When I Write!
Just like a drug addict cannot do without drugs, I am addicted to scribbling on paper! You can call me a ‘useless philosophical woodchuck’ who works without any expectation any sort of material benefit. But, some people just cannot be otherwise.
However, I am also not a sort of hopeless pessimist who has no hope for the future, as I have great faith in a transcendental force which guides all souls which have faith in it. I have surrendered my ‘kismet’ in the hands of that able force. I have no worries now!
Bouts of writing alternating with heavy reading are common to all writers. A few months ago, I went into a phase of ‘read only’. I spent hours just reading all kinds of books. The result was a kind of unexplainable uneasiness. My health started suffering and I started suffering from abdominal and gastric problems. 
Feeling queasy and unhappy, I went to the local doctor for an opiate. She told me there was nothing physically wrong and that I was ‘mildly depressed’.
I reasoned that was because I had not ‘scribbled’ for a few months. So here I go again…!
Writing is a creative experience. It is like a purgative for a constipated person. You can call it a kind of disease affecting some creative beings.
A writer who puts his pen down commits creative suicide. There is no hope for writers who stop writing!

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