My First Gay Paranormal Story

This is my first gay werewolf story, I wrote it back in high school. Not my best work but entertaining nonetheless :)

Jackson Stone, Omega Werewolf from the Missouri Pack, is part of a rare breed. Not only is he the right hand man of their current Alpha, Clayton Donovan, he is also his best friend. As an omega, Jackson didn’t have to adhere to the rules of dominance, but still followed through with every order. That is until he was betrayed by one of the members of his pack. Someone was jealous of his position, and had found out his deepest darkest secret. Clayton had no choice but to make an example out of his best friend.

Bryce Coleman, resident veterinarian of Blackberry Falls, Missouri, found Jackson on the side of the road after almost being mauled by a bear, or so he thought. While Bryce nursed Jackson back to health, he also nursed back his spirit, something that Jackson felt would never recover, especially with the help of an outsider. Jackson realized that he had to stand up for himself, and avenge what the pack had done to him. He wanted to show Bryce who he really was. Could he do that without compromising their relationship? Could he prove to them all, including himself, that he could be the Omega and show them that he surpassed all of his stereotypes? Didn’t he deserve to be happy?

Chapter One

Jackson threw his arm over his face, blocking out the sunlight that played with his sleep. He took his sleep seriously. Anyone who knew him knew that he worked long, strenuous hours and that left little time for his precious sleep. Pain shot up his body, and he cringed holding his side as he moved into a fetal position. Every bone in his body felt broken. Great gusts of air came from his lungs when he rolled on his side. He must have cracked or broken a rib because he couldn’t remember if breathing had ever been this difficult before.

“Don’t move. Don’t move.” A man yelled, running into the room, delicately helping Jackson ease on his side, and pulling the blanket back over his shoulders. Jackson hadn’t realized that he was freezing. His teeth started to chatter. “It’s from the fever. I’ve been trying to bring it down, but the infection is being a pain in my ass.” the man joked.

“Where’s the infection?” Jackson growled. The man glowered at him.

“Is that how you address someone who rescued you? I know you have better manners than that.” the man said as he held Jackson down by his hip, gently pulling up his shirt, exposing his rib. There was a bandage on his side that the man started to peel off. There was a rancid smell that filled the room, and Jackson’s nostrils, when he pulled the bandage off. “This is where your infection is. It looks like a bear almost tore your side apart. I didn’t think that I was going to be able to stop the bleeding, but I did. And, now I’m working to get rid of this infection. Hold still, this might hurt a little.” Jackson stifled back a scream when the man poured some liquid on his side, but it got rid of the smell, and for that Jackson was grateful.

Jackson thought about what the man just said. It looked like a bear almost tore your side apart. This made Jackson worry because he didn’t knew who this man was. If this man found out his secret, he would be screwed, especially the rest of his family. He didn’t know what he would do with the information he found, he might hold it over his head, or even blackmail them just to keep their secret, and Jackson wasn’t sure he was up for that. He just felt so tired. He could barely keep his eyes open. No matter how hard he tried.

“Close your eyes and get some rest. We can get to know more about each other later.” Jackson’s eyes rolled back in his head as he fell into a deep sleep. As he sept he felt the man continue to clean his wound and do some things around the room, but he couldn’t really focus his attention on anything or get his mind to do anything other than dream. He knew that he was sleeping, yet he could hear all of the stuff that was going on inside of the room, as if he was physically awake. This didn’t happen to him often. Only when he needed to be alert because his wolf didn’t know his surroundings and that made them vulnerable to an attack. His wolf needed to make sure they were protected, even if his physical body wasn’t up to par. The wolf was pestering Jackson with some questions though, and wouldn’t let him rest.

Who is this man? His smell is unfamiliar to me, and he is taking care of you. What if he is hurting you? We don’t have much of a choice do? Jackson asked his wolf, annoyed by his pestering. There was really nothing he could do. He was at the mercy of this particular individual, and he prayed his intentions were good.


Clayton paced back and forth in his study. He was expecting Avery and Michael to show up at any moment. They should have been here hours ago, and he had no idea what was taking them so long. The job was supposed to be completed just before dawn. Their direct orders were to drop the body off right outside town and then report back to him. It couldn’t get any simpler than that, but sometimes you just have to do things yourself. That is one of the things that he had started to realize, and people wondered why he had issues delegating in his business and personal life. The door to his study burst open and Avery sauntered into the room, Michael right behind her heels.

“If you had just done what I told you, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” her voice bounced off of the walls in the room, and Clayton could see Michael start to shake. As his second and the only woman in his pack, Avery commanded absolute obedience and order. Clayton could see Michael having a hard time with having to listen to Avery, but his wolf wouldn’t let him do anything other than obey.

“I followed your orders, but it wasn’t my fault the man found him when he did.” he snarled back.

“You should have gotten rid of that man, and then we wouldn’t have a problem, now would we?”

“Enough!” Clayton exclaimed. “I have been more than patient. So, someone tell me what’s going on before I rib off their head.” Both Avery and Michael stopped in their tracks. Avery glowered at Michael, sitting down in a brown leather chair, and throwing her boots on the desk in front of her.

“Michael and I took Jackson out to Blackberry Falls, and completed the task that you had given us. We thought that it was complete, but Michael left the body on the side of the road. A man found the body and called for help. I told Michael to take care of the man, so that we could ensure Jackson’s death, but he refused to kill an innocent human. Now we have no idea if he’s alive or not.” Clayton strode across the room and picked Michael up by his throat. Pinning him to the wall, a snarl escaped from his lips.

“You left him alive?”

“I didn’t mean to, Clayton. I thought that we have finished him off. He was barely moving and the cold alone would have killed him with all of his open wounds But, I just couldn’t in good conscious kill an innocent man, especially one who had called for help. He acted like a doctor, and in a small town like Blackberry Falls, he could be missed. I didn’t want someone snooping around and asking questions.” Clayton eased his grip on Michael, but didn’t let him go.

“I understand your logic, but you disobeyed a direct order from you Alpha, and your second in command. Do you understand how serious that is? How does that physically happen? Your wolf is subservient to your superiors. There is something going on with you, Michael. Something that I cannot put my finger on, but that is the least of our worries right now. We need to figure out what we are going to do about our current situation. If Jackson does wake up then we are in serious trouble because he is going to come back for us. I know that he won’t be going to the police because that will expose us and he wouldn’t want that. However, if he will bide his time and then be coming back for us. I know I would, and we have to make sure that we are ready for him. And, the only way that we are going to be able to do that is if we watch him.” Clayton stared up at Michael. “And, you are going to be the one to watch him. You are the one that got us into this mess in the first place. So, you will go this town and make yourself a regular, but you need to make sure that he doesn’t notice you. Do you understand me?”

Michael nodded in agreement. Clayton released his hold on him, and Michael left the room.

“I’m sorry you have to deal with this. The problem should have been taken care of from the very beginning. Don’t stress about it though. I will handle Michael myself, so you don’t have to worry about it. You have enough on your plate, and having to deal with losing your best friend must be eating you up inside.” Avery whispered in Clayton’s ear. She started rubbing his hard, tense shoulders. Clayton could feel the muscles in his shoulders start to relax, as well as other parts of his body. Avery knew his soft spots all too well, and he didn’t have time for any distractions at that moment. He needed to make sure that Michael was prepared to follow his or Avery’s direct orders this time. They did not have any more time for error. Their very existence, as well as their livelihood could be in jeopardy if he decides to take things into his own hands. But, the only way we are going to know that, is if we figure out if he is alive or not. Then we can move from there.” Clayton left Avery standing in the room, pondering what her next move was going to be.

Chapter Two

Bryce started to feel his heads sweat when he grazed his fingers against Jackson’s hot skin. Being an animal doctor, Bryce didn’t spend much time, or any time at all, with human patients. Work was his life, and he couldn’t remember the last time he had spent so much time with a particular person, especially someone he was attracted to. Bryce knew that being attracted to his patient was unethical, but what could he do? He couldn’t help how he felt. He just needed to brush these feelings inside. He didn’t even know this man, and he couldn’t become attached to someone who couldn’t even kick this infection. The man had finally fallen asleep after he had given him another dose of antibiotics. This way he could clean his wound again, and then try to eat his lunch.

The bell above his office door rang and Luke walked in with Bailey, his giant Alaskan Husky, training behind him. “Good morning, Dr. Coleman.”

“Good morning, Luke. Good morning, Bailey.” he said bending down and rubbed Bailey behind the ears. “What can I do for you this morning?”

“Bailey hasn’t eaten anything for two days, and I can’t even get him to drink water. Can you check him out doc?”

“Poor thing. We will definitely get to the bottom of this. Why don’t you go home and rest? I will keep him overnight for observation. We are going to run some tests and see what is causing him to go from eating three bowls of food a day to nothing.” Luke thanked Bryce and left. He led Bailey to his backroom. There was another examination table in the room, and Bryce would examine Bailey there. However, when they got into the room, Bailey stopped and smelled around. He let out a whine, and made his way over to the man lying on the other table. Bryce ran over and grabbed Bailey, who continued to whine loudly. He had never seen Bailey act this way before. Then again, he had never heard of the dog not eating before. Luke had brought him quite a few times because he had eaten too much, or raided some cabinet and got into the chocolate. This whole situation was giving Bryce a headache. He really needed to eat his lunch and rest. He had been working since early this morning.

“Come on, boy. Let’s get you feeling better.” Bryce said as he led Bailey into one of the bigger kennels. He gave him some food and water, and hoped that he would try and eat some of the food. It was softer than what he usually ate, and might help settle his stomach. He hoped that was the only thing that was causing him to not to eat. While he left Bailey in the kennel, he walked to the kitchen and started to search for something to eat. Opening up the fridge, he noticed how bare it was inside. He really needed to make a run to the grocery store soon, but at least he had some bologna and cheese for a sandwich. He grabbed the bread from on top of the fridge, and proceeded to make himself a sandwich. He reached for a soda and as soon as he sat down to eat, he heard a scream so loud it make his blood curdle.


Avery watched Clayton leave the room and kept her composure until she heard the door click behind him. Then she screamed in frustration, sweeping her hand on the desk, she knocked everything to the floor. She prided herself in being able to control her Alpha with sex. A few months after she was turned, she started to notice how his eyes followed her around the room. Being the only woman in the pack had its advantages, and Avery made sure that her sex appeal was one of them. She figured out that she could abuse her power with Clayton by feeding into all of those natural urges that men have. She started dressing provocatively to catch the eyes of the Alpha, and all of the other men in the pack, except for Jackson. She had noticed that Jackson was different than all of the other men in the tribe, and she wasn’t talking about him being an Omega. She had to come to terms with what an omega was because it wasn’t a position that followed the hierarchy of the werewolf pack. Each pack was made up an Alpha, which is the most dominant wolf in the pack. Each of the other members differed in their roles. She didn’t really understand how each member of the pack’s rank was chosen, but there was a second to the alpha, and so on and so on, all the way to the most submissive wolf in the pack. Each member of the pack had to answer to the Alpha, and those were more dominant than themselves. If there were two dominant wolves in one room, it can cause a lot of tension because none of them want to give up their power to the other. However, Jackson didn’t fit into that role. As an Omega, he wasn’t dominant or submissive. He was the peacekeeper in the pack, and his had an effect on everyone, including the Alpha. He could speak his mind, and not have to adhere to any orders, unless he wanted to. He had his own mind and was able to make his own decisions. This drove her crazy because he basically ruined everything that she worked so hard for. She had to do something about him or he was always going to stand in her way with Clayton.

Clayton and Jackson were one of the few members who were born into the pack, and they grew up right next door to each other. Even though Clayton was the son of the Alpha, and he and Jackson were complete opposites, they still found a way to become best friends. Clayton was the athletic type and was quarterback of the football team, and Jackson was the more studious type. He would always help Clayton out with his homework and Clayton always saved him from bullies. The two were practically inseparable, and when Clayton took over as Alpha of the Missouri pack, he made Jackson his right hand man, but this was supposed to be Avery’s job. As the second to the Alpha she was supposed to be the one that the other members turned to when the Alpha wasn’t around. She didn’t like the fact that he didn’t have to answer to her, and that he didn’t cater to her every need, like all of the other men of the tribe. One day when she had come back from a jog, she noticed Jackson behind the shed, talking to someone on the phone in secret. She made sure that no one saw her and stealthily made her way to the other side of the shed where Jackson would not notice her. He was too engrossed in his phone call, but as a werewolf he had a keen sense of hearing, and he could hear sounds a mile away.

“I told you not to call me on this number. I don’t know who could be listening.” he whispered anxiously into the phone.

“I’m sorry, but I just needed to hear your voice. It’s been weeks since you’ve called or visited, and I miss you baby.” A male’s voice rang into the other side of the phone.

“I know, and I miss you too. But, you know that my position over here is precarious. I can’t just tell my boss that I need to leave to go home to you. He wouldn’t understand.”

“Well, give me your boss’s number and I’ll explain the situation to him. It’s not fair that you would marry me and then just abandon me. You have a responsibility to me as your husband. Plus, it’s 2016, and he should know that it’s illegal to discriminate. Same-sex marriages are legal, you know.”

“My boss has no idea that I’m married and that I’m gay nonetheless. Opening up to him about these things will just make things harder for me. The type of work that I’m in does not recommend that I have a family because it isn’t safe. You knew this when you married me. I told you that I would be home whenever I can, and I do make an effort. There is just a lot of things going on right now.”

“Can’t you come home just for the night? Please. I miss you.” the man pleaded to Jackson. Avery saw his face soften in compassion.

“I will see what I can do. I can try to come home late tonight, but I will have to leave first thing in the morning. I will call you when I’m on the way, but please do not call me again today. I gotta go. I love you.” Jackson said, hanging up the phone, and putting it in his pocket. He sighed in relief and headed back to the big house. Avery couldn’t believe what she just heard. Was Jackson gay? She had heard a man’s voice on the phone and heard him call Jackson baby. She was appalled that no one in the pack knew that Jackson was gay, but now it made sense why he never looked at her like other men do. He liked men. After the initial shock of his sexuality wore off, she started to think how disgusting that was. It was something completely unnatural for a man to love another man, and especially in their pack because there was no way for them to procreate, especially when their pack was one of the few who had a female member. The other thing that was bothering her, was the fact Jackson had never had come to Clayton, his best friend who he told everything too. He was going to be devastated that he kept one of the most private moments of his life from his best friend. Clayton might be okay with Jackson being gay, but the fact he got married without asking him to be a part of the ceremony would kill him inside. She needed to figure out what to do.

She scanned the area to make sure that no one was around and made her way towards the back of the house. At this time of day, Michael would be working out in the basement, and he was always one for gossip. She knew that if she couldn’t have figured out what to do about their current situation, he would. Just like her, Jackson also seemed to rub him the wrong way, and he would be thrilled to have some information to use against him. Avery opened the back door and instantly smelled eggs and bacon. Hunter must be cooking breakfast for the pack. She loved when he got into his cooking moods. HE was always making some of the weirdest concoctions, but they always turned out amazing. Brock and Todd were already sitting at the table, which was surrounded with a plate topped with apple cinnamon pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. Todd’s wife, Marissa, was warming up tortillas on the stove, while Avery watched Brock slather gobs of butter and maple syrup on his pancakes. Her stomach started making rumbling noise, and she grabbed a couple pieces of bacon on her way to the basement. She hoped that there would be leftovers when she made her way back upstairs, but with twelve full grown male werewolves in the house, she doubted it.

Avery found Michael doing a round of pull-ups on the bar in the back of the basement. Sweat was dripping down his back, as she watched the ripped muscles in his back move up and down, she started to feel a little wetness between her legs. She would never admit it to anyone, but Michael was one pretty sexy wolf, and she wouldn’t mind seeing all of him.

“Hey there, what brings you down here little lady?” Michael said with his twangy southern accent. Michael was born in Tennessee, but had an issue with his Alpha and had asked to be transferred to Missouri because he had heard good things about their Alpha. Avery scowled at him.

“Little is an understatement. I could take you any day, just try me.” she said with a sexy smile. ”But anyway, I’m here because I have some news that you might like.” Michael let go of the bar and dropped down to the floor. He straddled the bench, and looked at her attentively.

“Tell me Babe. I do like a good intrigue.” he said to her.

“Okay, but be prepared because I think that after you hear what I have to say, you are going to want to figure out a plan of action with me. I think that we can do something to help each other out.” Michael sat up straighter in anticipation. “Okay, so earlier when I came back from my run, I saw Jackson talking on the phone over by the shed. I was wondering why he was being so secretive because he usually takes all of his phone calls in the house, since he is an open book. Well, he was talking to a strange man. I didn’t recognize the voice. Jackson was getting on the man for calling him and told him that he was supposed to be waiting for his call.”

“Did you find out who the man was?”

“Patience, Michael.” Avery said rolling her eyes. “Anyway, the man kept telling him that he missed him and asked when he was coming home. He even went so far as to call him Babe. But, when he didn’t get the response that he wanted, he started to get angry and basically said that he had a responsibility in order to take care of his husband.”

“Wait, what? Jackson has a husband? Wouldn’t that mean that he’s an?” Surprise appeared on Michael’s face and his mouth turned into an o-shape. Avery nodded her head in consent. “And Michael has not idea?” Avery nodded her head again. “Ooo, this is good. Clayton would forgive the fact that Jackson didn’t tell him that he was gay, but he would never forgive the fact that he got married and didn’t have him there at the wedding. That would break him apart inside because they’re like brothers. How can we use this to our advantage?”

“Well, I’m glad you asked.” Avery said as she told him what she was thinking.

Chapter Three

Jackson sat up screaming. All the physical and emotional pain that he had been subjected to for the past few days had finally caught up with him, and all he could do was scream. There was no other way to let his anger, pain and frustration out. His wolf had never been exposed to so much pain and betrayal before and he didn’t know how to comfort the man inside. The man who he had seen earlier ran back into the room, and headed straight towards him. Without thinking, Jackson jumped down from the examination table and crouched down on all fours. When the man tried to approach him he let out a low guttural growl. The man backed up, not knowing how to react. Jackson wanted to say something to the man, anything that would let him know that he wasn’t going to hurt him, but the wolf was in control at the moment.

“He’s a nice man. He isn’t going to hurt you. He is here to help.” Michael’s head whirled around as he heard a whine coming from the other side of the room. Michael noticed a white and black spotted Alaskan Husky in a kennel on the other side of the room. He let his wolf take over the rest of his mind and was able to understand what the dog was saying.

Who is he?” Michael asked the dog.

“A doctor. My owner brings me here when I don’t feel good and he always makes me feel better. I noticed that you were hurt when I walked in. I wanted to come over and smell your wounds but he put me in here. He might have been afraid that I was trying to hurt you. I was trying to speak to your wolf, but he didn’t hear me.” the dog said.

“I’m sorry. I was hurt pretty bad and I was sleeping it all off. My wolf must have been sleeping soundly too while I was healing. I know he was worried that the man might be trying to hurt us. We have been betrayed lately, and it is hard to trust anyone.” Jackson said.

“Does the man know about your wolf? I’m Bailey by the way.”

“No, he does not. I’m Jackson. I’m going to try to talk to him now. Thank you for clearing this up for me. We feel a little bit more comfortable about our surroundings.” Jackson said, getting to his feet and sitting back on the table. “I’m sorry I startled you.” he said to the doctor. The doctor eyed him before he spoke. He took a small step forward, but hesitated before he slowly approached the table. He walked around Jackson, observing him.

“You’re fully healed. How is that possible? You were dying about thirty minutes ago. I had to give you another round of antibiotics to heal that infection on your side.” he said, pulling the bandage off and staring at a fully healed rib cage. “There isn’t even a scar. I don’t understand.” Jackson noticed that the man was starting to panic a little.

“It must have been the antibiotics you gave me. They worked fast. Talk about the wonders of modern medicine, right?” the gruffness of his voice must have pulled the doctor out of his thoughts because he suddenly tuned towards him and grabbed him by the arm.

“But, you were almost torn to pieces by a bear attack. I haven’t seen anyone recover that fast and able to move the way you did, ever.” Jackson needed to make a diversion, so that the man would get his mind off of the fact that he had healed miraculously. He didn’t want to bring more attention to himself because then the doctor would start asking him questions, and that was never good.

“The name’s Jackson Stone and I’m very grateful to you for saving my life.” he said with a smile.

“Dr. Bryce Coleman, veterinarian, and it was my pleasure. When I saw you there on the side of the road, bleeding all over the place, I hoped and prayed that I would be able to save your life. I don’t have much experience working with human patients, but I know a bear attack when I see one, and this was by far the worst that I have ever seen.”

“Do you have anything to eat? I’m starving.” Jackson said to steer Bryce from the conversation again.

“Ye- Yea. Follow me into the kitchen and I can make you a bologna sandwich.”

“Or two or three? I feel like I haven’t eaten in days.” Bryce nodded and led Jackson into the small kitchen. Jackson noticed a half-eaten sandwich sitting on the table. He must’ve disturbed his lunch when he screamed. He felt bad about that. “It looks like you were eating already. Did I take you away from your lunch?”

“It’s ok. I had just sat down, and I needed to make sure that you were okay.” he said while making Jackson a sandwich. Jackson sat down on one of the wooden chairs, and glanced around the room. The walls were covered in wallpaper that consisted of puppies and kittens. Something that he would see in any vet’s office, right? There was a deep double sink in the middle of the room, and white tile countertops that housed a small strainer for dishes. There was a small coffeemaker on the far side of the room, and a small fridge in the corner. Other than that, the room was bare, but sterile. That was a good sign, but since this was a doctor’s office, he couldn’t expect anything less. Bryce brought over the three sandwiches and a diet soda, and set it down in front of Jackson. He sat down on the opposite side and started to eat the rest of his lunch. They both sat in silence for a few moments, except for the sound of their chewing.

“Where are you from?” Bryce asked him.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, a man from around here would know not to walk around those woods alone. So, I assumed that you’re not from Blackberry Falls.”

“Your assumption would be correct. I’m actually from Jefferson City. My husband and I were on a hike, and that’s when the bear attacked us.” Jackson said. He knew the story was made up, but at the mention of Robbie, his heart sank in his chest.

“You said that you and your husband were hiking together?” Jackson nodded in agreement. “When I found you, you were alone, and there wasn’t any sign of anyone else for miles.” Jackson set his sandwich down, looking down at his hands, he worked on composing himself. The pain of losing Robbie was almost too much for him, and he had to call on his wolf to protect that part of his heart.

“That’s because he didn’t make it out of the woods alive. The bear that almost tore me to shreds got to me first. I did everything I could to protect him, but this bear was lethal. I’ve never seen anything like it. When I realized that I couldn’t save him, I ran as fast as I could out of there, but the bear apparently wanted us both. I’m really lucky to be alive. Someone or something must have scared him off; otherwise, I’m sure he would have finished me off for good.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that. We should alert a forest ranger to go and look for the body, so you can bury him and give him rest.”

“There is no body.” Jackson said coldly. Jackson felt a hand on his knee, and he appreciated the comfort. He didn’t need to say anything else.


Michael had left the Blackberry Falls Diner with a full stomach and a lot of information. That was one of the greatest things about small towns, people liked to gossip, and even if you weren’t one of the locals, you could still pick up on some of the juiciest things in the town. While he was eating his white egg omelet, he overheard one of the men telling the waitress about a stranger that had been found on the side of the road by the town’s veterinarian. Apparently the man had almost been mauled to death by a bear, and the doctor didn’t know if the man would survive or not. He had it on good authority that the man’s right side was almost torn to shreds and was covered with a horrible infection. The doctor was having a hard time trying to bring down his fever. Michael had paid his waitress and almost skipped over to the vet’s office, which was just on the other side of town. His phone started vibrating in his pocket, and when he pulled it out, he noticed Avery’s name on the screen. He punched the answer button.


“Do you have a report for me?” she asked.

“I’ve only been here for an hour.”

“Which is plenty of time for you to find out some information.” Michael told her what he had found out at the diner. “Well, call me as soon as you find something out. Don’t do anything until I tell you first. Since, everyone thinks this was a bear attack; we can’t have you walking in and trying to kill him. That would bring up some very unnecessary questions.” she told him. Michael reassured her that he would call when he had any new information for her. That woman sure was sexy, but she could be a real pain in his ass. He just wanted to do the job that he was ordered to do without her breathing down his throat every ten seconds. He knew that she had a bigger agenda, that didn’t include him, but this was her sure way to the top. She could have Clayton to herself, and her child would be the next in line to be Alpha. Her future was set, as long as Clayton never found out about their plan. Michael had no idea what he might do, and that really scared him.

The sign for the Blackberry Falls Veterinary Hospital came into view, and Michael made his way towards the back of the hospital. He wanted to make sure he could stake the place out without any of the locals spotting him, or Jackson seeing him. The back window of the hospital opened up into an examination room, and a small kitchen. He noticed two men sitting down at the table, deep in conversation. One of the men had dark brown hair; it was shaggy and fell to his shoulders. He was wearing a white lab coat, khaki pants, and brown loafers. He must be the doctor. The other man had an uncanny resemblance to Jackson. The man wasn’t wearing a shirt, and there were no bruises on his body, from what he could make out. However, he had the same build, and Michael couldn’t mistake those blue eyes and blond hair anywhere. They had borne into his soul the day he ripped Ronnie’s heart out with his teeth. Michael reached for his phone and instantly dialed Avery’s number.

“Hello.” she answered on the first ring.

“We definitely have a problem. Jackson Stone is living and breathing as we speak. Tell Clayton because we need to come up with a plan of action.”


Bryce reached over and set his hand on Jackson’s leg. He didn’t know what else to do. Losing someone you love is hard, but Bryce had never watched his lover get mauled to death before. That is got to be tragic, and he didn’t know how Jackson was still functioning. He would probably still be in bed, crying his eyes out. However, Jackson was just saved, and didn’t have much time to process what had happened to him, let alone his partner. Bryce knew that no matter what, he wanted to be there for this man. He knew nothing about him, but there was something about him that was ornately good and it tugged at him. Bryce found Jackson’s rugged exterior, and his boyish good looks, very appetizing. He couldn’t help it. He knew what he was feeling in this particular case was wrong. Jackson just lost his partner in a terrible accident and was still in shock, but he needed to be comforted. And, this was the best way that Bryce knew how. It might be a little selfish of him, but maybe Jackson would appreciate it in the end. While Jackson was talking, Bryce put his hand on his knee to comfort him. He felt a stirring in his loins, and shifted in his seat to adjust himself. Jackson’s eyes widened, but caressed his hand back. A lump formed in his throat, and made it hard for him to swallow.

“I know this might be totally unconventional.” Jackson stopped him in midsentence by putting his mouth on top of his. His kiss was warm, but hungry, and Bryce kissed him back with the same amount of effort. He let all of his inhibitions go, and just followed the raw animal need. A small growl escaped from Jackson’s lips when he pulled away, and that fueled Jackson’s need even more. He grabbed Jackson gently and pulled him closer. There was no time for words at the moment, and he wouldn’t know what to say anyway. This way his body could do all the talking for him. Bryce planted his mouth on Jackson’s, wiggling his tongue. A moan escaped from Jackson. Standing up, he pushed back his chair, not realizing his own strength; it slammed against the wall, and landed on its side. He pressed his body against Jackson’s and could feel how hard he was underneath his clothes. He really wanted to take them off. Jackson must have been thinking the same thing because he started to unbutton his lab coat and threw it to the floor. Underneath the coat, Bryce was wearing a blue button up shirt. Jackson started to fumble with the buttons, getting frustrated, he pulled the shirt apart. All of the buttons flew off the seams, and Bryce laughed out loud. “I really liked that shirt.” he said playfully.

Jackson let out a boisterous laugh, and pulled Bryce closer to him. Biting his lip, he ran his fingers over Jackson’s chest. Moving his mouth off of Jackson’s, he put one of his hard nipples into his mouth and sucked hard. He enjoyed nipple play very much, and started to tug and bit a little bit. Rotating his tongue around the base of the nipple, Jackson moaned in pleasure. With his head back, his heads started pulling at Bryce’s belt buckle. Finally getting it lose, Jackson stuck his hand inside and found his rock hard member. Jackson teasingly rubbed his fingers over the tip, which was already wet with pre-cum. Jackson ran his fingers together and then brought them to his mouth. Sucking on the tips of his fingers, he put them back inside Bryce’s pants and started to caress his penis, using his other hand; he pushed Bryce’s pants down and used the free hand to cup his balls. Bryce gasped with both hands surrounding his member. With his mouth around Jackson’s nipple, he tenderly ran his hands over Jackson’s chest and stomach. His fingers danced in a rhythm and he could feel Jackson grow harder with each stroke on his chest. Jackson made a fist around Bryce’s penis and started moving his hand up and down fast. Bryce bit down hard on Jackson’s nipple and tasted blood. For some reason, this made him suck harder. He hadn’t felt this good in a real long time, but he could feel that he was close to an orgasm and he didn’t want to finish just yet.

Bryce slowly pulled his mouth off of Jackson’s nipple, using his tongue; he ran it all the way down Jackson’s chest, until it reached the top of Jackson’s pants. Crouching down to the ground, Bryce made sure that his head was level with Jackson’s crouch. He slowly undid Jackson’s button with his teeth, and moved his zipper down. To his surprise, Jackson wasn’t going commando, which turned him on even more. Pulling Jackson’s pants off, he threw them across the room and pushed him harder against the table. Bryce’s eyes widened as he saw what Jackson was working with. His member was about twelve inches long and thick. He wanted to see if he could fit the whole thing in his mouth. Spreading Jackson’s legs wider, Bryce put his head in-between them. Jackson was standing up in attention, waiting for him. He could see Jackson’s penis pulsate in anticipation. Without using his hands, Bryce positioned himself in a way where his mouth could easily glide over the tip of Jackson’s penis. He started by teasing him. Slowly licking the sides, he swirled his tongue for a second time, before putting the tip in his mouth. Jackson’s moans started to increase rapidly when Bryce sucked the tip and used his hands to rub up and down Jackson’s penis. For each cry he made, Bryce sucked harder. When he noticed Jackson about to orgasm, he deep throated as far down as he could. Jackson grabbed a handful of Bryce’s hair and pulled hard as he exploded into his mouth. His cum tasted sweet and salty, and Bryce gladly swallowed all of it. The moment of orgasm was so intense and sexy that Bryce had to have him right now. He got up, turned Jackson over and thrust himself inside of him. Pumping hard, the intense cries of the man below him, made him hungrier for a release, but he wanted to make this experience last. He focused on the firm buttocks in front of him, and slapped them till they were red underneath his hands. Jackson’s cries escalated, and reverberated around the room. He felt his orgasm rising high, letting out a scream as he released himself inside of Jackson.

Chapter Four

“He’s alive.” Avery screamed as she stormed into Clayton’s study without knocking. Clayton was having an intense conversation with Brock and she could see that he didn’t appreciate the disturbance.

“Brock, could you give us a minute?” he asked, ushering him out of the room. “How many times do I have to tell you to not walk in here without knocking?”

“I’m sorry, but I have information from Michael, and I thought you would want to hear it right now.”

“I heard you say he’s alive. Michael confirmed this?”

“Yes. I just got off the phone with him. Apparently, Jackson was found by the town veterinarian, and he helped clean his wounds. Michael said as far as he could tell, there were no bruises on Jackson’s body, which means he had time to heal nicely. What are we going to do now?” she asked. Avery was fuming inside. Everything she worked so hard for was going to crumble right in front of her eyes if they didn’t do anything to fix this situation.

“I knew that was going to be a problem. He should have disposed of the body, and made sure that he was dead before leaving him on the side of the road. Actually, come to think about it, why did he leave him on the side of the road? The forest was a better place because animals would have found him, and we wouldn’t be in this mess. Tell Michael to finish the job.” Clayton said with authority.

“Clayton, I would, but there’s something else you should know.” Clayton looked at her angrily. She knew that he wasn’t going to like the next part, any more than he liked the current situation. “The town is calling it a bear attack. If Michael comes in and tries to kill him now, people are going to start asking questions, and we definitely do not need that type of press knocking at our door.” Clayton wrapped his hands around his head. This was the maneuver he made to keep his temper.

“This is a complete mess. I trusted you two to ensure that this situation was taken care of correctly. You two promised me, and as my top two pack members, I actually thought that you could handle it. But, I was wrong. Call Michael to keep an eye on things and to report back to me every hour on the hour. You and I will meet him over in Blackberry Falls tomorrow morning and take care of this ourselves, which should have been done in the first place. I should have been involved from the beginning, and none of this would have happened. I know Jackson better than anyone; I should have been the one to take him out. I was the one he personally betrayed with his secrets.” Clayton growled. Avery made sure she didn’t turn her back when she left the room. She didn’t want to give him another reason to become more distressed. His wolf was already upset, and for Clayton that could be a really bad thing, for her and the rest of the pack. She walked through the house, and found herself in the living room. There was no one around at this hour of the day. They were either at work, working out, or doing something outside. It was a nice, beautiful day in Jefferson City, and no one enjoyed being cooped up in the house. She fell on the brown leather loveseat, throwing her feet up, she dialed Michael’s number.

“Hello.” he said gruffly. She could tell he was irritated, which made her mad because he was the reason that they were all in this mess. If he just followed orders, they would be halfway done with their original plan by now.

“Don’t get all gruff with me. I just got done speaking with Clayton and he is not happy.”

“Well, that is obvious with the news that we gave him.”

“Stop with your sarcasm. This is serious. Clayton and I are going to have to come up tomorrow morning and clean up your mess. This has gotten out of hand. However, he wants you to give him updates every hour on the hour. Don’t disappoint him. Watch the hospital for the rest of the day and let us know everything that the doctor and Jackson are doing. We don’t want any surprises when we come up tomorrow morning.” she said hanging up the phone. She was so disgusted with how things were progressing; she picked up the pillow and screamed into it. What she needed to do was figure out a way to get her aggression out. She stood up and strode out the door, slamming the screen behind her. The sweet spring air filled her nostrils, and tugged at her inner wolf. All she could think about was being one with nature. She crouched behind a tree and started to make the change. Even though she had been a wolf for a little over two years now, she still was uncomfortable with people watching her change. It was still difficult for her at times, and it was also when she felt more vulnerable. She tried to focus on relaxing when the familiar pain tore at her. The change was somewhat instantaneous, but it still exhausted her. Avery’s coat matched the redness of her hair, but her coat was splotched with a little blonde. It shone in the sun, and Clayton said she was one of the most beautiful wolves that he had ever seen. After she rested for a few moments, she shook herself off and took off in a run. The rush was exhilarating, and she welcomed it in every part of her body.


Jackson rolled over, and kissed Bryce on the mouth. They had made a bed out of their clothes and had been lying on the floor for hours. It was so peaceful being next to him. It had only been forty-eight hours since he lost Robbie, and he didn’t think that he could ever care for someone the way he cared for him, but he did. He had only known Bryce for less than twenty-four hours, yet, it seemed like he had known him his whole life. He trusted him with his life, and his heart. He had seemed to heal everything that had been broken in life, and he had no idea how. As an omega, Jackson offered peace to the world, but no one had ever given him the same type of peace he gave to others. It was something he had learned to live with, and he decided that it was something that he could never live without. His wolf seemed to take refuge with Bryce as well, and there were not too many outsiders he felt comfortable with. He wasn’t ready to tell him his secret; Robbie didn’t even know who he truly was, and he wanted to keep it that way. A lot of drama and problems could stem out of my secret that was exposed during pillow talk.

“Well, hello.” Bryce said, kissing Jackson back, and caressing his face.

“Hey.” Jackson didn’t understand what was happening between the two of them, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He was just going to roll with it.

“Are you hungry?” Bryce sat up, rubbing his disheveled hair, and picking up his shirt.

“Ravished.!” Jackson exclaimed. Bryce laughed out loud.

“Let’s go back to my house, and I’ll whip us up something to eat. How does steak and potatoes sound?”

“Anything sounds amazing. I just need to eat.” Jackson stood up and put his pants and shoes back on. “Do you have a shirt or something I can wear outside? I think I might turn some heads walking outside with my full chest exposed. I mean, I don’t mind, but you know.”

“Real funny. You’re already the talk of the town. I could hear it now. ‘Town vet seen with hot shirtless stranger.’ People would already be asking questions, and I’m not really ready to answer those questions.”

“I understand. I really don’t want to answer questions about how I already healed in the first place.”

“Oh, crap, Bailey. I forgot all about him. Do you mind if I take him back to the house with us? I need to figure out why he isn’t eating? His owner left him here overnight for observation.”

“Sounds great. I love animals.” Jackson said. He remembered the conversation Bailey had with him earlier, and he knew he could return the favor and find out what was causing him pain. That was the least he could do after his reassurance about Bryce. Bailey walked into the room, slobbering and licking Jackson like they were best friends. “Hey little buddy.” Jackson said, rubbing him behind his ears. “How are you feeling?” Bailey whined in response, and Jackson knew they were going to have a chat later.

“Okay, ready?” Bryce asked, attaching a leash to Bailey. Jackson grabbed the leash out of his hand, indicating that he wanted to walk Bailey, and Bryce locked the door to the hospital behind him. The air outside was fresh and crisp, and was a nice change to the constant warmth of the hospital. As a werewolf, he was constantly hot, and the hospital made him feel claustrophobic. He loved being outdoors, walking next to Bryce and Bailey, made it that much better. This little town reminded him of where his mother was from, in Louisiana. They would visit during the summer, when he was a kid, and he had the best time hiking, and fishing with his cousins. There were parts of him that missed her, and her family. He was going to have to make a trip out there one day and catch up with them. Bryce made small talk on the way, showing him some of the local sites of the town. Dusk was beginning to fall, and Jackson felt at peace for one split second. That is until he heard a noise behind him, and caught a familiar scent. He didn’t want to attract attention to himself, and turned his head to the left. He was listening to what Bryce was telling him, but he could see Michael out of the corner of his eye. He was about fifty yards back, browsing the shops, like a tourist. He kept his distance from the two men. However, he must have forgot that Jackson was one of the best trackers in the pack, and he could smell things miles away. This is one of the reasons Clayton picked him first for almost every assignment.

Word must have got out that Jackson was still alive, and Michael was sent to finish the job. This infuriated Jackson. Hadn’t the pack done enough? Clayton had felt so betrayed that he ordered his best friend to be killed, as well as his partner. Clayton could never imagine Jackson loving someone more than him. He was upset that Jackson had kept his secret for so long, but what was he supposed to do? Being gay and a member of the pack was something unheard of, especially in the Missouri pack. Avery had been the first woman member in centuries. They were one of the less progressive packs, and Jackson was afraid of what Clayton might do if he ever found out. And, he was right to have those reservations. The one thing that rubbed Clayton to the very core was the fact that Jackson had married Robbie without his blessing. Clayton wanted to be a part of the wedding, and especially give Jackson away. They were basically brothers after all. He would have forgiven Jackson his transgression of being gay, if he could have been there to support him, like he always did. However, this was not the case. Clayton had made sure he included Robbie in his order. He couldn’t leave anyone out that might come looking for Jackson, no matter how innocent.

Jackson decided he needed to take matters into his own hands. He was not going down without a fight this time. He would do whatever it took to prove his loyalty to the pack, and to Clayton. He would show Clayton that he could still be who he was before. His sexuality never changed who he was before, and it shouldn’t now, except for the fact that there are some things inside the pack that need to change with the times, and this was one of them. There was an immediate problem that Jackson needed to take care of, and that was the safety and security of Bryce. He would not let what happened to Robbie happen again. This is why he needed to get Michael off of their trail. He needed to take him out before he did more damage. They approached Bryce’s home. It was a cute little town house with eight steps that led to a wraparound porch. It was a light gray color with white trim. Bryce unlocked the door and headed inside.

“Hey, do you mind if I have a look around outside? I would love to see what your backyard looks like. Gardening is kind of my thing.” Bryce looked at him funny.

“No, I’ll take Bailey inside and get dinner started.” he said while shaking his head. As soon as he closed the door behind him, Jackson took off in a run. He followed Michael’s scent. He led him about fifty feet away from Bryce’s house. The scent led to a little grove of trees. Jackson approached cautiously. He didn’t smell any other wolves in the vicinity, but one could never be so sure. Michael was standing in the middle of the grove, waiting for Jackson to approach him.

“I didn’t think that I would ever see you alive.” Michael snarled. “After, I tore your side to shreds. I thought you were done for, but I made on mistake.”

“And what was that?” Jackson asked.

“Leaving you on the side of the road. What I should of done was leave you in the forest for the rest of the animals to get their fill, but I didn’t and now I have to clean up my mess. I was supposed to wait until tomorrow morning when Clayton and Avery arrived. Since you saw me tracking you, I will have to tell them that you attacked me and I had to defend myself. What do you think? It’s not like they’re gonna care anyway. They just want you out of their lives for good.”

“I won’t let you do to me what you did the first time. You caught me off guard, and that won’t ever happen again. You should have just left me here. I would have never come back, if I didn’t see you. I would probably try to live my life away from the pack, since you didn’t want me anyway.”

“You know that Clayton would have never fallen for that. It would be too much of a risk for him. He just wants it said and done. So, let’s cut the crap.” Michael growled. It was a low growl that came from deep inside his gut. He dug his foot into the ground and started to move it back and forth in anticipation. Like Jackson, he had been born a wolf, so the change can natural to both of them.

“Don’t say I never warned you.” Jackson said getting into his own fighting stance. He noticed that Michael was getting ready to lunge towards him. He was building up his momentum, and Jackson started to do the same. Both men lunged towards each other and leaped into the air, changing in midflight. Jackson landed on top of Michael, pushing him to the ground, he snarled in his face. Michael tried to push Jackson off. As an omega, Jackson shouldn’t have much experience fighting, and this is where Michael would have outranked him. However, since Clayton would send Jackson on almost every assignment, he had learned how to fight aggressively, even if didn’t come to him naturally. Because of this this, Jackson was a skilled fighter. Pinning Michael down to the ground, he bit into his shoulder. Michael howled in pain, throwing Jackson off. Jackson landed on his feet, and lunged at Michael again. Michael dodged Jackson’s straight forward attack and ran. Jackson knew that Michael was a natural speed runner, but he couldn’t handle it for long periods of time. He was able to get out of Jackson’s reach for a split second. However, Jackson was still able to knock him flat on his face. Without Avery, or any of the other pack members to protect him, Michael couldn’t put up much of a fight. He had to face the fact that he was weaker than Jackson. Jackson tore his nails into Michael’s shoulder, opening up the wound he had already made with his teeth. Michael howled in pain again, thrashing his teeth, and trying to inflict some damage onto Jackson. Jackson had such a hold on him that he couldn’t move. While they were struggling, Jackson changed back into his human form. He didn’t want someone walking by and announcing to the town about two wolves fighting in the grove. Michael changed back with him. In human form, Jackson was still stronger than Michael, and had him pinned up against a tree. He banged his head against the trunk, which caused Michael to pass out for a few moments. There was a ringing that came from Michael’s chest pocket. Jackson reached in and pulled out his cell phone. The name on the screen showed up as Clayton. Jackson grinned, as he hit the answer button.

“Good evening, Clayton.”

“Jackson!” he exclaimed.

“Who were you expecting? Michael? Well, he’s indisposed at the moment. I have him pinned up underneath me. I think that we should have a chat. Why don’t you meet me in the grove of trees in Blackberry Falls? You can’t miss us, just follow the scent. I believe that we have a lot to discuss.” he said, hanging up the phone.

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