I had sex with a first time gay

I woke up about an hour ago. I stood up and snuck out of the bedroom, careful not to disturb my visitor from last night. So here I am, with my laptop, sitting naked on my couch, thinking about the events of the last couple nights.

I was coming home from the gym when I ran into one of my old college buddies from college, Christopher(can’t disclose his real name for privacy reasons). We had a few classes together and would often study for exams at his dorm. I had been attracted to him since I first laid eyes on his coy smile and bright eyes but he always put out mixed signals. Because of that, I never acted on it. There was some flirting that I had assumed was just on my end.

The other day was different. He was crossing the street and we literally bumped into each other. I knew it was him as soon as I saw his face. I could never forget those gorgeous green eyes of his.

“Hey!” he said. “Long time, no see.” After a quick and awkward dance to get out of the way of a few cars, we decided to meet up in a local “café” the next day.

I wouldn’t really call it a date, but I decided to dress up for it anyhow: my best butt jeans, the shirt that best showed off my arms, and a jacket that really made my eyes pop.

“I have to say,” I remember him saying. “I never thought this day would come. I thought I had lost my chance at you when I was in college.”

I told him how attracted to him I was — still — and I asked him what had been going through his head. I had always known that I was bi-sexual since I was a kid.

“You were the light at the end of my tunnel,” he said. “I saw you and your life and, deep down, I knew that you were who I wanted to be.” He paused then. I remember because I remember watching him clench his teeth. His defined jawline looked as if it could cut glass. I wanted to run my fingers across it. “You’re who I’ve wanted to be with.”

We chatted for a few hours and decided to go from coffee to drinks after being kicked out by the baristas during closing time.

It felt nice to unwind with a couple of cosmos and a greyhound after the hell week of deadlines that I had just experienced. Looking back on last night, I probably did a little too much unwinding, but I’m not going to complain about the results. When I have one too many cosmos in me, who knows what I’ll end up doing. Or sometimes, who…

We stumbled out of the club and into a taxi around midnight. I wanted to stay longer but Chris wanted to go and he did a wonderful job convincing me. Of course, his tongue and fingers did most of the convincing. He ensnared my hand in his and pulled me outside. We were going hot and heavy in the alley but it was so cold, I offered my place — which wasn’t too far away anyway.

After staggering out of the cab and in through the doors of the apartment, he finally fell backwards onto my couch. We both took deep breaths. I watched his chest rise and fall as he tried to catch his breath. I led him to my room, gingerly grasping at his hand with mine.

When we got there, he pushed me onto the bed, allowing me to have a magnificent view of him as he shrugged off his shirt. He was a quiet kid in college — timid and thoughtful — which was why I was so surprised to see the dragon tattoo that encircled his waist. The head sat just under his navel and wrapped around his body with the tail coming around to the front. The tip sat above his pelvic bone. The green, black, and red ink popped against his smooth, tan skin. I slipped my index finger through his belt loop and pulled him toward me. I tugged at his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and slid the zipper down. I could feel the anticipation rising in me as the tab pulled down, descending against each of the teeth. His pants fell to the floor, the buckle thudded onto the hardwood floors. I pulled his shorts down, my fingers grazing his firm cheeks. I sat back so I could see all of him, in his glory. He stepped out of the clothes at his feet.

Christopher didn’t speak. With anyone else, the silence might have been uncomfortable but I simply looked forward to the white noise being broken by the sounds of our moaning and the rhythmic motions of the bed. I motioned for him to come to me and he replied with a silent grin. His eyes twinkled with his excitement.

He reached into my shorts and grasped at me, rubbing my member with firm strokes. My mouth fell open and my head tipped back. With his other hand, he pushed me back onto the bed. I tried to stifle the sound coming from my throat. The initial whimper turned into a moan which filled the room. My eyes moved, making contact with his before his head disappeared from view.

My hands formed fists, balling up the sheets underneath my fingers. Just as I was about to climax, he pulled away. I groaned and my muscles continued to clench.

“Not yet,” he finally whispered. He tried to catch his breath.

I took a deep breath myself, trying to compose myself as he crawled on top of me so he could see me eye to eye. The tip of his cock danced playfully over my abdomen, just barely grazing my skin. I couldn’t help the smile that was sprawled across my face, just as I was sprawled across my bed. “Come here,” I whispered and he did…, as did I.

So here I sit, reveling in the afterglow. He finally fell asleep an hour ago. I should get back to bed however. I want to wake up early tomorrow, so I can awaken him in my own special way.

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