Scarred For Life

Meet Emily Wallace!

Emily Wallace is a motivational speaker, inspirational author and expert seeking high representation for her unforgettable autobiography Scarred for life. Scarred for life is an inspirational book which illustrates all of the struggles that Emily faced during her childhood. One day in 1980, Emily returned home from her every day learning environment, to find a house filled with nothing but emptiness. Her whole nuclear family (her mother and her siblings) were gone without a forwarding address. This was the same day that Emily endured emotional distrust and experienced her childhood being snatched away from her within moments. After being abandoned by her mother, Emily realized that living on the dangerous streets of a major metropolitan city was a prerequisite to survival. While spending the remaining of her childhood on the streets, Emily experienced hunger that was so bad, it led to her eating out of the city owned garbage cans. However, hunger was by far not the only horrific thing that Emily encountered as a motherless child struggling to bear with the pressure of being homeless. Aside from experiencing deadly hunger, Emily also faced things ranging from being brutally beaten by a 28 year old to losing her innocence at the age of eleven, after being forcefully raped by not one, but two grown men. Scarred for Life narrates Emily’s story, along with her thoughts, feelings, and emotions as she tried to succeed surviving on the streets. She tells of sleeping in vacant houses and under porches and experiencing child molestation by her older two brothers. She shares the stories of those who tried to help her and those who would not. Honest and shocking, Scarred for Life provides insight into the actual life of a little homeless girl and the horrors one can experience when living on the streets. Today, Emily is a legally blind, author and motivational speaker who speaks and enlighten kids about the importance of child abuse and bullying.

What would you do if you were eleven years old, abandoned by your own mother; without a clue to where she had gone? How would you survive? Could you survive on the dangerous streets of Detroit? This young girl did. After coming home from school she was shocked to find her whole family missing; gone without a trace. Through sexual, physical and emotional abuse it is truly a miracle that she’s alive. She would like for every other child experiencing abuse to know that authorities can always help; never be afraid to tell the truth.

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