is really the one for you.”

“Why not?”

“I just don’t believe that true love turns out like that. The greatest love stories are the ones where you fall in love with someone that you least expect. That’s what I believe, and a guy that behaves this way is not your soul mate.”

Scott sat there stunned. He couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his friend’s mouth.

“I wouldn’t have thought the playboy here would believe in soul mates,” he said sarcastically.

Brandon laughed, “Oh, I believe in it, I just don’t think that you’ve found it yet.”

“Well, I’m not giving up yet.”

“I hope it works out for you man, I truly do.”

Scott smiled, but he wasn’t feeling as confident as he once did. He stared down at his phone and felt sick to his stomach. He wasn’t sure why George wasn’t responding. At this point, the guy better hope he was dead because there was no reason why he shouldn’t have responded throughout the day. It had been hours, why the hell hadn’t he answered the message. He deserved an apology, and he hadn’t even got that yet. It was infuriating, to say the least. Where was George?

Chapter Three

Scott changed into a pair of workout shorts and a tank top. He was looking forward to a great workout, and he needed it as a stress reliever at that moment. He was supposed to meet up with George later for some drinks, and he was both nervous and excited. George had finally got back to Scott the following night and was very apologetic about not getting back to him. Something about having to go out with his family for lunch and there being a lot of drama. Scott didn’t know what to think of that, but he was confident that George probably could have sent him a quick message at some point during the day. He wasn’t about to argue about it, they would discuss it more than evening, and maybe he could figure out what was really wrong with George and why he was flaking on him so much lately. He badly wanted to make sure that everything was going to be okay between them but he certainly had his worries about the whole thing. He hoped that the date that night would go swimmingly.

That was why the gym was a great place to be at that moment; he could grunt his way into some stress relief. Nothing was better to erase stress then lifting some heavy weights. He wanted to be leaving the gym, covered in sweat and feeling much better about his life. He was a generally optimistic person, but George wasn’t making things easy these days, that’s for sure. Scott left the change room and headed to the free weights. It was arm day, and he was going to kill some bicep curls. Curls for the…well guys.

He perused the weights and picked up the appropriate weight and headed to a bench. He had been working towards a new PR, and he was coming close to succeeding. He turned around and saw Brandon approaching, in a t-shirt and shorts. Brandon always looked buff no matter what he ate. He was just one of those guys that could eat anything and still look cut. It made Scott jealous because he had to work hard to stay lean, but Brandon did spend a lot more time at the gym than he did so maybe it all balanced out.

“Hey man, you’re late,” Scott said as Brandon came over and patted him on the shoulder.

“Yeah well, I had some company this morning, so it took some time getting him out of the house.”

Scott laughed, “Yeah, why am I not surprised. Spare me the details though; you don’t want to make me jealous.” Scott couldn’t believe the revolving door that Brandon seemed to have at his house. Why couldn’t he settle down and be happy like the rest of them? Though Scott couldn’t exactly say, he was in the happy camp right then either.

He laughed, “Yeah, yeah. What are we working on today?”

Scott pointed to the weights. “Arms, maybe shoulders too, we’ll see how it goes.”

“Sounds good to me. Let me get weights for the curls.”

Brandon walked away from Scott and went to grab some weights. He would probably be lifting heavier than Scott, he always did. It was then that Scott saw a ruggedly handsome guy on one of the other benches. Scott had never seen him at the gym before, or maybe it just was that they worked out at different times. There were so many people that came and went in the gym that it was hard to keep track. He would have remembered this guy though; he was someone that would certainly catch his eye. He was wearing workout shorts and a loose tank top. He had insane muscles that Scott couldn’t help but check out. He had a phoenix tattoo that covered his back and shoulders, and it made Scott wonder what he looked like without the tank top. He loved tattoos, and that one was definitely impressive. The guy was sexy as hell, mouth watering even. The guy laid back on the bench and started to do chest presses with free weights. He could lift a ton of weight which impressed Scott. He wanted to get to that point one day bit, for now, he had a lot of work to do.

Brandon returned with some weights and Scott smiled at him. “An increase in weight this week huh? Good for you.”

“You know it. I’m going to kill this workout.”

Scott laughed, “That’s good man. Hey, do you know that guy? I’ve never seen him in here before.”

Brandon glanced at the guy that Scott was pointing out with the tattoo. “Oh yeah, that’s Clay, he usually comes in at night. That’s why you don’t remember seeing him before.”

“Clay!” Brandon called as he walked over and talked to the guy. Scott considered going with him, but he didn’t want to make his interest too obvious. They did high-fives, and Scott watched as Brandon chatted with the guy. Clay laughed easily and seemed easy going. Scott had a bad thought that the two had probably dated before. He seemed cool, and Scott couldn’t help but admire Clay’s body. He wasn’t dead after all he could look as long as he didn’t touch. It reminded him of George suddenly and their date that night. He hoped to God that they were okay and that George would be able to ease all his worries. If he didn’t Scott realized that he might have to make a hard decision himself. He didn’t like the way things were going at the moment, and he didn’t deserve the bizarre treatment that George was giving him lately. It felt like forever since they had spent time together even though it had been just a few days. Still, Scott was used to seeing George more often that that. Obviously, he had reason to be a little worried that was for sure.

Brandon came back to him, and they started to get into a workout together. They did a few sets, and Scott was really starting to feel good about his progress, he lifted more that day than he had before. It felt great always to be improving at the gym. The great thing about working out with Brandon was that they pushed each other and wanted each other to succeed. Scott was never able to lift as much when he went on his own, having his buddy there pushing him always made him do so much better than he would do on his own.

During the break in sets, Scott grabbed his water bottle that was full of BCAA’s. He took a long swing of it and then set it down. “So, how do you know Clay?” He tried to ask casually, but he wasn’t fooling anyone.

Brandon looked up from his set and smiled, “Do I detect some interest?”

Scott smiled, “I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, we’ll see after tonight.”

Scott frowned. He decided to change the subject quickly. He didn’t want to talk about George, not in that light anyway. George was not meeting him so that he could break up with him. He refused to believe that. It just wasn’t possible. They were going to be alright he just knew it.

“So did you date him?” Scott asked again about Clay.

Brandon smirked. “No, he’s not really my type. He’s a pretty cool guy though.”

“It doesn’t hurt that he’s hot as hell either.”

Brandon smiled, “Careful Scott.”

Chapter Four

Scott is sitting at the bar in the Rainbow Room, a gay bar that George and him frequented often. It was actually where they first met, and it often had a very good crown. It was a laid-back bar where people could have beer or cocktails and be able to have a conversation with booming music or the club atmosphere. He had arrived a little early, more anxious than anything to see George. The excitement had faded because Brandon had spent most of the workout telling him that George was probably breaking up with him that evening. Scott didn’t want to believe it at all. Brandon was a great friend, but he sucked at making someone feel better about their situation. It wasn’t his fault; he was just brutally honest, and when he saw his friend getting hurt he just wanted the best for Scott. Scott just hoped that he could prove Brandon wrong. Getting to see George that night was certainly a great start to proving Brandon wrong. Scott planned on having a meaningful conversation with George about what was going on so that he wouldn’t have to keep worrying that something was wrong. It made the days apart longer, and anxiety filled. Though he could just chill out altogether and stop letting Brandon get into his head. Brandon was really good at getting into his head though, and that was the problem. They had been friends for a long time, so they knew each other really well. That meant they also knew how to push each other’s buttons.

When Scott checked his phone, he realized that George was ten minutes late. Fuck, he thought. He wouldn’t ditch me here, he wondered. It just wasn’t possible. Scott sent him a quick text asking if he was running later. When the bartender approached, Scott ordered a beer while he waited to get a text back. The bartender returned with a beer called Land Shark; it was one of Scott’s favorites. Scott couldn’t stop staring and checking his phone every five minutes for the next fifteen minutes wondering why the hell he wasn’t getting a message back from George. He was now twenty-five minutes late, and Scott was starting to worry now. George had stood him up and didn’t even call to let him know. Not exactly a great sign of their relationship. Something was clearly wrong, and he needed to get to the bottom of it. If George, no longer wanted to be in a relationship then why didn’t he just end it because treated him like that was just shitty behavior.

Scott picked up his phone and sent a message to Brandon asking to meet him. Obviously, they would need another night of venting, and maybe Brandon can offer a solution to end things. Scott wasn’t sure that he wanted to wait around to be dumped by George, maybe he should be the one dumping him.

Scott- Dude, meet me at RR, I got stood up…again

Brandon- L I can’t, I’m on a date. I’ll call you later. Sorry dude, really I am.

Fuck. Well, that was just great. His man had dumped him, and his best friend was unavailable. Life just couldn’t suck more at that moment. Scott sat there and stared into his beer. What was he going to do with the rest of the evening? He didn’t want to sit at the bar alone. He would just finish his beer and then grab a cab home. He couldn’t remember the last time that he had felt so shitty. He had fallen for a guy that didn’t seem to give a shit about him, and that wasn’t a great mental space to be in. He tried to backtrack through their relationship to see where things could have gone wrong, but he couldn’t think of anything. As far as he was concerned everything had been going great, and maybe that was the fault. He was the only one thinking everything was going great. It wasn’t as if George was spewing out love; he hadn’t been overly affectionate lately either. So, was this the end? Scott really couldn’t believe it, but it certainly looked as if things were going downhill. Even if George didn’t want to break up, Scott didn’t want to be in a relationship where the other person thought it was okay to blow off a date without so much as a phone call. Who the hell did he think he was? Just thinking about the fact that he sat there dumped made Scott angry. He was a decent human being, so why was he getting treated so shitty by someone that he loved?

Scott turned on his stool and surveyed the room while he finished his beer. What a shit show. He probably wouldn’t be able to come back to the Rainbow Room if they broke up because he was liable to run into George often there. His eyes landed on Clay who was sitting with a couple of people across the room. Scott hadn’t seen him come in so he must have been there before he showed up. They made eye contact and Clay recognized him from the gym. They nod at each other, and Scott broke eye contact and continued to look around the room. He wondered if Clay was there with a boyfriend. He glanced back over at the table but didn’t see anything that would indicate that one of the other two guys was a lover of his.

“You look like you are looking for love.”

Scott’s head snapped to the side as a guy approached him. He was older and a bit thinner than Scott. Totally not his type at all and that night no one would have been Scott’s type. He was slowly growing depressed as he was becoming more aware that George still had not responded to his message. What an asshole.

“No, actually I’m not at all looking.”

“What are you doing here alone? A handsome guy like you should have men falling all over him.”

Scott rolled his eyes. The guy was coming on really strong, and he wasn’t in the mood for getting picked up in the first place.

“I got stood up actually, and I’m not looking for any company. Thanks.”

The guy sat down beside Scott, and he just became even more annoyed by the fact. What was this guy’s problem, could he not take a hint at all?

“That’s too bad. I could make you forget all about him if you give me a chance. Why don’t you come back to my place tonight and I’ll make you feel good?”

Scott gaped at the guy. What the fuck? He couldn’t have been less interested in the guy, and he didn’t like come-ons like that at all. He wasn’t into one night stands, and just the way the guy was going about it was such a turnoff.

“Look, man; I’m not interested okay?”

“C’mon. You don’t mean that. It will be the best night of your life I promise.”

“Hey, babe! Sorry, I’m late!”

Scott looked up in surprise as Clay came out of nowhere and approached them.


“Yeah, the traffic was nuts, but I’m sorry.” He leaned in and kissed Scott firmly on the mouth. Caught totally by surprise Scott didn’t immediately kiss back. But when he felt Clay’s tongue in his mouth he completely melted into the kiss. The kiss was firm but passionate; there was some definite heat behind it. They lingered there in the kiss not giving a shit about who was watching them. When they parted, Clay was looking into his eyes smiling, and Scott smiled back.

The man beside Scott scoffed and walked away without another word. Scott sighed with relief that the pervert was gone. He was starting to worry if he was going to be raped that night by the weirdo.

Clay sat down ion the chair beside Scott still smiling.

“God, thanks, man. I couldn’t get rid of that guy no matter what I said.”

“No problem. I’ve seen him in here a few times, hitting on people. He’s a snake.”

“Oh great. Lucky me.”

“So, what are you doing here alone?”

“Well, I was supposed to be meeting someone, but he didn’t show up.”

“Shitty. Well, I guess it’s his loss and my gain.”

Scott smiled, “Oh, is it now?”

“Yeah, that was a hell of a kiss man.”

Scott laughed and took a drink of his beer. “Yeah, I agree.”

“So, I saw you working out with Brandon at the gym the other day.”

“Yeah, Brandon’s my best friend. He’s a great gym partner, pushes me to do more ya know?”

“Yeah, I hear ya. Well, maybe we can work out together sometime. Or even something else.”

Scott chuckled, “Well something else like what Clay?”

“Dinner, drink, what do you think?”

“Yeah maybe. That would be cool.”

Clay leaned over to the bar and asked for a pen. The bartender returned with one and Clay wrote his number down on the napkin. Scott’s heart was beating frantically as he watched. Clay was ridiculously hot, and he was about to give him his phone number. His night definitely just got a hundred times better than he could have ever though.

“Sadly, I must return to my table to be with my friends. But you should call me.”

Scott nodded, not wanting to commit to anything. He wasn’t technically single after all, though it certainly felt like he was. He needed to talk to George and figure out what the hell was going on first. Or end things, one or the other. He was a good gym he wouldn’t do anything with Clay until he had it out with George one way or another. It wasn’t like him to cheat, even though he felt like George had left their relationship already without even telling him. A flare of anger went through Scott again as he thought about how callous it was that George had just left him sitting there alone in a bar without a phone call. What was his problem, it made him feel like such a fool for falling in love with him? He had to wonder if George had any feelings for him at all.

“Thanks again for getting that guy off me.”

“Oh, it was definitely my pleasure.”

Scott laughed and watched Clay return to his table. He glanced back a couple of times at Scott before he settled back in with his friends. He must have been talking about Scott because his friends glanced over a few times to check him out as well. Scott couldn’t help but blush. Man, what a night. Not at all what he had expected. He was so glad that Clay had come over because getting hit on by that weird dude was enough to put anyone into a spiraling depression. He did not want to have his night end that way. But it was a good thing because originally he would have left the bar feeling depressed, now he had some hope that he was an interest to some people. It was definitely a stroke to the ego to have someone like Clay approach you to kiss. Oh, God, that kiss. He was going to be up all night just thinking about that kiss. It had been hot. It was firm, wet and when Clay had stuck his tongue in his mouth, it was all Scott could do not to moan. If just a kiss was that hot, then what would sex be like with him. Scott shook his head; those were not thoughts that he should be having right now. He needed to deal with George first and figure out what his issue was. He wasn’t sure what was up with George, but he would regret the day that he treated Scott like he didn’t matter. He put the napkin in his pocket and picked up his phone. There was still no message from George, and it was over an hour later. He took the last swig of his beer, set it down on the bar and left.

Chapter Five

Work the next day was brutal, Scott had never seen the shop so busy. The day was bright and sunny, so maybe more people wanted to get out and do things. He didn’t know what it was but he was exhausted already from the day, and it had only just begun. He was already looking forward to going home for the day, but he was a long way off from that. Customers were coming in and out, and although he was just supposed to be stocking shelves, customers were asking him where to find things, and he had no choice but to help them because the store was swamped. They were having a sale so that probably had a lot to do with the madness but he still had never seen it so busy. He was hoping for a relaxing day at work mindlessly stocking shelves, but that definitely was not going to happen. He finished helping a customer find an old copy of Anna Karina before he returned to the stocking.

Finally, he was left to himself for a moment, and he found himself thinking about Clay, He had fallen asleep the night before thinking about him and how could he not, he made it easy to drift off into good memories after a kiss like that. He got hot just thinking about it.

He had finally heard from George the night before a few hours after he had returned from the bar. He had been furious with George for not showing up. He got the excuse that George got a flat tire and that his phone was dead. The excuse enraged him further because it sounded so ridiculous. His phone had died, of course, it had, how was he supposed to call when that happened he thought sarcastically. Brandon had called him after his date and Scott had filled him in. Brandon thought the whole thing was bullshit and even suggested that George was cheating on him. He couldn’t blame him because he wasn’t buying the excuse either. He didn’t know what was going on, but he was determined to get to the bottom of it and fast. Brandon told him to dump him immediately but whether he was being stupid or not he wanted to at least hear him out. George had told him he would make it up to him and Scott was supposed to see him the next night. If something happened, if he blew him off again, then Scott was done. There was only so much that he could take and George had already pushed his limits so far. Scot trust didn’t understand why George would stay if he were no longer interested. If he was just blowing him off, then wouldn’t he have just broken up with him by now? Scott couldn’t figure it out, but he would know one way or another the next night.

That didn’t stop him from thinking about Clay. Maybe Brandon was right; maybe it would be easier to cut his losses with George and try something new. He had Clay on the brain all day. The guy was sexy as hell there was no doubt about that. He had a hard time not thinking about him, especially after that red-hot kiss. Scott couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to kiss him again, even more than that. He would like to see hi naked and see where that goes. He knew exactly where it would go. Judging by the kiss, he could bet that Clay was an intense lover and the thought of it started to get him a little excited.

Whoa, easy there Scott, he thought to himself. Try to focus on work and stop thinking about this guy for once. He wondered if he should give Clay a call and see if he wanted to have a coffee together one day. He didn’t want to do anything shifty considering he technically still had a boyfriend so calling Clay probably wasn’t the best idea until he talked to George. If it came down to it he would end things with George but he wasn’t going to do anything shifty when he was still with George, it just wasn’t his style.

A commotion caught his attention, and he went towards the noise. He found two of his co-workers bickering about who’s turn it was to go on a break. He rolled his eyes as he approached them.

“What the hell is wrong with you two?”

They stopped and stared at him, then one a girl named Becky spoke, “It’s Frank here. He always takes his breaks before me, and I start an hour before him. How is that fair?”

“Oh don’t give me that crap, besides I work harder than you anyways. Plus, you are always sneaking out on smoke breaks whenever you feel like it.”

“I do not!” She squealed.

“Holy shit you two. Cool it; you do realize that there are customers everywhere. Do you want to get fired? You don’t do this shit in front of customers. Frank, you can cool your heels if Becky came in first. She is entitled to her break first. If you have a problem with that, then take it up with the boss. Either way, quit bickering and get back to work.”

“Thanks, Scott,” Becky called out to Scott as she practically skipped away. Scott smiled, shaking his head. He got a glare from Frank who did return to work. What a bunch of fools, he thought. He made his way back to where he was working and started stocking shelves again. He still had a ton of books to get into place, but things were starting to slow down in the shop so he was sure that he would be able to get things done in time for him to get him.


He looked up to see his boss at the end of the aisle. He was waving to him, calling him over. He groaned inwardly and got up from where he was stocking the lower shelves. Maybe he wasn’t going to get all the work done that day after all. He made his way down the aisle and met up with his boss.

He followed his boss into his office where he sat down in a chair that was across from his boss’s desk.

“Thanks for coming in here, you are doing good work out there. I have to ask you though Scott, I was wondering about you for awhile.”

Scott smirked, “In what way?”

“Well, I’m a little confused. You’re a smart guy with a good head on his shoulders, so I’m just wondering why are you still working here?”

Scott laughed, “Excuse me?”

“I’m serious.”

“I like it here, is that a bad thing. That’s why I’m still working here. I’m confused here as to where this is going?”

“Well, like I said Scott you are smart, I just don’t think you take enough risks in life.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well do you really want to be stocking shelves for the rest of your life?”

“I don’t know. I’m not really worried about it right now.”

“Well. Maybe you should be. You’re not a teenager.”

Scott was becoming annoyed because he had no idea what was going on or why his boss was suddenly so concerned about his life. He had enough going on with George without having to worry about work as well.

“You’re not firing me, are you?”

His boss shook his head. “No, no, nothing like that. In fact, I thought you might be interested in a new opportunity.”

Now they were getting somewhere. “What opportunity would that be?”

“There is an assistant manager position that is going to be available here soon, and I think that you should apply for it.”

“I don’t know. I kind of like where I’m at right now.”

His boss frowned. “I think it would be a good opportunity for you Scott, one that you should consider for your future. At least think about it.”

Scott nodded, “I will, I promise. Is that all then?”


“Okay, thanks.”

Scott got up from the chair and headed out the door. He couldn’t have been more surprised. The last thing he thought would happen when he went to work that day would be for his boss to offer him a new job. He really did genuinely like his job already. It was easy, and he never had to worry about too much responsibility. If he took the job as assistant manager, he would have a world of responsibilities including dealing with his co-worker’s regular drama. The idea of a position like that made him uncomfortable; he couldn’t even explain why that was. He was just happy where he was at and didn’t see a reason to change that. Being in charge made him uncomfortable, and it wasn’t because he was lazy, he just didn’t see himself in those kinds of positions. It wasn’t him, and for the time being, he was just happy doing what he was doing and not taking chances on things that may not work out in the end. Why do it, if it could cause more stress than he needed. Maybe one day he would take a chance on something new but for now, he was content, and he didn’t see any reason to change that. It would mean more money though, and more income sure wouldn’t hurt his life at all. He would roll it around and think about it. All in all, he wasn’t sure if he even wanted to apply for the assistant manager’s position. He would have to think about the pros and cons first.

He returned to his stocking, hoping that he would have the time to finish before he clocked out for the day. It wasn’t long before his mind started wandering back to Clay.

Chapter Six

Scott found himself once again at a bar and grill table alone. He was a little stunned and insanely hurt. How could George keep doing this to him? Or maybe the better question was why was he letting him do these things to him? Scott didn’t know what to do at that point, he felt like a fool for even trusting George to be there again and how little must George care about him to do these things to him? It was maddening behavior for someone to keep bailing on dates instead of just calling ahead and canceling. It was such an easy thing to do, and yet he couldn’t seem to do it. How was that possible?

Scott sat at the table feeling numb. Unsure of what to do. He didn’t even want to call Brandon again because Brandon would lose his mind and threaten to beat up George at that point. Not to mention Scott would have to hear him tell him that he told him this would happen and that was more than he could bear right then. He had wanted to give George the benefit of the doubt, and he ended up looking like a fool instead. Why had he gone along with George, believed a word that he said? Scott didn’t even try to hide his anger that time; he didn’t bother sending a message to George asking him if he was okay and whether he was still coming. He didn’t send a message, but it was a simple “Fuck you.” He didn’t need to say anything else but that, George would get the message loud and clear, he would know that he pushed Scott a little too far that time. Struggling to figure out what to do, Scott started to scroll through his phone until he found Clay’s number. He was mad enough to call the handsome stud, and he wasn’t going to feel one bit of guilt about it either. He had entered Clay’s number into his phone the night he had met him at the bar. He had thrown the napkin away after and kept the number on his phone just in case. Like just in case his boyfriend stood him up for the hundredth time.

He called Clay and listened as the phone rang. Clay picked up on the second ring and said hello.

“Clay? It’s Scott. I saw you at the bar the other night?”

“Scott! Hey man, what’s up?”

“Not much. Just wondered if you wanted to grab a coffee tonight if you aren’t busy.”

“Yeah sure. I was starting to think I wasn’t going to hear from you.”

Scott laughed, “Well, I’ve been a little bit busy.”

“No worries. There’s a café down the street from the Rainbow Room, do you want to meet there in 15 minutes?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Okay, I will see you then.”

Scott clicked off the call and smiled. Well, he did it. There was no going back now. He felt excited about meeting up with Clay. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but it had to be better than going home alone after being stood up from your boyfriend. It could be the beginning of something amazing. He got up from his table not having ordered anything that time and headed out the door. He wasn’t far from the Rainbow Room so he would probably get there before Clay did. He got into his car and started it, turning into the street and heading North.

When he arrived at the coffee shop, he realized that he did get there before Clay. He went up top the counter and ordered a Latte and waited while they made it. Despite the mean message he still hadn’t heard back from George which didn’t really surprised him. Maybe his phone had died yet again. Scott had to consider the fact that George was cheating on him now. He literally had not laid eyes on his boyfriend in a week, and that was pretty weird for them. He just kept apologizing and then setting up yet another date that he wasn’t going to show up to. It was pathetic and hurtful. He couldn’t imagine what George was up to, but it couldn’t be anything good after all, all he seemed to be interested in doing was breaking Scott’s, heart. His feelings would not be reciprocated. He was in love with a guy that obviously cared nothing about his feelings at all. He just cared about himself.

The Latte was served before him, and he took it and found a table near the back of the café and waited for Clay to show up. He was a little anxious; he had the paranoid feeling that he might get stood up for the second time that evening. Wouldn’t that be the most awful thing, he thought. He would probably give up on dating if that were the case. He thought about texting Brandon in the meantime while he waited but then thought better of it. He still wasn’t ready to feel like a fool all over again. He would talk to Brandon later, and he would eventually find out anyways.

Just then Clay walked in and looked around. When he saw Scott, he waved and then headed up to the counter himself. Scott watched him with interest as he ordered a coffee. He was wearing distressed jeans and a bright blue t-shirt. He looked hot as hell and Scott were appreciating the view. Clay grabbed his coffee and walked over to0 the table, sitting down across from Scott.

“Hey, good to see you, man. How was your day?” Scott asked.

“Good, no complaints. I was pretty bored tonight, so I’m glad you called.”

Scott smiled, “Well, I have to admit I have been thinking about you a bit since that kiss.”

Clay grinned, “Just a bit, though right?”

Scott laughed loudly, “Yeah well what can I say.”

They got into a long conversation about family and goals and what they planned on doing with their lives. Scott found it easy to talk to Clay because he was so laid back. He couldn’t help but like the guy a lot because he was genuinely cool and seemed to be comfortable in his own skin. Scott appreciate that confidence because he didn’t always feel comfortable in his own skin which was probably why he had trouble taking chances in his life. He probably needed to change that. Things like that were surely the reason why he was making bad decisions like dating guys that stood him up. Just thinking about that again brought up anger. George still had not texted him back, and Scott wondered if he was ever going to now that he told him to fuck off. Well, hell he deserved it.

Scott took a sip of his coffee lost in thought when Clay asked him, “So how long have you been out of the closet?”

Scott looked up at him with interest. “Hmmm…. let’s see probably since I was 15, so ten years I guess.”

“Wow, really. That, long right?”

“Well, I gotta say, I always knew, right? It was just a matter of getting the people around me to be comfortable with it as well. It’s always hard to tell your family and friends right away because there’s still that feeling you know that they won’t take it right.”

“So how did your family take it?”

Scott smiled, wondering why Clay was so interested in him coming out of the closet. It usually wasn’t first date talk though he couldn’t exactly classify that as a first date especially since he technically had a boyfriend. What a joke. Did he have a boyfriend; he didn’t even know? He was puzzled by Clay’s interest in his closet jump however but whatever he never had a problem talking about stuff like that. He had been out of the closet for some time now, and it was just a fact of life.

“I got lucky I think. My dad was a little surprised, but he was totally supportive. My mother was not surprised,” he said with a laugh, “I guess she sort of sensed it, probably because I didn’t really date many girls or really had any interest in it. But all in all, they were supportive, and they loved me no matter what. I know that’s not always the case for some people, but for me, I was happy that I told people because it allowed me to be myself and took the anxiety off the decisions that I made. I think parents really just want you to be happy.”

“Wow, that’s pretty cool. Well good for you,” Clay said.

Scott nodded, taking a sip from his coffee. “What about you?”

Clay looked taken aback for a moment but recovered easily. Scott would have laughed except he was confused by the whole reaction. “Oh, I’m not gay. I’m totally straight; I’m just a little curious right now. Experimenting, you know?”

Scott looked at him with disbelief. “You’re joking, right?”

Clay shook his head, “No, why?”

“Because it didn’t even occur to me that you were straight. A guy that kisses another guy like that generally isn’t straight. You were totally comfortable with me. If you were just curious I would have thought, you might be a little tentative about kissing me but you went right for it.”

“Well, I was just helping you out.”

Scott couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Clay was a total closet case; it was sad, but there was no doubt in his mind that he was. Clay may say that he’s straight, but Scott wasn’t buying it one bit. There was just no way that he was. Scott knew straight guys, and Clay wasn’t one of them. Curious or not you just didn’t go around kissing guys. Scott wondered what Clay was so scared of in order to hide who he truly was. Was that why he was asking all those questions about coming out of the closet? He wasn’t sure what Clay’s deal was, but he knew for a fact that he was gay and the fact that he denied it saddened Scott. He knew for sure that he didn’t want to get involved with a guy that wasn’t willing, to be honest about himself. It would only cause problems later on if it led to anything. Clay would never want to do anything in public, and it would always be like they were hiding, and that was not a life that Scott wanted. He didn’t come out of the closet all those years ago just to be shoved back into it by a terrified boyfriend.

“Helping me out?” Scott said laughing, “Wow man that’s really something. It definitely felt like more than that to me.”

“Well, like I said I’ve been interested in experimenting a little, but that doesn’t mean I’m gay.”

Scott was beyond disappointed and definitely not interested in “experimenting” with Clay. That wasn’t the sort of thing he was into; he wanted more than that.

“Is that why you asked for my number?”

Clay smiled, “Maybe.”

“Well, I’m flattered, but I’m not looking for a casual fling. I like spending time with guys, but I’m the relationship type of guy. So, there will be no experimenting with me, I’m afraid.” He said laughing.

“Well, that’s too bad.”

“Yeah, well, to be honest, I have a boyfriend, so I’m not even sure what I’m doing here. I guess I’m a little confused too.”

“You mean that guy that stood you up the other night. You’re still with him? C’mon man you deserve better than that. I would bail on that if I were you.”

“This coming from the guy that is just interested in me for experimentation.”

Clay chuckled, “Touché, okay fair enough. Let’s just be friends. I would still like to hit the gym together sometime.”

Scott smiled, “Sure, anytime.”

So, they would be friends, it wasn’t the end of the world, was it?

Chapter Seven

Clay was driving Scott over to his friend Chris’s shop because he had to pick up his bike that his friend was working on. Chris owned a garage and often worked on a lot of bikes as well as cars. It was a Saturday, and Chris was having a lax day. He had some men in the shop doing the work while he was outside talking to his friends. Clay had called Scott that morning and asked if he wanted to come meet his friends. He was really taking the friends thing seriously. They had gone to the gym a few times already and were starting to become comfortable with one another. Scott enjoyed spending time with him and had wished that it would be something more, but he wasn’t about to start kidding himself anytime soon. Plus, things seemed to be better with George these days.

Things were still rocky with George, but they had worked everything out. They had got into a huge fight where Scott had put his foot down. He made it perfectly clear that if George was not interested in being with him that he should go instead of wasting Scott’s time further. He wanted something real in his life, and he wasn’t about to be stood up every second day like a fool. He had shocked George enough into apologizing and promising it would never happen again. Scott was skeptical but it had been over a week since their talk, and they had been spending a lot more time together without issue. He hoped that there would be no further issues and so far things were going much better. Scott was enjoying spending time with Clay too; it was nice having another friend to hang out with when George and Brandon were both busy.

They pulled up to the garage, and Scott saw four guys sitting at a picnic table that was outside of the shop. They looked like they were smoking and drinking beer. Wow, nothing like a great day at the office.

“Chris isn’t technically working today,” Clay said as if reading Scott’s mind. “He just came in to make sure everything went well with my bike.”

Scott just nodded and got out of the truck with Clay. They made their way over to the table, and Scott suddenly felt shy.

“Hey, guys! This is my friend Scott. Scott, these are my best buddies. This is Mikal, he’s actually a pretty insane artist, and he only works with charcoal, his drawings are amazing you’ll have to see them.”

Mikal was a slender guy with lean muscle and a head of long black hair that he kept in a man bun. He was a good-looking guy with an easy smile. Scott shook his head and told him it was nice to meet him.

“And this is Declan, another artist. He’s a photographer though and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.”

Declan stood up to shake Scott’s hand, and the man was huge. He defiantly took powerlifting to a whole new level. Scott shook his hand, and the grip was quite firm.

“A friend of Clay’s is a friend of mine.”

Scott smiled, “Thanks, I appreciate that.”

Clay is grinning as he looked around the group. “This here is Vic; he is an accountant by night, but deep down he dreams of being a rock star.”

Vic burst out laughing as did everyone else. “Shut up man. I just love music.”

“No, you spend too much time rocking out. I don’t know why you just don’t start a band already; you talk about it all the time.”

“Well, that’s true. But maybe one day.”

Scott was smiling; he already thought the group was pretty good. He leaned over and shook Vic’s hand. He definitely had the look of a rock star. He had a faux-hawk and wore all black. Scott would never have guessed he was an accountant.

“And the man of the hour is, of course, Chris who runs this shit hole.” They were all laughing again as Chris flipped him the bird. “he’s a good guy though and seriously he does great work if you ever have problems with your car.”

“Cool. Nice to meet you, man.” Scott shook his head, and he and Clay settled around the table and were offered beer. Scott took one gladly and settled in as the guys talked amongst themselves. It was pretty evident right away that Chris was the only straight guy in the group. Scott had pretty good gaydar, and he could sense that he was straight just as well as he knew that Clay was probably gay. Plus., Declan mentioned how when they go to gay clubs, Chris will only go off and on because he gets sick of being hit on all the time.

“Well, it’s not their fault your hot, they just can’t get enough of you” Mikal cried out, and everyone laughed. Scott was having a blast with all of them because they were all cool guys who loved to laugh a lot and that made hanging out with them pretty fun. Chris was generally a quiet, kind of stoic guy. He listened for the most part and didn’t get overly excited. He left the table a few times to check on what was going on in the shop and always came back with a smile on his face. It turned out the muscle of the group was just a big teddy bear. He may have bene the biggest guy in the group, but he was a big softie at heart and seemed to be only interested in looking for love. He also had no idea that his friend Mikal was madly in love with him. Everyone else in the group was aware of it but him. It was shocking that he didn’t know since Mikal hung on his every word, laughed at all his stupid jokes and basically stared at him the whole time. Scott found it really cute and asked Clay why no one had clued Declan in.

They had gone off together to look at Clay’s bike when Scott asked him.

“Well, we’re not sure how Declan would feel about it. We don’t want Mikal to get hurt if he doesn’t return his feelings and since he’s literally clueless that Mikal loves him, it might be because he’s never looked at Mikal that way. So, we just don’t want Mikal to get hurt or the group to get all weird if Declan doesn’t feel the same. If Mikal ever gets the balls to tell him then that’s another story but who knows if he ever will.”

“That’s kind of sad.”

“Yeah well, that’s love for you.”

“So what do you think?”

Scott didn’t know a thing about bikes, but it definitely looked like a cool bike and a fast one at that. He wasn’t surprised that Clay was a biker. It totally fit in with the bad boy persona that he pulled off rather nicely.

“It’s cool. Why is it here?”

“Oh, we just did a few upgrades on it. Now it will run like a dream, and it’s fun.”

Scott laughed, big surprise there. They returned to the table where everyone was waiting for them with fresh beers. It was quite the day, and he was glad that Clay had invited him. Everyone was very welcoming, and they treated Scott like he had been part of the group forever.

“So, what did you think of Clay’s bike?”

“It’s pretty cool, but really I don’t know a thing about bikes.”

“Oh well, you should take it for a ride,” Chris suggested.

“Yeah right, that sounds like a great way to die.”

They laughed, but Scott wasn’t kidding. He had never ridden a bike before, and he couldn’t imagine it going well at all.

“You should really try it, Scott, it’s quite a rush,” Clay added.

“Right, and if I wreck your bike, you will kill me. You just got it back.”

Clay laughed, “You’re not going to wreck it.”

Chris got up from the table. “I’ll go get it.”

Scott’s heart started beating fast. Great, he thought. He didn’t want to make a fool out of himself in front of a bunch of cool guys that he just met. But maybe it would be fun, it looked like fun, and he needed to take some chances after all so he shouldn’t just assume that it would be a disaster.

Chris walked the bike out into the parking lot, and they all surrounded it. One at a time they took him for a quick spin on what he needed to know in order not to die. They showed him the throttle and brake and how to use them. They showed him how to turn and to lean into the turn. Scott was starting to get excited when he climbed on the bike. He started it, and it rumbled to life.

“Are you ready?” Clay asked.

Scott nodded. He thought so anyways; they were all about to find out. He turned the throttle, and it jumped a few feet. The guys laughed, and Scott started to get nervous again.

“Come on Scott; you can do it, man. Try again.”

Scott did, and it went much smoother that time. The bike started to move forward and as his confidence grew he started going a little faster. There was clapping heard behind him, and he couldn’t help but smile. He rode the bike around the parking lot feeling freer than he had in a long time. He had never thought of riding a bike before but being on it at that moment he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if he purchased his own bike. It might be cool. He pulled the bike up to his new friends and stopped it. He got off, and Clay took it and walked it towards his truck. He left it to the side and returned to the group.

“See it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was.” Clay said.

“Yeah, it was pretty cool actually.”

“You should think of getting one yourself; it’s definitely a great purchase that you would never regret.”

“No, it’s cool and everything, but there’s no way that I could pull that off the way that you guys can.”

Clay laughed, “Don’t be ridiculous man. You’re a sexy guy; you could totally pull it off.”

Scott was surprised by the compliment and smiled as the rest of the guys agreed and returned to the picnic table to drink.

Chapter Eight

Scott and Clay left the garage and went in search of some dinner. Neither of them felt like going home yet; it was such a nice day. George had been hounding Scott on the phone all day through texting which was a first for once. He kept asking who he was with and why he was going to be gone all day. Scott explained that he was out with his friend Clay and that he would see him sometime after dinner. It was refreshing for once to have George worried about him for once instead of ditching him all the time.

The two stopped at a fry stand on the side of the road for some burgers. They stood out front and ordered burgers and fries and then took them over to a picnic table. Scott took a couple of bites of his burger and then asked Clay, “What is it you do for a living?”

Clay looked up from his fries, “I work as a temp at a local marketing agency.”

“Wow, that sounds pretty good.”

“Yeah, it’s a great place to work, plus it’s going to allow me the lifestyle that I want someday.”

Scott nodded as he took another bite of his burger.

“So what’s your deal with casual dating?”

Clay laughed as he popped a couple of fries into his mouth. “There’s no deal, I just don’t like commitment or being nailed down to just one person. I like the freedom I have now.”

“Don’t you get lonely or think of a future with someone?”

“Yeah, sure I do. But it’s just not something that I want right now; I may never want it.”

“So, you have never dated a guy?”

Clay smiled, “Well, I’m not gay, so no. I’ve only ever dated women in the past, and they are trouble enough.”

Scott nodded, not really understanding but he didn’t want to push too hard with Clay. They hadn’t known each other that long and he didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship by getting too personal. He decided to stick with a safe topic and asked about his tattoo.

“That’s a pretty sick tattoo you have on your back. What made you get a phoenix tattoo?”

Clay thought about it for awhile, and Scott started to wonder f he said the wrong thing. Maybe it meant something that he didn’t like to talk about. He took him a few minutes to answer, and he took a few bites of his burger.

“Yeah, I guess it’s a pretty cool tattoo. I got it because it represented the change that I wanted to make in my life. My childhood was pretty fucked up; there was abuse. Well, I just knew that I wanted to rise above that and have a great life.”

“Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that. Well, I think you have done pretty well for yourself so far. If you don’t mind my asking, what happened to you? It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me, we haven’t known each other that well.”

“No, it’s okay. It was a long time ago, and I guess I’m over it for the most part. My parents were strict Catholics. My dad more than my mom I guess, but she still did whatever he wanted and went to church and all that. When I was younger, my dad used to send me to counseling a few days a week for what he thought were “gay mannerisms,” if you can believe that.”

There was nothing that I could see about Clay that would have made Scott think that he was stereotypically gay. So, if he had certain mannerisms they were gone now, and it made him wonder if they got beaten out of him. He always seemed like such a tough guy that it was hard to even picture him with mannerisms like that. His parents had been so accepting of him and his lifestyle that he couldn’t imagine what it would have been like for Clay to have a father that wanted to change him. It was really kind of sick, and he felt bad for what Clay went through.

“Sorry man, that’s fucked up. What happened?”

“Well, he soon realized that the counseling wasn’t working, that I wasn’t changing into what he wanted. I don’t even know what he wanted from me. A son that played football I guess. I don’t know but he started beating me, and it went on until I was in high school. It definitely changed me a lot, fucked me up mentally. So, I guess he got what he wanted.”

“Your mom didn’t do anything to help you?”

“She was scared of him. He was very domineering, and she had to live with him, so it was just easier to bow down to him. I know she loved me I just wish she would have stood up for herself and me more. She deserved so much better than a guy like that. But they were old school, and my mother believed that the man ruled the household and all that shit. I eventually ran away from home sometime in high school. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I had to get away. For awhile my mother would send me money and check in on me to see if I was doing okay. But I haven’t spoken to her in a few years now.”

Scott was shocked by what he was hearing. His heart went out to Clay, for his horrible life growing up and the fact that his mother never stood up for him. It started to make sense now why Clay was in the closet and didn’t want to come out of it. He still hadn’t admitted that he was gay to Scott, but he knew. It was even more obvious now than ever before. He was afraid to come out because his father had made him feel so ashamed of who he was. He was a monster that had tried to beat the spirit out of a child and had almost succeeded.

“I’m sorry. I can’t imagine what that must have been like for you. You must miss your mother.”

“Yeah, I do. I worry about her too. She actually doesn’t live far from here.”

“Why don’t we stop in and say hi to her?”

Clay gaped at him. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, why not? Are you afraid your dad will be mad, you’re an adult now? What can he do?”

“Actually, my dad works today; he always works Saturdays so he wouldn’t even be there. But I don’t know. Is that weird after all this time?”

“She’s your mother, how could it be weird?”

“I guess so. Okay, but we need to make a stop first.”

They finished eating and then Clay drove them to a gift boutique where he purchased some candy and flowers for his mother. Scott stayed silent during the whole process, not wanting to interfere. He knew this must be huge for Clay, to see his mother after all this time and there must have been a million thoughts going through his head at that moment. Clay purchased the items, and then they got back on the road. The house wasn’t that far from where they were, maybe a ten-minute drive. When they pulled up into the driveway, it was pretty obvious that no one was home.

“Sorry man.” Scott felt bad for even suggesting that they went there when his mom was clearly not even around.

“Hey, it’s not a big deal. It was a good idea actually. I’m just going to leave these on the porch for her. I actually do this every few years, just to let her know that I’m okay, ya know?”

Scott was shocked. “Why don’t you just call her?”

Clay shrugged and got out of the truck and made his way up to the porch. He stood there staring at his childhood home for a moment before setting the flowers and candy in front of the door. He made his way back to the truck and got inside.

“You want to go for a bike ride with me?”

Scott thought about it for a moment and knew that George was expecting him to call after dinner. He would be pissed to find out that he went biking with Clay. But he really wanted to go.

“Sure, but just a quick spin, okay?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

They pulled away from Clay’s parents home and drove towards a park that was in the area. They parked, and Clay got Scott to help him get the bike out of the back. The thing was heavy as hell, but they managed to get it out with a small ramp he had in the back of the truck. Clay gets on the bike, and Scott followed suit behind him. He grasped the handles on the side, and suddenly they were off. The more Scott was around bikes, the more than he was starting to enjoy them. It was defiantly freeing to be on the bike and feeling the air against your skin. Clay took the corners sharply which had Scott’s heart beating rapidly in his chest. Clay took them around the block and then returned to the park. He slowed when he got close to the truck. They both got off the bike and Clay walked the bike back into the truck and strapped it in. Scott was watching him from a picnic table where he sat. Clay returned to his side and sat down beside him. They were both silent for a moment when Clay turned to Scott and just stared into his eyes.

“Thanks for suggesting I go see my mom, that was cool of you.”

“Anytime man, I’m always here if you want to vent or need to talk about anything.”

It was then that Clay leaned in and kissed Scott. It was a firm kiss and Scott instantly thought of George and how he would feel if he knew that Clay kissed him. That thought was soon forgotten when he felt Clay’s tongue play against his mouth. He opened his mouth and eagerly took in his tongue, sucking on it gently. It was the hottest kiss he had in a long time, and he felt himself growing hard as the kiss became more passionate. Clay moved in closer, and they were quickly making out right there in the park. The kiss seemed to last forever, and yet it felt like seconds had gone by. Scott had never been so turned on in his life. The kiss was intense, and it was almost painful when Clay finally stopped the kiss and pulled away. They stared into each other’s eyes and Scott knew he was getting in way over his head.

“I thought we were going to be just friends?” Scott whispered.

Clay laughed, “We are, come on let’s go. I’ll drive you back.”

Scott was speechless and a little heady from that kiss. It was the best kiss of his life and also the most confusing one. He didn’t know what the hell was going on with Clay, but he was sending mixed messages. Scott needed to get his shit together as well because he had a boyfriend and shouldn’t be kissing some hot guy in the park. But it just happened so suddenly, and when it did, he didn’t want it to stop.

On the drive back to his apartment they started talking again about life. That was one thing that Scott liked so much about Clay; they could talk about anything.

“So, what’re your plans man for after you retire?”

Scott thought about it for a moment. He didn’t put a lot of thought into retirement because it was so far away and he typically just worried about the now. “I don’t know. I guess I would want a top floor apartment in a building with a BBQ on the roof.”

“Really, is that it?” Clay looked surprised.

“Well, what’s wrong with that?”

“It’s small time man. You aren’t thinking big enough. Don’t you want more out of life?”

“I guess.”

“You guess? This is serious man. You have to think about your future, and you should be thinking about it as a large-scale project. You deserve the best man and that should be better than a roof and a BBQ.”

“Okay, okay. I guess I’ve always wanted to live in a house and to own my own business. I really do like apartments but yeah you’re right you grow out of them after awhile. It would be cool not to have to worry so much about neighbors plus I want my own hot tub!”

Clay laughed, “There you go now that’s a little bit better.”

Scott smiled, “He liked the fact that Clay had him thinking about his future and wanting more from life.”

Chapter Nine

The next week passed quickly, and Scott had spent a lot of time with Clay that week which made it fly by fast. He was enjoying his time with Clay, and every time he called to do something Scott immediately jumped at the opportunity to do something with him. They had a blast together which was something he usually did with Brandon, and although they still saw each other regularly, he was probably spending more time with Clay then anyone else in his life. He had been getting into a couple of fights with George over the whole thing. He didn’t see what the big deal was; they were just friends who enjoyed spending time together.

He had just got home from work when George had shown up randomly. He thought it was odd because George never came over without making a plan first. But it was no big deal, and they had dinner together. George said he had to go shortly as he had to get up in the morning but wanted to use the bathroom first. Scott sat on the couch and waited for him to return.

The past week had been a fun one. Clay had somehow talked him into breaking into a local pool and going skinny dipping. It had been a huge strain on the “friendship” part of their partnership because Scott had a hard time keeping his eyes to himself. After seeing what Clay looked like naked, it was hard to get that image out of his head. It had been a blast though, and after they had gone swimming, they dressed and hit the town for drinks.

Another day Clay stopped into the store to say hi to Scott while he worked and they formulated a plan to get back at one of Scott’s co-workers who had always been nasty to him. It wasn’t hard to screw with the guy because he had no situational awareness. They had done a simple prank of saran wrapping the toilet seat, and when the guy went in for a piss, he ended up covering himself in pee as it sprayed back on him. Scott and Clay had died laughing in the aisle as the guy came out of the bathroom wet and fuming. From then on Scott’s co-worker was much nicer to him than he had ever been. It was well worth the prank and even his boss never found out about it. He was having a blast with Clay, and he always looked forward to their next adventure together.

Just then George came down the hallway, and Scott turned to greet him. But his greeting stayed silent because George looked pissed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is there something you want to tell me?”

Confused Scott replied, “I don’t think so. What’s going on?”

“Is there something going on between you and that Clay guy?”

Scott’s mouth dropped open. “What are you talking about? Where is this coming from? We just had a perfectly great dinner and now this?”

“I just found these movie tickets and I know we haven’t gone to see this movie. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we went to a movie together.”

Scott laughed, “Well that’s certainly not my fault. I mean seriously, do you remember not even speaking to me for almost a week? Or ditching me when we had plans, I think you did that like three times?”

“I apologized for that.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. You haven’t exactly been treating me fairly. Clay and I are just friends; we went to the movie, so what?”

“It’s not just the movies, I came over one time, and there were two wine glasses in the sink. Are you going to tell me that wasn’t Clay?”

“No, it absolutely was, and if you would have asked me that night, I would have told you he stopped over. I’m not hiding anything from you. We hang out, and you know that. If it was Brandon and I doing these things, would you have a problem with it? No. So, what’s the difference.”

“The difference is that I know Brandon and I know he’s not interested in you. I don’t know this Clay guy, and you haven’t known him very long.”

Scott sighed, “We are just friends that’s it. I enjoy his company. I wouldn’t have even met the guy had you not ditched me during that week.”

“Oh, so it’s my fault?”

Scott groaned. “It’s no one’s fault. It just happened, and I’m glad it did. I’m not doing anything wrong, and I’m not going to let you make me feel guilty over nothing.”

“Julie said she saw you two at the RR this week.”

Julie was one of George’s co-workers, and she was notoriously nosy and gossipy. He could just imagine what she had to say about Clay. They had been sitting together that was for sure, but there had been nothing inappropriate going on at all.

“We weren’t even alone George. Why would you listen to Julie of all people you know she’s just a gossip? I was there with Mikal and Declan also.”

“Yeah, more people that I don’t know.”

“George stop because this is becoming ridiculous. You have no business going through my stuff. I think that was in my sock drawer, so you’ve been rummaging through my stuff looking for evidence of what, I don’t know. I don’t appreciate it though; it’s not okay with me that you go through my stuff.”

“Why, do you have something to hide?”

Scott was up off the couch feeling angrier than he had in awhile. “No, I don’t have anything to hide. But I have a right to my privacy, and my boyfriend should trust me. Maybe you are feeling guilty for something you did during that week off that you are projecting it on me.”

George snorted, “Yeah you would love that. Then you could dump me and go after Clay without a guilty conscience.”

Scott couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “This is ridiculous, and I’m done talking about it. If I didn’t want to be with you, then I wouldn’t be. I think I’ve been pretty forgiving with you all things considered. You have defiantly given me more than enough reason to walk away from this, and yet I’m still here. So, don’t accuse me of cheating on you.”

“I’m sorry. I just feel like maybe you are getting too close to this guy.”

“He’s my friend, and I like him, end of story. I think it’s time you left now. I’m not in a very good mood.”

“I don’t really want to leave you when you’re angry. Can we talk about this a little more?”

“No George. I’m done talking; I would like to be alone. Goodnight.”

Scott turned from him and went towards his bedroom. He went inside and plopped down on his bed frustrated. He heard his front door slam and knew that George had gone. He couldn’t believe how sour the night had gone. What the hell was George thinking? He didn’t like the fact that George was snooping through his things, it was not cool at all. Things just weren’t going well between them. They had never been the same since George had ditched him for that week.

He headed from his bedroom and looked for his phone. While he had been in his bedroom, he missed a text from Clay. He looked at it and started to laugh. Clay was on a day at the moment and needed saving from it. Scott considered it and thought what the hell. He would go to the bar and get him out of his sticky situation. He hadn’t even known that he was on a date and he wondered quickly if it was a guy or a girl. That was enough to peak his curiosity, and he went and got dressed to go help his friend out. He wasn’t even going to delve in deep with his emotions and question why he suddenly felt jealous when he found out that Clay was out on a date.

Scott showed up to a bar and grill and made his way inside. He glanced around quickly and saw Clay sitting in a booth with a pretty blonde girl. She was thin and looked like she worked out regularly. He probably met her at the gym. Well, that answered that question, he thought. He slowly made his way over to the table trying to think of what he could say.

“Man, do you ever answer your phone?”

Clay and the girl looked up from their table and Clay tried to keep a straight face when he saw Scott.

“Scott, hey! What’s up?”

“I have been trying to reach you for like an hour.”

“Well, I have my phone off. This is Tina.”

Scott looked over at the girl who looked annoyed by his intrusion. “Hey,” he said before he glanced back at Clay. “It’s mom; she needs our help. She hurt herself, and she can’t lift…that thing she needed lifting.”

Clay fought back a smile but wasn’t doing so well. “Right that thing.”

“She’s waiting for us, so let’s go.”

“I didn’t know you had a brother,” the girl said as she looked at Clay.

“Yeah, I do. Look, I have to go.” He said to her.

Scott could see that she was instantly pissed. “You have to go now? Can’t you lift, the thing later?”

“No, my mom has been harping on us for awhile. If we don’t do it, she’ll end up trying herself and then she’ll get hurt and well Scott won’t forgive me.”

“Fine,” she said unforgivingly. “Call me okay, and maybe we can go out again.” She got up from the table, grabbed her purse and walked out. She didn’t say goodbye to Scott or even look back at them when she left. They watched through the window as she got into her car and drove away. Scott sat down in the booth across from Clay.

“Wow, you can sure pick them.”

“No kidding, right? She was kind of a bitch when she left; she wasn’t much better throughout dinner.”

“Where did you find her?”

“The gym. She was all over me the other day, so I thought she might be good in the sack.”

“Was she?” Scott said with a laugh.

“We didn’t get that far.”

“Wow, she was that bad.”

“Yes, I wasn’t willing to wait long enough to get her home. So, how was your night?”

Scott frowned, “It was interesting, to say the least.”

“Why what’s up?”

Scott wasn’t sure that bringing up George to Clay was the best idea besides he usually talked to Brandon about George. But what could he do when Clay asked? Besides Clay and him were getting closer and Clay had talked to him so much about his childhood that he felt just as comfortable talking about his problems with Clay.

“George accused me of cheating on him with you tonight.”

Clay looked shocked. Which was surprising since Clay was always flirting with him and that kiss at the park had not left Scott’s mind since it happened. That was the one thing that he really liked about Clay; he always gave him attention. The kind of attention that George should have been giving him and never did. There were a lot of great qualities about George but he was often emotionally unavailable, and he wasn’t overly affectionate with Scott. Clay was playful on the other hand and was always playing around with Scott and telling him how handsome he was. He liked that sort of attention, and he wished that George paid him more attention. The fact that he liked all the attention he was getting from Clay was a dangerous thing, and he knew that, but he also didn’t want it to stop. They had never crossed any lines, and Clay had not tried to kiss him again since the park, even when they were naked in a pool together. There had never been anything inappropriate together, so Scott didn’t see anything wrong with a little flirting. It made him feel good, and he didn’t always feel good with George.

“Seriously? Why did he think that?”

“Well, he found movie tickets in my drawer.”

“You kept those?” Clay asked with interest.

“Ahhh yeah. I don’t know why. I probably meant to throw them out. Anyways, he had a long list of my offenses but I got pretty mad at him for snooping through my things.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty shitty. I had a girlfriend once that looked through my phone all the time. It was so annoying; she always thought that I was cheating on her and I never did.”

“Oh, a bad boy like you never cheated?”

He smiled, “No, actually I’ve never cheated on a girl. Maybe it’s because I don’t generally stay around long enough to get bored of them. I’m not a monster Scott just because I don’t like commitment doesn’t mean I’m a total douchebag towards girls. If I like a girl, I treat her well, and I don’t cheat. I just don’t want to be committed, so it usually doesn’t get that far.”

Scott smiled, “Well, I’m impressed.”

Clay stuck his tongue out. “Gee thanks. So, what are you going to do about George.”

“Well I love him, so I’m trying to make it work. It just hasn’t been the same since all that shit happened a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if I should throw in the towel or not. Brandon thinks I should have broken up with him a long time ago. I just don’t want it to end if we can work things out.”

“I don’t know what to say. I didn’t know you loved him.”

Scott tried to read the expression on his face but was unable to. Was he jealous at the idea that I might love another man?

“Well, I definitely did before he started standing me up. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel anymore. I want to work things out with him, but sometimes it feels like it’s just getting worse and not better. Like I said Brandon thinks I should bail.”

Clay was silent for a moment. Scott was surprised that he didn’t have more to say on the subject. He couldn’t help but wonder what he thought about his relationship with George, but the conversation seemed to be over when Clay said, “We definitely should get Brandon hooked up with someone.”

Scott smiled, “I agree, let’s get together for lunch tomorrow and scope out a good match for him. I only work until twelve tomorrow.”

“Yeah okay, I’m free as well. Let’s do this.”

Chapter Ten

While working, all Scott could do was think about Clay and the fact that they were meeting Brandon for lunch that day. When he wasn’t thinking about Clay, he was thinking about the promotion he was offered at work. Clay had really started opening his eyes about the future and the things he really wanted from life. He wouldn’t get a nice house with a hot tub by stocking shelves and as much as he liked the relaxed atmosphere of that job he had to shoot for something better just like Clay had suggested. He decided that he was going to take the promotion as an assistant manager. It was one step in the right direction that could change his life, and he was definitely looking forward to the extra money. He decided to go talk to his boss right away before his boss decided to give the position to someone else. It had been over a week since they had discussed it and he could have assumed that Scott didn’t want the job. He knocked on his office door, and his boss told him to come in.

“Hey Mr. Davidson, how are you?”

“Not too bad Scott. What can I do for you?”

“I wanted to tell you that I want to apply for the position of assistant manager. I’ve thought a lot about it, and I would like to try my hand at it.”

Mr. Davidson smiled. “that’s great news, Scott. I think that you have made the right decision. I’ve noticed that you’ve been a little distracted lately. That’s fine when you are stocking shelves, but you won’t be able to allow yourself to be distracted with an assistant manager’s position. If you want me to seriously consider you for the position, I suggest you get your head out of the clouds for the next couple of weeks.”

“Sorry sir, I’ve just had a lot on my mind. It won’t happen again though. I’ll make sure to pay more attention and work harder, I promise.”

“Good to hear.”

Scott turned then and left the office. He was embarrassed that someone else had noticed that he was distracted throughout the day. He knew the main reason for his distraction, and that was Clay.

Scott arrived at the bar and grill looking forward to having a beer with his friends. Clay and Brandon had already arrived, and they were laughing together at the table out on the patio. Scott felt a sting of jealousy and tried to shake it off. He had no reason to be jealous. He had a boyfriend and Clay wasn’t even interested in guys. Not for the time being anyways.

“Hey, guys.”

Clay and Brandon looked up and smiled at him.

“Hey Scott, how are you? We already ordered some beer, sit down we are scoping out the options.”

Scott sat beside Clay and across from Brandon. He looked around the volleyball courts to see who was playing that day. “Do you see anyone interesting yet?”

“A few guys, I could definitely go home with that one right now.”

Scott looked to see where he was pointing. There was a tall guy, who was built like a tank. He could defiantly see the appeal there. “Yeah, I would forget that one, I’m pretty sure he’s engaged, to a girl.”

Clay laughed, and they all turned away from the volleyball court when the waitress showed up with their beer. Brandon poured them all a glass of beer from the pitcher and Scott took a sip from his.

“So, how’re things going with George, I haven’t been updated recently.”

Scott glanced at Clay before answering. “It’s okay I guess. Not great. He gave me a hard time about coming here today. He’s working anyways, so I’m not sure what he’s so worked up about. He thinks I’m spending too much time with Clay.”

“Maybe you are, no offense,” he said to Clay.

Clay laughed, “None taken.”

“The time I’m spending with Clay is not time I’m taking away from George. He’s usually working or out doing his own thing, and who’s side are you on anyways? You wanted me to dump him when he was standing me up all the time.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t so make it work if you want to be with him.”

Scott rolled his eyes as he took a long swig of beer. “I love how I get relationship advice for someone out trolling for a new hookup.”

“Oh, it’s not a hookup this time, we are searching for love for him,” Clay said laughing.

“Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Hey, don’t be like that. Look, I’m not trying to give you a hard time but if you want to genuinely make it work why don’t you do something nice for him?” Brandon said.

“Like what? He just bit my head off yesterday; I’m not really in the mood to romance the guy.”

“Well, be the better person. Maybe he’s insecure right now. So, prove to him that he has nothing to worry about and that you still have feelings for him.”

Scott could see Clay watching him from the corner of his eye. He wasn’t saying anything about the whole situation which Scott found to be weird. He certainly wasn’t encouraging him to work things out with George. Hell, he didn’t know what the hell he wanted anymore. Things had just got so complicated between them lately. He wanted more than anything to go back to when things were great between them all the time, but he wasn’t sure if that was possible any longer. But Brandon was right about one thing, he needed to either shit or get off the pot. If he was staying with George, then he should let go of what happened yesterday and forgive him.

“What do you think I should do?” Scott asked as he took another drink of beer.

“Surprise him with dinner and then a little dessert after, if you know what I mean.”

Scott laughed, “Yeah gotcha.”

Scott looked over at Clay who was staring down into his beer. Scott thought about dinner and what he could do for George. He picked up his phone and invited George for dinner. Surprisingly George messaged back right away and told him he would be there. I guess his phone isn’t dead today, he thought cynically.

When Scott got home from lunch, he didn’t have a whole lot of time to plan a dinner. He wanted it to be nice though and romantic for George. He called their favorite restaurant and had them deliver their favorite pasta dishes. That way Scott wouldn’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning after. He could just swoop George off his feet and then get some action later. He was looking forward to that. It had been a few days since George, and he had sex, which was really weird for them. In the beginning, they had been tearing each other’s clothes off, but that had slowed down significantly. He knew that sometimes happened in relationships, and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but he liked sex and would prefer to have it more often then what was going on lately.

Scott set the dining room table that he had and put out some candles. The food arrived just in time, and he plated it and set it on the table. There was a salad that he placed in the middle of the table. Everything looked perfect, and he smiled. It was going to be a great night, and he couldn’t wait for George to get there. He wasn’t the most grateful boyfriend that Scott had ever had, so he was hoping that he would appreciate what Scott had done for him. Especially since he had planned on staying mad at him for a little longer.

George came through the door five minutes later and squealed when he saw the table. Scott laughed loudly at his reaction.

“Oh my god, this is so nice. And it’s so sweet of you to go through all this trouble. Are those our favorite dishes from Spago’s?”

He was talking a mile a minute, and Scott couldn’t help but laugh again. “Yeah, I ordered in, I hope that okay. I didn’t have a lot of time.”

“Of course it is Babe. Thank you, this is wonderful.”

He came over to Scott and kissed him on the mouth. Scott lingered there feeling happy once again. He almost wanted to have dessert first, but dinner was already getting cold.

“Let’s eat.”

They sat across from each other at the table and dug into their meal. It was delicious as always, and that was why it was one of their favorites to go to. Scott could pretty much eat pasta every day all day long; he just loved it.

“How was work today?”

George smiled at him, “Oh, it was great. No real complaints but Julie was off on a tangent as usual about the boss.”

Scott laughed, “Yeah I bet.”

“How is Brandon and…Clay?”

There was something in George’s tone that Scott didn’t like but he decided to let it go and not ruin their dinner together.

“They are good. We were trying to set Brandon up wit a love interest today, but we failed miserably.”

George laughed, “Oh really? And why’s that?”

“Well most of the guys he was interested in were straight, and then he just gave up and got drunk instead.”

“Oh wow. I guess he doesn’t have the gaydar that you do.”

“Nope, he certainly doesn’t.” It was funny because right then Scott couldn’t help but think of Clay.

“What about Clay, was he looking for love too?”

“No, Clay isn’t into relationships. He likes to keep things casual.”

“Ahh, I see.”

Scott looked up from his dinner and tried to decide whether George was picking a fight. He no longer wanted to talk about Clay because it was a touchy subject with George and he was determined to get through the night without a fight. He brought up a new song that he heard on the radio and changed the subject. George didn’t seem to notice and went with it.

When dinner was over, they sat on the couch together with a bottle of wine and talked. It wasn’t always the easiest thing to do with George, but that night they seemed to be doing okay. George could talk about anything as long as it wasn’t emotions or how he felt. It was a hard thing to deal with because Scott was so open about things and he found that George was emotionally unavailable. He never knew where he stood with George or how he felt about him because he never told him. Scott wasn’t the kind of guy that liked to ask someone if they loved him. He shouldn’t have to, but he often wondered if George loved him and if he would ever say it.

They talked about family and friends and what they had planned for the rest of the week, but it never got much deeper than that. Scott loved the way that George laughed though, it was really sexy, and it was when he did that that Scott realized he wanted to kiss him. George could see the look on my face, and he took action right away. He leaned in and slipped his hand around Scott’s neck pulling him into him as his mouth claimed his. George tasted sweet and alluring. His mouth was hot to the touch, and Scott moaned at his touch. George kissed him softly at first and then his kisses became more fevered as if he needed his mouth on his. His tongue slipped into Scott’s mouth, and he claimed it. Scott sucked him slowly, tasting him before he pulled away. He pulled Scott in again however as he was not finished kissing him. His tongue found Scott’s again, and their kisses grew more passionate. His hand found pants he kneaded his cock softly. It wasn’t long before Scott’s cock was hard rock in his pants. He couldn’t wait to release it and have it in George’s mouth. He began pulling off Scott’s shirt, and he stopped kissing Scott long enough to do so. He looked at Scott’s body in admiration and said, “You are so sexy.”

Scott smiled though all he could think about was what George looked like naked. George was definitely taking the lead that night and Scott were more than willing to let him. He liked when George took charge, it was so hot.

George pushed him back until he leaned against the large sectional couch. His mouth found Scott’s mouth as he started to undo his pants. Scott’s cock was throbbing in anticipation of where it was about to go. He took Scott’s cock out of his pants and started to rub it. Scott moaned softly as he stroked his cock mercilessly. George was excellent at oral, and Scott couldn’t wait for it to go in his mouth. He smiled down at Scott. “Do you want it. Do you want it in my mouth?”

Scott nodded, still speechless by the things that came out of his mouth. He felt wanton around him. To have George please his body, to give him what he wanted. Scott’s hard cock bounced before him. He wasn’t too big, thankfully above average but not huge, the perfect size. George came above him and took Scott’s cock into his mouth and sucked on it. Scott’s eyes closed as George sucked hard while he massaged his balls. His tongue began to swirl against his shaft and then around his tip. Scott moaned with eagerness as he sucked him even harder.

“Oh god, you’re good at this,” Scott whispered, and he was.

George took his cock deeper into his mouth until it hit the back of his throat. He moved up and down rhythmically until he moved fluidly with Scott’s cock in his mouth.

His moans excited George and it made him work harder for them. He pulled Scott’s cock out of his mouth and finished undressing himself. Scott followed suit and slipped his pants and underwear properly off. George watched as Scott undressed, his gaze filled with lust.

“Mmmm, you look good. Maybe good enough to eat.”

Scott laid back down not wanting the oral to end quite yet. George was more than happy to oblige, and he bent forward and licked his cock slowly as if he were licking an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. It felt incredible as his tongue licked the sides of his cock, causing a tingle to run through his body. George liked to tease him, and it drove Scott wild. He took his cock back into his mouth and sucked on it causing Scott to moan loudly as his cock throbbed.

“Oh god…oh god…”

George looked up and smiled, “Does that feel good, sweetheart?”

“Oh god yes, it feels incredible.”

George was tasting every inch of Scott. He felt the build up coming. He was going to cum.

“Oh god, oh wow, I’m going to cum.”

George kept sucking harder until he cried out as an orgasm so delicious hit him and he wanted even more. Scott spilled into George’s mouth, and George continued to suck him slowly. He took his cock out of his mouth and wiped it.

“How was that?”

Scott just grinned with desire written all over his face.

“Now turn over.” Scott grinned and did as he was told.

“I want to lick your hot little ass.”

Scott was rendered speechless while he was bent over in the doggy style position with his ass in the air. He felt George shift positions, and then he felt it. He spread his cheeks, bent over and licked his ass. He gasped at the sensation it brought and just like that he was hard as a rock again. He could fuck for hours; he just kept getting hard. He was lucky in that way.

“Mmmm, you dirty boy. You taste delicious.”

Scott moaned, George’s voice, his words, his tongue were driving him mad. And just when he thought it couldn’t get any better George buried a finger inside his ass while he licked around it.

It was almost too much to bear; he couldn’t get enough. Scott was moaning loudly wanting to beg for more. He was so horny; George was driving me wild. He started fingering Scott’s ass, and he experienced different waves of pleasure that ripped through him.

“How are you doing? Everything okay?”

“Oh baby, it feels so good.”

“I can tell. You have a tight little ass. I want to put my cock inside it and fuck you proper.”

His cock, oh god, that was exactly what he wanted. He loved all the dirty talk that George gave him, it was such a turn-on.

“I’m fucking your ass Scott; it’s what I want most.”

“You can have whatever you want baby. I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.”

Scott closed my eyes; his forcefulness turned him on so much, he would allow him to take what he wanted. George caused his body to throb immensely until he wanted to beg him to release him from that feeling.

“I want to taste you first.”

George laid down on the couch, and Scott looked down at his cock. It was hard and ready there waiting for Scott to taste him. He slowly put George’s cock in his mouth and sucked hard on it. He used his tongue to swirl around George’s cock, and he shuddered as he heard George moan beneath him. He loved the taste of George’s cock, and it brought him so much pleasure to bring him to climax and taste his salty juices. But that wouldn’t happen today; he was too eager to have him inside of him and feel him ride his ass. He pulled his cock out of his mouth and looked down lustfully at George.

“Take me.”

George sat up and claimed Scott’s mouth and gave him the most passionate kiss ever. He found it all very exciting and his cock was dripping with pre-cum as he sucked on George’s tongue. He then parted from George and laid on his side; it was his favorite position when it came to sex.

“You have such a nice ass; you should see this glorious view that I have,” George whispered in his ear causing chills to go up Scott’s spine. He leaned down towards Scott and bit his shoulder. Scott moaned loudly; he had never experienced anything so sexy in his entire life.

George reached around and started to stroke Scott’s cock as he kissed his neck from behind. It felt so good that Scott could barely stand it. He could feel George’s cock behind him hard against his back, and he wanted to be fuck really good. God, he wanted him so badly, he always did. He was so sexually satisfied but yet so horny still he would have let him do just about anything to him. He was aching inside with want of him.

George slid into his ass smoothly, and Scott let out a pleasing moan. God, that felt so good. He had longed for that moment for so long; he just wished that they fucked more often. He began fucking Scott with just the tip of his cock in his ass. It was his way of teasing him, not willing to give it to him all at once. As he pushed inside of him a little more, he relaxed and allowed it to happen. George certainly felt huge when he was going in on that end. Scott felt full with him in his ass. George then began to fuck him again. Scott moaned as he picked up the pace, his smooth cock gliding inside and out.

“Are you okay Scott?”

“Yes, go that feels amazing,” he whispered.

“Does it feel good? Tell me how good it feels.”

“Oh baby, your cock feels so good in my ass, I can’t get enough of it.”

He pushed inside a little bit more, and Scott cried out in pleasure. He was going to have the best orgasm ever. He felt humongous inside him. George rocked into him slowly, and then he rocked inside harder and faster. He always fucked Scott so good that his orgasm was massive. He loved every moment of it. George pumped him faster letting the waves of pleasure crash into him repeatedly, not much break in between.

“You have such a tight hot ass; I knew the moment I saw you that your ass would feel this good.”

“Oh god,” Scott moaned loudly.

He reached around and felt for his cock. George stroked his hard cock while he fucked his ass adding to the pleasure while he moved his cock inside of him. It was an incredible feeling, and Scott’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“Oh, Scott you feel so good, baby.”

Scott melted under his words. George was sexy when he talked to him like that during sex. It made him feel so desired.

The whole length of his cock slowly pushed inside Scott causing him to let out a slow and powerful moan. There were so many different feelings and sensations going through his body at that moment. He was lost in a sea of pleasure, and he wanted to let go of an orgasm.

“I want more,” Scott whispered. Not willing to orgasm quite yet.

He heard George chuckle, and he started pumping him with the whole length of his cock stretching his ass. He was delirious with the pleasure George was giving him. He needed it, needed him.

Scott’s cock was dripping cum. God, the thought of it was just too delicious.

“George, it feels good. I’m coming again.”

Scott’s whole body shuddered as he came, he felt the cum dripping from his cock onto the couch. George continued pumping inside of him breaking all reason inside his mind. George was glorious, all of it was so incredible. As he felt himself build up for another orgasm, the shudders ripped through his body causing him to scream out once again.

“Oh Scott, I’m ready to baby. I’m going to fill up your ass with my cum.”

Scott moaned loving how sexy he was with his dirty talk. He spilled inside of him and collapsed softly against his back. Scott could feel his breath on his back, and he was just as spent as George was.

He removed himself from inside of Scott and went to go clean up. Scott got up from the couch and grabbed some paper towels to clean himself and the couch off with. He tossed them in the trash and then went towards his bedroom. He was suddenly tired, and he had to crash for work the next day. When George had finished cleaning up, he met Scott in bed and cuddled up close to him. George spooned Scott which was nice for a change. It always seemed that Scott was seeking out the affection, so it was nice that George was giving it up willingly.

Scott woke up in the middle of the night and turned to hear George snoring softly on the other side of the bed. He silently got out of bed and went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. As he stood at the counter drinking the water he had a pang of guilt that hit him pretty hard. The whole time he had been having sex with George all he could think about was Clay. It had never happened to him before, and he felt terrible about it. He knew that was why he grew so hard throughout the act because he imagined what it would be like if it were Clay inside of him. He shook out the thoughts, not knowing what it meant or what to do about it. He returned to bed but rolled onto his side away from George and quickly fell back to sleep.

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