I almost had him…

Or at least, I thought I did.

I wanted for us to do this and more.

I know that when I usually write, it’s because I’ve woken up from a dream, but tonight, it’s just because I just finished rereading this great self-development book that I picked up called The Web To Success. It’s really inspired me these last few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I usually stay pretty inspired, but everyone could always improve, right?

It was because of this book and the spring weather that I’m so focused on work and life balance. I have been going to the gym constantly. It’s worked out great so far. I feel amazing, and the view is pretty good from the treadmills (and I’m not talking about the view out the window either). Unfortunately, because of my crazy work schedule, I’ve been missing my regular workout schedule so I figured I could switch it up a little.

I don’t normally spend a lot of time in Flushing Meadows Park. I love the outdoors, but it’s chilly out for a few more weeks. That being said, I can only stay indoors for so long before cabin fever starts to set in. Since the book suggested mixing up my routine, I figured that I could start jogging in the park during the weekday.

Yesterday, I layered up and headed down to the park for an early morning jog: black track pants, a gray shirt, and a red fleece to keep the cold at bay. The air was still crisp and cool in the morning. It nipped at my nose and cheeks as I started my first lap around the reservoir. My shoes squeaked against the path in a steady rhythm as my feet flew under me. I breathed heavy as I passed a handful of other morning joggers. There were only a few, which was another perk of being out early: it’s not nearly as crowded as it is in the afternoon.

There were a handful of unique people that were stationed around the area. There were the same strange birdwatchers that were there each season, with their fancy binoculars. There were also old ladies that dressed in matching track suits, who speed-walked around the park. Seeing them again — for the first time this year — almost made it seem like I was at home. It felt like Thanksgiving, and they were my extended family — especially the drunk fellows who had to sleep off the alcohol on the park bench overnight. The thought made me chuckle as I continued jogging.

It wasn’t until my second lap around the reservoir (the last half of my three-mile jaunt) that I finally came upon something interesting — or rather, someone new: another runner.

He was a beautiful specimen — at least, I thought he was. My mind reeled as I came up behind him, which was a splendid view, by the way.

He has such a great head of hair. Thick and lush, I just want to run my hands through it, I thought.

My eyes skimmed his body. He was wearing gray sweatpants and a tight black hoodie. His body looked strong and toned through the thin layer that was already starting to look damp with sweat. He began running harder, and I could hear his breath get heavier. He didn’t know that I was behind him, but I wanted — desperately — for him to turn around so I could see his face. My steps quickened. With every breath, I began to close the gap. I was so anxious that I hadn’t even thought of what I would do when I caught up to him.

As soon as I pulled up alongside, I noticed that he had headphones in and his focus was on the path ahead. I tried not to look like I was staring but his face was just perfect. His jawline was tight as he must have been gritting his teeth.

I jogged ahead slightly, trying to make it a little less apparent that I was interested in him. He nosed ahead for a moment before I regained my lead once again. We both chuckled as our pace got faster and faster. Turning my head slightly, I saw that he was grinning — his alluring lips curling slightly upward. Our playful race went on for a while longer, our breathing quickly syncing together. I watched our chests fill and depress in tandem and imagined them doing the same for other reasons: our long, lean limbs intertwined, his pouty lips all over my body, and his sweat dripping down onto my back.

After we had jogged for a bit, he waved at me and then broke off to the side, stopping at a bench to adjust his shoes. I continued for a moment longer before stopping at another bench to finish off a water bottle. I took a few deep breaths and glanced back at my jogging partner. At first, I tried to hide my interest in him but when our eyes met, I got another coy smile, and I couldn’t turn away. He continued to stretch, showing off his long limbs and a growing bulge in his pants. I felt a breath escape my lips as I yearned for it.

Did he know that I could see him? Did he know that I could see how turned on he was? Could he see how turned on it made me? I thought.

My jaw dropped as he finished his stretches and our eyes met once again. He bit his lip before taking a few steps toward the path. He took to it again and jogged past me. His musk lingered for a second, compelling me to turn my head and follow him with my eyes.

I wanted to shadow him but felt the empty water bottle in my hand and desperately looked around for somewhere to put it. I spied a trash can, then focused my attention back to the jogging path, but by then he was gone. I looked around but couldn’t find him anywhere. My beautiful jogger, where are you? I sighed. I had him in my grasp — or at least, I wish I did. I suppose I’ll have to wait until next weekend. In the meantime, I’ll have to tone up at the gym to build my stamina. I’ll get him next weekend.

How I wish we could end up like this next weekend.