…Take time to slow down and separate yourself from a ‘busy’ lifestyle. This could include journaling, self reflection, or practicing meditation, have good boundaries especially around work, sometimes with friends and family as well

An Interview with Phil La Duke

The future of work is automated. Be mindful of automation in all industries. The data center industry automation is something that is completely embraced and makes operations beneficial for customers to do business. There is less risk within the data center without human interaction for a possible outage.

An Interview with Phil La Duke

SUCCESSION PLANNING MOVES FRONT & CENTER. But it also shifts from a mentality of evaluating who on person’s team is most likely to replace their leader and becomes skills-centric. Is that employee doing the project or job that’s best suited to their skills and interests? If not, why not? From…

An Interview with Phil La Duke

Icebreaker 1–1s. We stumbled upon this ice-breaker format, but now we use it every town hall. It is a great way (imagine speed dating but digital and for companies, where you can seed questions) for people to get to know each other, and also to have interesting conversations.

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