Archetypes in America 2016
Ishaan Vadhera

I grew up in the US and will love it forever. The problem is when I left, it was because I was feeling this rising xenophobia that just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I was tired and not as happy as I knew could be and needed to be if i was every going to live instead of survive.

As a fellow immigrant (ex-immigrant who did the whole school and tax thing for twice as long as you did) I see your archetypes because as outsiders we have that benefit of being able to see the country from a global point of view. It’s a great perspective. Hillary and Bernie seem to be the better choices because the Republican side has gone off the rails. You see Trump as bold, I find that he is a cowards who is catering to the lowest common denominator because he has no other value to add to the race. He cares about ratings and popularity. He’s like a reality show gone really bad. Like scary bad. If anything the archetype he speaks is more of a Lex Luthor, a “genius” who blatantly misdirects the people with false images of boldness, greatness, caring etc while he attempts world domination by any means necessary. He’s dangerous and seemingly unstoppable.

The Presidential race is even more fascinating to me because I left the US. Let’s see how this pans out after all is said.