Expose them to the world beyond where they live. You can do this through travel, reading, or taking local day trips. It is amazing to see the breadth of knowledge that scholars come into school with when parents take a vested interest in exposing scholars to culturally rich opportunities.

Guilt-free time; If you’re no longer commuting to and from work five days a week, it doesn’t mean you should be working those extra hours instead. It’s important to maintain the boundaries between work and free time.

Hope — as I was taught, “There’s always hope until you die.” Hope and faith actually. Faith in yourself (and/or a Higher Power) and hope for the best after you have put forth your efforts.

An Interview With Kristin Marquet

Educate boys and girls the same way. Promote a wider variety of success stories and role models. Encourage the emergence of more female decision makers for a more balanced way to look at ideas and concepts that are created by female founders and encourage networking.

An Interview With Phil La Duke

Open and honest communication engenders a transparent business culture to help teams understand and share the same vision. Transparency will be inherent in the way businesses set up processes, talk with teams and deal with suppliers. Stakeholders will receive reports in which data, figures, mistakes and successes are all shared…

An Interview with Phil La Duke

Social impact is a critical differentiator for attracting top talent. The way in which high-quality candidates make decisions about their future has changed. Emerging as one of the key differentiators in the talent attraction process is the value, purpose and meaning that companies offer their employees. …

An Interview with Phil La Duke

Flexibility wins: The rise of the flexible labor economy will mean more Americans have the freedom and autonomy to monetize their skills on their own time. This movement will empower Americans to take control of aspects of work that are traditionally set by employers: hours, scope and pay. …

An Interview with Phil La Duke

Make Employee Wellbeing a Top Business Priority. The COVID pandemic highlighted the need to put a greater emphasis on the health and well-being of every employee. In an American Psychological Association survey of 3,409 adults, seventy-eight percent of participants said the pandemic was a significant source of stress. …

At the end of the day, bootstrapping and funding both bring their own benefits to the table. There’s no one option that’s inherently better or worse off than the other; it depends on which fits your situation and goals better. From a finance point of view, having funding gives you…

An Interview with Phil La Duke

Introducing the “workation.” A while ago, we surveyed the staff at Tehama, and we asked if our people could see themselves wanting to work while travelling. A full 80 percent said yes. How might that work? Well, instead of booking a week in Costa Rica, for example, an employee might…

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