The Value of Empathy
Leah Reich

Love this. Because what people don’t get is that once they quantify something, it becomes a commodity that becomes this asset that can be traded. It’s really sick. Plus, and this indirectly ties into another article I recently read, because of this disregard of certain skills that are gendered, it contributes to the drinking culture of companies that is a problem. They can’t relate to each other in human ways outside of an intense work environment and booze, so you have these emotionally stunted environments who take happy hour commiseration as empathy.

Oh and the boss that threw things at you, oh that’s some shit I would not put up with and would find a way to get justice for. That should not happen and the fact that you had managers who just let it happen and chastise you for responding to a traumatic situation…I would have found legal counsel post haste as I am mean like that.