‘Growing a thicker skin.’

The title outlines, a common metaphor within the service industry and serves as an appropriate prelude. Pragmatically, I lay a lot of emphasis on politeness, as one can never be reprimanded for being too polite. When a child accompanied or unaccompanied displays politeness, then nothing brings more joy to the heart. The words ‘thank you’, ‘please’ and ‘have a nice day’ are nothing short of a miracle, healing the most dented of souls.

In introspection, on more than one occasion, I can recall when politeness saved my day. Politeness is perhaps another way of infusing communications with an agenda underpinning the vision of the organization.

The field of communication is wide-ranging and politeness, in my opinion, is another channel of fusing the best message underpinning the vision of the organization as well as a methodology of achieving one’s goals.

Depending on the nature of an organization, strategic communications can range from marketing to policy wherein politeness needs to be embedded firmly within the fabric of all communication. This will help build the street credibility of the organization’s reputation.

From a tactical perspective, taking something as ordinary as Politeness and interjecting it with strategic consistency and coordination as a branding initiative across all communication channels internally and externally, will help achieve positive outcomes in conflict resolutions, loyalty programs and cost reduction among others.

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