One Night Stand

A Short Story By Luis A. Mendez

Perhaps the business trips had become monotonous and boring. Perhaps constantly packing a suitcase the night before and then waking up the next morning at an ungodly time to the annoying screeching of the alarm clock was the reason. Perhaps the almost daily trip to get into a rented car, beat traffic to the airport, return the car, and then make sure to check the bags in and catch the plane on time was another reason. Perhaps getting on that flight and dealing with the turbulence, the sorry food they offered from the flight attendants who clearly never liked their jobs, and drinking enough to try and block out the loudmouth next to him or the crying baby in the back that seemed to be a lullaby only to their sleeping mother another reason. Perhaps all of the repeated landing, finding his bags, and then waiting in line to get whatever rental car was available added yet another reason to all of the other reasons. Finally, checking into a new hotel, a hotel that would certainly be exactly like the one he had visited the night before, the night two nights ago, and the night three nights ago — the final reason.

Perhaps it was all these reasons at once, but Thom Warren knew it was actually all due to the recent breakup he had gone through with his fiancée that drove him to strut down to the poolside bar that night in his casual jeans, white collared shirt, and blue blazer with the idea that maybe, just maybe, he’d meet a new female stranger who’d help him forget how boring and depressing his life seemed to be. Not that Thom expected that his first attempt would be successful because, while he was no saint on the matters of celibacy, he wasn’t the kind of man who slept around, and he could honestly say he never had what most folks referred to as a “one-night stand.”

A couple weeks had passed since Lucy, with her long, dirty blonde hair tied up to a ponytail and her blue eyes staring into him with sadness and yet some sort of relief that he found both annoying and insulting, revealed that about one month into their engagement she had made the decision she wasn’t in love with him after all. She even added the little jab that, in fact, she had been pondering breaking it off before he had even proposed during a boat ride across the lake. She claimed that she had felt pressured to say “yes” and tried to talk herself into the marriage, but ultimately, she could not.

Thom was furious, of course, but also sad that, in the end, this woman he had fallen hard enough to propose to didn’t think he was good enough to grow old with. In a moment of weakness, he even begged her to try and make it work while she dropped off the belongings that he had left at her condo the very day she told him they weren’t going to be living happily ever after anyways.

She had come by without makeup and wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. While she probably didn’t mean it this way, she could not have looked more beautiful to him even when she wasn’t trying to be so. That night, Thom didn’t cry but he did feel hopeless and ashamed. So, after a couple days of vacation and awkwardly explaining to his family and friends that Lucy was now out of his life, Thom started to get out of his funk little by little.

Hindsight can be a hell of a thing and it made Thom realize that he had probably lied to himself about the kind of relationship he and Lucy really had. They had been dating only 10 months when he proposed, and the truth is that, after a couple of dates, they rarely saw each other because of his job, which required almost daily travels across the country pitching a brand of security systems for his employer. This position paid extremely well but kept him away from home too long.

Lucy and he had drifted apart the longer they were “official,” and she must have felt like he was trying to get away from her with each passing week. For his part, he just told himself he had fallen in love, when, in truth, he had seen Lucy maybe two if not three times a month at most for what was the same old date of dinner, small talk, and an overnight stay at either of their homes. In reality, she was more of an idea than someone he fell for, and she realized this much quicker than he did.

Still, even with past failed relationships, he never told himself that any of the women was the one, and while it didn’t make him feel good, he wasn’t as hurt when those relationships ended. He figured that perhaps because Lucy was the first girl he had dated that fit his “type” or perhaps more his fantasy of the blonde girl next door, losing her seemed worse than his previous losses. But eventually, he came to grips with the reality that Lucy and he would not be spending any more time together.

So, when he finally snapped out of his melancholy, Thom started to feel a little better. One day, when Lucy stopped by and asked him for some help with an issue regarding his expertise on how to properly cook a duck, he maturely helped her out as a friend and they had a frank and nice conversation about their whole year-long relationship. Both apologized for this and that, and both agreed to leave on good terms.

But eventually, Lucy became a fading memory, and Thom started to think about meeting someone new. But one day as he awkwardly confided to a co-worker during a rare visit to the main office about how hard the travel had been on his love life, the co-worker just laughed and told him to “get laid like everyone else does on those overnight trips.”

Thom laughed him off. But when he returned home, he started wondering if maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea after all. If Lucy had drifted away because of his work, it would likely happen again with the next gal he tried to woo into marriage. He still considered himself a relatively young man, so was there much of a need to get a wife, besides finally getting his mother off his back?

So Thom kept mulling the idea over as he prepared his suitcase, beat the traffic to the airport, checked his car into the garage, checked his bags, caught his flight, and then as he flew across the country drank away the sound of the loudmouth next to him and the crying baby in the back that seemed to be a lullaby only to their sleeping mother.

By the time he arrived, found his bags, and patiently waited in line to receive his rental for this trip, a 2015 Nissan Altima, Thom decided that at the very least a visit to the hotel bar wouldn’t hurt. He remembered going to a bar a couple years back and catching the attention of a young woman around his age, but he did not close the deal. Maybe this time he would get as lucky and have a happier ending. What damage could it do anyways? Plenty consenting adults have one-night stands. Worst case, he would go back empty handed and try again tomorrow night.

Luckily, he had arrived one day earlier than he needed to and therefore had an extra night to himself. In the room, he quickly made sure everything was in order before heading down to the poolside bar.

Thom arrived at nearly nine o’clock. The bartender was, to his surprise, a late middle-aged woman who must have been in her fifties, with short dark-brown hair, glasses for her brown eyes, and a friendly and warm smile. She wore a light red sweater and jeans.

The bar wasn’t unknown to Thom, but he never went there with his only intention being sleeping with someone he had just met — that had not been his style. But with knowledge of his newfound goal in mind, he awkwardly ran a hand through his own short dark brown hair and sat down while pointing to the bourbon bottle placed just behind the bartender as he reached for his identification and credit card in his wallet.

“I’ll be having bourbon and water on the rocks every time. I’ll open up a tab to save you the time of swiping so many times.”

She quickly scanned his identification, happily accepted the credit card, quickly did what she had to do at the register and made him his desired drink. He politely thanked her before looking around.

There were two random gentlemen a couple of seats away, both looking middle-aged and talking about the football game on the widescreen television above the lit-up bottles of liquor. A couple of seats from them sat a couple, both clearly in their fifties, though he admitted to finding the blonde woman attractive in a “sexy cougar” sort of way. He then looked behind them and saw the pool that was not quite half full but had plenty of people in it. He also noticed the demographics seemed to be mostly older folks and, if not, all of the younger women were clearly with their husband and kids.

“Shit, I may have chosen the wrong hotel or town to try and get lucky in.” Thom thought to himself as he sipped his drink. But instead of frustration, Thom felt a bit of relief as there was now no pressure on him to make this happen. He had an excuse now after all, there just weren’t the type here for any kind of naughty fun. So, he smiled to himself and enjoyed his drink while watching the football game, which was an intriguing and competitive matchup.

Thom slowly drank his bourbon and water on the rocks for the rest of the football game and into the post-game analysis show. It was now nearly 11 o’clock and he was the only guy at the bar. The pool was nearly empty of people, and the bartender politely reminded him the bar would be closing down in about an hour. He was feeling buzzed and figured it was time to head to his room, get some late-night room service, and enjoy sleeping in for the first time in a couple weeks.

But as he asked for what he promised the bartender would be his last bourbon and water on the rocks, a young woman who was about his age sat next to him. She was curvaceous with an ample bosom. She had shoulder-length pink hair and her skin was very fair. She had a radiant smile as she sat down and then with a bit of a sexy vivaciousness glanced at him to say “Hi!” before waving her credit card and identification at the bartender and asking for a gin and tonic. She wore a plain pink shirt to match her hair, and long jeans with purposely designed holes that clung tightly onto her long legs.

Thom admired her figure and her beautiful face. Her eyes sparkled, and he didn’t quite know their color, but they were beautiful. He quickly felt his yearning increase, but he didn’t think yet about acting on his earlier self-assigned task. By now, he forgotten. He was merely admiring this beautiful woman in front of him and promptly returned to his drink.

She placed a hand on her chin and watched the bartender make her drink. She side-eyed Thom who quickly glanced away in return, figuring he was being too obvious.

“Drink to go?” the bartender asked, as she thought about what kind of cup or glass to put the gin in.

The strange woman paused, looked at Thom who politely and awkwardly smiled back and said, “I’ll drink it here; it looks like I actually have a drinking buddy after all.”

The bartender gave her the proper glass and drink.

Thom was taken aback, but he was glad she was receiving him warmly. “Thanks, I’m on business. Thought I’d enjoy a drink over the game.”

“The game’s over now. So, you can just keep me company.” She replied and playfully clanged her glass to his in a toast.

“Are we toasting to anything in particular?”

“To drinking, I guess.”

The strange woman laughingly shrugged before sipping her liquor. She then extended her hand.

“I’m Ashe by the way.”

Thom introduced himself. Then she asked him to explain his work and he let on that tonight would be the first night in weeks he could sleep in.

“At least you’re making some money on this trip.” Ashe said as she gulped down the rest of her drink quickly and asked for an encore. Then as she waited, she tapped softly on the counter and said with a bit of awkwardness in her voice, “I’m here thanks to my therapist.”

“Come again?” Thom said a bit amused, cracking a smile.

“I sort of had a bit of a panic attack. Being a single mom during a really bad day does that to you.” Ashe explained as she got her drink.

“You’ve got kids?”

“Yeah, one, a three-year-old son, thanks to my ex-boyfriend who bailed as soon as I told him what he had done.”

“It takes two to tango and make a baby.”

Thom almost immediately regretted saying that, but to his relief, she didn’t seem to take offense.

“Yeah,” she said as she nodded while taking another sip.

“But it takes one guy not to pull out.”

Thom noticed the bartender squirming in her corner, obviously overhearing. He just laughed in his buzzed state.

“Okay, you win.”

“But my little guy is worth the stress. It’s hard when it’s just you and the father doesn’t even come by on the days he’s allowed a visitation.”

“So, one day you just snapped?”

“Pretty much.” Ashe kept gulping her second round, when her lips finally got room to breathe she continued, “Panic attack. Had to go the hospital. The whole bit. Therapist advised a nice long vacation for me. Sister has the kid for a week, and I just picked a random place to relax by the pool and have some drinks.”

“Could’ve picked a beachside resort.”

“This place was cheaper.”

“Again, you win.”

Ashe finished her second round, and as the bartender hesitantly made her a third gin and tonic, she teased Thom.

“Hey! Drinking buddy, you haven’t touched that drink since I sat down.” Then as she patted him on the back playfully said, “I’m going to catch up to you before you know it.”

“Okay, okay,” Thom replied with a smile and worked on his drink.

During Ashe’s third round, Thom finished up what he had promised would be his final drink and found himself telling this stranger he had just met about his recent breakup with his ex-fiancée. She sympathized and politely told him he’d bounce back.

“Well, that’s it for me,” Thom said as he surrendered his now mostly empty glass back to the bartender for good.

“That was my last drink. That’s why I was trying to savor it for as long as I could,” he explained to Ashe.

“Wait a second now, the bar is still opened for another forty-five minutes,” Ashe said as she ordered her fourth round, still amazingly not showing any signs of being buzzed. She playfully begged him to stop as he started sliding off his barstool. “Help me close it down.”

“I already closed the tab,” Thom replied with a chuckle. “Maybe we’ll bump into each other again, as I’m here for another night.”

Ashe playfully touched him on his thigh, something that was a pleasant surprise for Thom. Her eyes flashed a sexy glance up at him and with a gentle voice she told him, “I’ll pay for the rest of your drinks.”

Thom relented. “Alright, I’ll stay with you until they close, if you need a drinking buddy that badly. A few more lost brain cells won’t hurt.”

“Yes!” She giggled.

The bartender did not seem pleased.

The next forty-five minutes were like a slow realization for Thom. At first, he was merely having fun and amusing this stranger. He enjoyed drinking with her, and he enjoyed conversing with her. The fact she was beautiful and her body language seemed to get sexier and sexier was just a bonus. But he held no crazy thoughts of anything past a fun little drinking session. His original plans to find a one-night only lustful friend had long faded from his mind by then.

It was at about fifteen minutes until midnight when he realized this was something more. That’s the thing with men, sometimes it takes a while to really hit home a situation they’re in, even when it’s a positive for them. The friendly conversation over drinks had become friendly little flirtations. Her body language was getting sexier because she was trying to throw him signs. Soon enough, small talk became a game where she wanted each of them to take turns making compliments about the other’s looks.

“Your eyes are inviting,” she said to Thom. “Now do me.”

Thom slammed down his God knows what numbered bourbon and water on the rocks, most definitely halfway between buzzed and drunk. “Your eyes are pretty, too.”

Ashe smiled. “Your face looks nice enough to kiss.”

“So, does yours.”

“You’re gonna’ keep just repeating what I say?” Ashe asked with a giggle as the bartender interrupted them and declared last call.

They each took their final drink to go and waited for the bartender to cash out Ashe’s bar tab.

“Okay, no more cheating. You can’t repeat.” Ashe said as she signed her check. “You look like the kind of guy who knows his way with a woman.”

The blushing bartender was clearly annoyed and embarrassed with these two and happy the bar was closing.

“Well, you…have good-looking boobs. I think, at least from what I can see.” Thom replied then instantly caught himself with his hand to his forehead. “Sorry, the bourbon. Now I really do need to call it a night.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Ashe assured him as she surprisingly took his hand and then clumsily in her buzzed state whispered privately into his ear, “You’ve got a nice butt.” She playfully pinched him there.

He laughed and waved her off as they started walking back into the hotel in unison now, both wobbly and filled with their preferred poisons. It wasn’t until they turned the corner towards the elevators together laughing and smiling at one another that Thom realized they were still holding hands.

The elevator was empty, and they walked in. Ashe continued to giggle as Thom tried to get a good sense of himself.

“Floor?” he asked.

“Third,” she replied. “You?”


The doors closed. They began to ascend.

“Then we’ll just go to my room.” Ashe said calmly.

“Wait, we?”

Ashe smiled and to Thom’s pleasant surprise pecked him on the check and then a quick kiss on the lips. She then stopped fooling around, stopped being clumsy, stopped acting so buzzed from the plenty of gin she had put into her bloodstream in the last hour, and whispered with a quiet and sensual voice, “I thought you said you liked my boobs.”

“I do.” Thom gasped in shock, amazement, and happiness of what was suddenly happening.

“Then come to my room and see them up close,” Ashe whispered with a nibble on his earlobe before giggling and taking him by the hand as the doors opened to the third floor.

Thom had barely registered the fact he was being led to the hotel room of a woman he had met just an hour ago and that she was hanging on to him and urgently grinding on his leg through her jeans as she led them inside. The room was lit only by the small lamp next to the bed. Thom looked around to make sure this was no prank or setup, and then turned in time for Ashe to fiercely kiss him and push him onto the bed.

She climbed atop him like a cheetah stalking pray, and Thom was finally settling down and accepting he was “getting lucky.” She smiled and helped him take off his blazer and then his collared shirt before gently kissing him down his chest and towards his belly button. Without saying a word, she then helped him take off his shoes, socks, belt, and jeans before playfully teasing him as she touched him through his boxers.

She then turned her attention back to his face and they began a make-out session that may have broken Thom’s personal record. Thom tried to take control and be atop her, but she rolled them back so that she was on top again. She laughed as he kissed her on her neck and he found himself almost automatically grinding himself on her, and she grinned right back.

“Are you okay with this?” she asked with a wicked grin as she got up off him.

Still lying down, with only his tented-up boxers on, Thom smiled. “Am I okay with this? Isn’t that my line to you?”

Ashe laughed. She was getting sexier by the minute. “Don’t worry about me, cowboy. It’s the twentieth century. I know what I want just as much as any man wants it too. How many condoms you got on you? If you don’t have any, I can rush down to the gift shop where they have boxes.”

“I got two spare ones with me.” Thom then realized that his plan to end up in this same exact situation had come in handy now with the condoms he had stashed, even after he had given up on it sitting at the bar a few hours previously.

“Yes!” Ashe giggled as she unbuttoned her jeans.

Thom began to get excited mentally, and he couldn’t wait to see underneath her clothes.

“I’m gonna’ powder my face quickly in the bathroom. You just get yourself comfortable for a fun night,” Ashe said as she sexily swayed towards the corner and closed the bathroom door.

“Yes, ma’am!” Thom replied with a grin as he laid down head facing towards the ceiling in anticipation. After a minute or two of his wondering how thick the walls to the rooms were, Ashe was back, and she didn’t have her unbuttoned jeans on anymore.

Ashe approached, her pink leopard print panties swaying with her legs. She playfully got atop him as she approved and nodded. “Did you want to do this as soon we met?” she asked.

“I’m a guy, so what you think?” Thom replied as he went in for a kiss.

“I figured. But so, did I.” Ashe said with a laugh in his mouth as they kissed.

“Really?” Thom found himself asking as she pulled back and reached for her shirt.

“Really,” Ashe answered back as she pulled her shirt off and teased Thom with the sight of her bosoms held up by a large pink bra.

Thom smiled and shook his head at being unable to realize how good the last hour had been. He lunged for Ashe who laughed as he wrapped himself around her.

“Wait, I still have to take some stuff off,” Ashe said as she kissed Thom and then pulled away and slowly removed her top. “Still like my boobs?”

Thom found them to be gorgeous and then nodded before diving into her chest and kissing and groping however much she allowed him.

Finally, she moaned for the first time.

He looked up, and she grinned back.

Ashe playfully pushed him back onto his back and quickly and clumsily peeled off her underwear before taking Thom’s boxers off herself. They took a quick second to admire each other’s nakedness. She hugged him and now both fully felt each other’s true bodies.

“Do you want foreplay?” Ashe finally asked.

“Honestly?” Thom replied, “I’m kind of ready for the main event.”

“So am I, if you haven’t felt it on your leg yet.” Ashe replied.

Thom smiled as he had felt her excitement, and in awe watched her as she rummaged in his pants’ pockets, pulled out his wallet, took out a condom pack and opened it before slipping it on him with her own mouth. She then mounted him and laughed devilishly as she did so. They kissed for a moment.

Ashe then sat up and rocked her hips and Thom couldn’t help but rock his right back. Eventually, they figured a pace each was comfortable with. Thom silently prayed this wouldn’t be one of his quick sessions. But to his pleasant surprise his stamina was strong tonight. He would go on to last a good ten minutes. Had to be a record for him.

Ashe was a sight to behold. She obviously wanted this just as much if not more than he did. In some ways, she was the one who had picked him up not the other way around. She moaned, groaned, and did all the usual things a partner does in this passionate act and smiled down at Thom as well. She’d pause and make out with him a bit before returning to the deed. Thom was pleased with himself when eight minutes in Ashe collapsed in delight as the orgasm ripped through her. Thom’s own happened two minutes later.

Ashe was sweating heavy, as if she had just had a major work-out session at the gym. After all, she had taken control and done most of the work. She laughed and smiled before kissing him.

“Thanks.” He said as she carefully unmounted him and laid next to him, her head on his chest.

“Thank me after we’re done,” she replied.

“Aren’t we?”

“You have another condom, don’t you?”


“How much longer until you can go again?”

“Should be ready soon enough. You want to go again?”

“You don’t?”

“Of course, I do.”

“Good. Because we’re just getting started.”

Ashe got up and rummaged for the second and final condom. He tried to motion his body to get up and try a missionary position, but he found himself unable to get up. He tallied it up to exhaustion from the drinking and the sex. So, he didn’t complain when she mounted him again a few minutes later for round two.

The second round was no problem. The sex was just as good.

The problem began with round three. Yes, round three. Because while the second moment of entangled bliss was just as great as the first, Thom realized he had lost the ability to get up. He also realized that while his energy seemed drained, Ashe still had it and she suddenly seemed more like a ravenous beast than a woman in heat.

Thom tried to open his mouth and to his shock found it to be dry, and his jaw started to hurt. He couldn’t talk. He was silent as he watched a smiling and laughing Ashe hop off, discard the second condom and then kiss him so aggressively it was as if she were feeding. This wasn’t much fun anymore.

Ashe obviously could see the trouble he was in, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t give a damn really. She was enjoying her late-night dessert. She wasn’t even breathing heavy like a woman who had spent her passion; instead, she was breathing heavy as if she were in an endless orgasm.

Thom thought maybe he was in some sort of sleep paralysis from laying down so long, but he wasn’t. He was in bad shape. Something that he didn’t understand was going on. Something Ashe clearly understood just fine herself.

But that was it, no more condoms. So surely, she’d let him catch his energy again. But no, she wouldn’t. To his shock she simply mounted him again, no mention of the fact there were no more condoms. The stakes of this lucky one-night stand for Thom had rocketed to the status of a potential night of various regretful decisions.

Thom wondered if his stamina was unusually through the roof or what because he seemed to never lose blood rush down there, and he seemed to always hold on long enough to let her have her orgasm. And by the fifth consecutive round, he was amazed that the fact the sex was now starting to hurt couldn’t stop his stamina or release.

It was now a little bit past one-thirty in the morning and this had become a terrifying situation for Thom. Yes, his manhood was doing just fine and performing much better than he would have liked at that moment. He was also dry mouthed, locked jaw, barely able to get breaths out, and any attempt to move a body part resulted in great pain. He also felt as if he may have shed a few pounds, but was that even possible? It was as if the sex was taking the life out of him.

And Ashe? She just grinned wickedly, continuing to mount him for ten to fifteen minutes and continuing to take energy from him, with each round seemingly giving her renewed energy and stamina. When she finished and then made sure he did as well, she would kiss and ignore his body language that was clearly indicating distress. Then back at it she went.

Thom wondered if this was a nightmare. Maybe he had drank so much he passed out in his room and dreamt of this. Maybe Ashe wasn’t even a real person? Or maybe he and Ashe had met, and maybe they had even slept together. But maybe he had passed out afterwards (or maybe even during) and was now stuck in this nightmare.

But eventually Thom had to stop being in denial. This was very much real. “I’m…I’m getting fucked to death?” he thought to himself as the sixth round began. His body begging off, but powerless.

By the time the seventh round had ended, his body was fighting sleep but somehow he felt as if he couldn’t sleep even if he wanted it. And if he had fallen asleep, Ashe had become such a hungry beast that she would have likely continued anyways. He started wondering just how much energy he had for this to continue before he passed out for good, as in death.

So, when Ashe had unmounted him and kissed him again and had not sought more sex, he wondered if she had finished with him. She touched him lightly down there, something that would have elicited a groan of satisfaction a few hours before but now only gave him a bit of pain. He wanted it to stop being so stiff.

Ashe at this point, obviously still nude and in all her glory, presented herself to him better now. Did she… seem younger? The woman he had slept with a couple rounds ago was about his age in her early thirties, but now she seemed like she was a college-aged girl. Maybe at that in between line between age eighteen and twenty-one. On top of that, she didn’t look like someone who had just spent hours riding a man for multiple rounds of passion. She wasn’t even sweating now. She looked as if she had just woken up for the day after a great and long night’s sleep.

She laughed at him and shook her head. Thom wanted her to finally say something, but she just laughed. That laugh which was sexy as hell before, now it just pissed him the hell off. She then swayed with a sexiness and confidence around the corner and shut the bathroom door.

It was then that Thom started to get pissed off not just with Ashe, but with his manhood as well. It was still stiff. In a very quick flash of comedy he remembered that commercial tagline that everyone has heard, “If your erection lasts for more than four hours, please seek medical attention.”

But Thom couldn’t seek treatment. He couldn’t even get up, gather his things and leave. He was a prisoner, drenched in his own sweat and his seemingly decaying body refusing to allow him but one position of laying down. As much as he was starting to loathe Ashe, it scared him a bit that he was now alone, just staring up at the ceiling and wanting to sleep or maybe even die.

He could hear Ashe rummaging through things and doing God knows what in the bathroom, but no words were spoken. His earlier question about the thickness of the walls had been answered. Clearly, had they been thin enough that the non-stop hours of sex would have alarmed an annoyed hotel neighbor to call someone on them or they them themselves would have confronted Ashe at the door.

He strained his neck as he tried to move it, and finally after dealing with the pain that came with it, he had turned so that he could stare towards the bedside, his peripheral vision catching the clothes they had worn strewn on the floor. But wait, something was now on top of it. A small shadowy figure. It purred. A cat?

A jet-black cat with glowing yellow eyes sat on the clothes and stared at him as if it was a perverted old man with a telescope watching a young couple that had forgotten the blinds going at it across the building next to him. It purred at the realization Thom had seen him and it shifted to attention. Thom wondered where the hell it had come from. Perhaps it was Ashe’s cat and he never noticed it when they came in both in heat and ready to pull each other’s clothes off.

Thom wished the cat could understand him, that he could call out to it for help, or perhaps leave and go grab somebody to come to the rescue. But even if he could do any of those things, his body refused to let him open his mouth. So, he and the cat just stared at one another for a good minute or two as Ashe continued to make noises in the bathroom, now sounding as if she may have been brushing her teeth and brushing her hair. It was now getting a little past three in the morning.

“Just so you know, it’s nothing personal. I always enjoy the show though.” A screechy but clearly male voice finally said, and Thom wanted to look around to see who had said that. Was there yet someone else in the room with them?

“Don’t bother looking around, I said it.”

Thom took a minute to realize it, but the voice wasn’t so much physical as much as it was a thought, and it seemed to be coming from the cat as it stood in attention atop the clothes while gazing at him.

“You can’t talk? She’s doing quite the number on you. I’ve never seen her like the flavor of someone this much.” The cat thought out to him.

Now Thom was sure he was in a nightmare or drunkenly immersed in a horrifying hallucination. A hell of a lucid one, but a nightmare nonetheless.

“This is very real,” the cat replied.

“Please, help me,” Thom asked mentally.

The cat laid down nonchalantly atop the clothes.

“Sorry. That’s not how this works. She’s not finished with you yet until she has gotten all the energy out of you she needs. Ditto with me watching.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You got lucky tonight with a succubus. You know, energy vampires who drain their victims through sex?”

As much as Thom wanted to be skeptical of such an explanation, he had to admit it suddenly made everything make sense.

The cat began pathetically licking at its paws. “She’s beautiful no doubt. But she’s relentless when she hunts for her food. Bet she gave you some story about needing company? What was it this time? Last week, she told some poor sucker she worked on for some time she was falling in love with him. The next day, the wife he was cheating on had been gone for the night and came back home and thought he had died from a heart attack while asleep. Authorities thought so too. She dried him out. Got hungry again quickly though. That’s why you’re here.”

“It was supposed to be a one-night stand after a couple drinks,” Thom replied mentally, now starting to realize this was serious. The next day, he was the one who was going to be found dead of an apparent heart attack.

The cat stopped licking its paws and said, “Oh, you’re one of the easy ones.”

“And what are you exactly?”

“An energy vampire as well, but I don’t use sex. I take it from the pain and fear of her victims. She gets off on your sexual energy and orgasms, and I, in turn, get off on the fear and terror as you realize you’re going to die.”

Thom’s worries started to go from an annoying reoccurring concept in his mind to the only thing he could think about — a fear of incoming sudden death. “So, you’re partners?”

“Pretty much,” The cat mentally replied, and then went back to licking its lips.

“Given your current state, I’d give you maybe two or three more go arounds. Tops. You’ve survived longer than I expected though, and I’ll give you that. Granted, she might look like jail bait by then. She’s taking a ton of energy from you after all. I, as well, and thanks by the way.”

Thom made up his mind that he hated this cat that had come out of nowhere more than he had been starting to hate Ashe. In his anger, as he stared at the cat who just stared at him as if everything was fine and peachy and killing a guy who wanted a roll in the hay was fine, he decided that he couldn’t do a damn thing about it. He wished he could, but whatever the mind was willing to fight back for, his body could not. Unless he could get his energy back, he was done for.

Thom didn’t notice that he could move a bit without pain when he had his flashes of anger, because as soon as he accepted his fate, he couldn’t move again. So as Ashe emerged from the bathroom break, she kissed him one more time and mounted him again. Thom made the decision that this would be the last round. It was time to just accept his grisly fate. Stop fighting and ride the inevitable coming orgasm to death. There were worse ways to go.

Thom did not like that he was leaving this world at such a young age, but it was time to accept it rather than endure this never-ending torture. So as Ashe began bucking her hips, he let go of any fight he had left and waited for whatever death followed his existence. But as he began to fade away, he found himself not in utter despair or fear as Ashe’s previous victims may have been. Instead, he was angry.

This anger kept growing and bubbling, and he began to want to kill the cat that was perversely watching and helping Ashe drain him. He began to want to get Ashe off him and find a way back to his room. He began to get so angry that he felt as if he could snap and go on some sort of mass rampage at anyone or anything he blamed for getting him into this situation, including himself. So that the anger was at a boiling point now that veins started to pop out from his forehead and arms.

But instead of death, he was met by something else — renewal. He opened his eyes and realized that his anger gave him an adrenaline rush as he never had before. It was giving him movement. It was giving him the choice to no longer be erect. It was giving him strength and power. He peeled himself off the bed and watched as a horrified and nude Ashe leapt off him in amazement and fear.

“Fuck!” The vampire cat telepathically cried out. “What did you do Ashe?!”

“Nothing!” shrieked Ashe, confirming her relationship with the cat for the first time in Thom’s presence. “I thought I got everything I could at the end there.”

“You let him think about something other than sex, you dumb bitch!” the cat mentally barked at his ally and then leapt with a hiss at Thom.

Thom with one hand swatted the cat away so hard that it smacked the wall, cracking its ribs.

“This never happened before!” Ashe exclaimed, terrified as Thom stood over her breathing in anger, his temper swirling.

The cat, now critically injured and lying on the floor with small breaths started to speak mentally again. “If you let him think about anything else other than the sex, or if I had ever let him stop thinking about the fear he was experiencing, he could use another emotion by overwhelming himself with it to get his energy back. That’s why I tell you to never let up until there’s no pulse left.”

Thom realized now he was free by a stroke of luck and his flash of anger, but as much as some dark evil part of him wanted to strangle Ashe for using him and attempting to kill him, he knew there was a whole other world outside of this hotel room. The police weren’t going to accept his excuse that a seductress sex energy vampire and her strange cat that fed off the emotions of fear and could talk back tried to kill him. That wasn’t going to be met as a logical legal excuse of him defending his life.

So, he kept intimidating Ashe as she cowered in the corner and kept his eyes on her as he quickly put on his jeans, picked up his shoes, socks, boxers, shirt, and blazer off the floor and ran out the door to

Absolute silence. No one had heard the commotion? The hotel hallway was dead silent. It must have been nearing four in the morning by now.

Thom feared what would come next. Ashe knew what floor he was on, though she didn’t know what room. Would she come after him? Would she make a false report to the police? What about the cat? Would he advise her to get back at Thom in some way? Or was the cat going to die after what Thom did to it?

Shirtless and carrying his clothes, sweating all over, and with so many emotions now running through his mind, he limped towards the elevator. To his surprise, someone was in there. A brunette, thin woman about a few years younger than him in a disheveled blue sundress that she was trying to stop from hiking up her legs. Clearly, they each were in the middle of their respective walks of shame, though she was dressed better than him.

They awkwardly shared the elevator and rode it to his floor. They were both staying on the same floor and ended up finally laughing together. After all, neither could judge the other too harshly. For a minute, Thom had even forgotten he had almost died that night before the laughter had become a bit of relief for him.

He got to his room and wanted to shower, dress, pack, and leave as soon as possible. But his body collapsed onto his bed and he fell into a long sleep.

Thom awoke at near noon. The next day was supposed to be an important presentation to the local branch about a new security system they were testing. It was also now almost twelve hours since the first round of the most terrifying sexual encounter he had ever had.

He showered hurriedly, dressed for the day with his mind in constant worry and paranoia, and decided to check out earlier than he was booked for and find a new hotel. He packed his things and rushed downstairs to the lobby. He explained his plans had changed, paid a small fee, and started the check-out process.

Suddenly, Thom got the idea to ask about Ashe. He made it seem as if he was traveling with her and asked whether she was staying or had checked out. He gave the woman at the register the room number and floor. The woman explained she could only give out so much information, but when he mentioned her name, she figured she’d check for him.

“I’m sorry, but no one of that name checked into that room,” she explained.

“Are you sure? She brought her cat with her,” Thom said, halfway leaning over to look at the computer.

Rudely, the woman pushed the computer screen away from his view.

“I’m sure, sir. And for the record, we don’t allow any pets into out premises. So, there’s no way she would have been allowed in. Do you have a violation from this person to report?”

Thom was visibly frustrated. “Maybe I’m misremembering her room. She’s about my age, slightly shorter than me, with short pink hair?”

“I’m not sure I can help you find her by that description, but I can tell you no one, absolutely no one was checked into that room last night. In fact, this room you’re inquiring about is scheduled for some new renovations and is off limits for guests to even book at the moment.”

Thom was going to protest and bother her further but decided against it and simply thanked the woman who was obviously getting annoyed at his pestering. He headed out wondering if he had imagined the whole thing, but whatever had happened to him was supernatural and unexplainable.

As he opened the doors from the lobby to the front driveway, the pretty young brunette woman he had bumped into from the elevator the night before was coming in, obviously checking out. When their eyes met, she flashed him a wicked grin that gave him flashbacks to Ashe. She kept eying him as if she might be interested in more than sharing walk of shame with him on the seventh floor of the hotel hallway. But he wasn’t interested. He was going to have to retire from one-night stands from now on.