I slipped into the stall next to him..

I’ve been to the gym for two weeks straight. It actually feels pretty good. I mean, I hate myself for the next few hours after I get home, but overall I think I’m getting more cut. Working out feels good, seeing my progress motivates me, and let’s not forget the scenery. The scenery is the best part.

After a half an hour of cardio, I made my way to the weight room and picked up a few free weights. I had seen my handsome stranger when I first arrived as he was picking out a locker. We gave each other acknowledging nods and continued on our way. When I didn’t see him on the stationary bikes like normal, I selfishly assumed that it was because he saw me and didn’t want to have to endure my longing glances.

Lo and behold, about fifteen minutes into my weight training, he walked through the open doorway and picked out the bench next to me. “Great,” I thought to myself. “He’s probably thinking that I’m some weirdo and now he feels weird working out next to me.” But when I looked up, I realized that there were a couple of benches open across the room (right in full view) and he chosen the one next to me instead.

“Hey,” he said. His voice was husky but warm, like high-quality bourbon. “Spot me?”

All I could get out was a muttering of some nonsensical syllables before setting my weights down and walking around to his bench. He chose a couple of weight plates and slide them onto the bar, careful to slide the round rod through the metal holes. I watched with anxious trepidation. He locked them in place and laid down on the bench (with his head dangerously close to my crotch) as he began to bench press the weights. I gently followed along, my hands barely grazing the cold hard bar as I placed my palms under it and followed with his movements.

After a few yearning moments, he finished his last set and set the bar in place once again. Our eyes met, him looking up at me with beautiful blue eyes. “Thanks,” he said, his lips curling into a debonair grin.

He spotted me while I benched a few sets and we headed back to the locker room together. I slowed my pace as I undressed and watched him… as he peeled his sweaty clothes off his toned body. He headed into one of the stalls, my eyes not lifting off his perfectly shaped ass. I slipped into the stall next to him, excited at the naughty feeling that coursed through my body. He was naked and we were so close.

I felt the cold drops of water as the showerhead rained refreshingly cool water all over my body. Images of what he was doing at that moment filled my mind. I wanted to sneak into his stall. I wanted to take him, right then and there, with the entire locker room full of men. Our bodies writhing in perfect rhythm. Screams of pleasure stuck in our throats while we tried our best to 
stay silent.

What I pictured would happen..

Maybe next time I’ll ask him for his name, so I’ll know what to scream in my fantasies.

If all gyms were like this, I bet we would be a lot more fit.

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