so you think things in sweden are all hunky dory
Terri Magee Henderson

I guess that depends on who you listen to: Fox/Trump or Sweden. Me? I’m listening to the people in Sweden who are wondering WTF Fox/Trump is talking about because they did not have a terrorist attack on Friday night. That’s going to be an interesting discussion between the officials and the US about Fox/Trump’s “Alternative Facts.” First month and he’s pissed off Mexico, sounded like an idiot when discussing the Israel/Palestine issue, made Canada look like the Holy Grail for refugees and pretty much anyone who wants a sane and peaceful life, pissed off China, Australia, is losing his shine in Russia and made Sweden, the country you don’t hear much about, scratch their heads about some terrorist attack that didn’t happen in Feb 2017… Seriously, I’m excited to see whom he pisses off/confuses/alienates/lies about in month 2. Man is just fascinating and I think former President Barack Obama’s 100 watt smile is about to ratchet up to 1KW