Strigoi (Part 10)

Mrs. Webster, Daniel, and Roy immediately ran towards Lina as she screamed across the yard holding a sleeping Cheeky in her arms. She was hyperventilating and could barely get her words out. Daniel ran towards the house, assuming correctly that the stranger was back peeping through their windows again. Roy called out to Daniel, running after him into the house. Ms. Webster took Cheeky from Lina, grabbed Lina by the hand and led her into the house. Once in the house, Ms. Webster picked up the phone to call the police, pressed the receiver button, and dialed again. The phone was completely dead. Ms. Webster then ran to her room and grabbed the cell phone that Darren got her for her birthday. It was fully charged because she hadn’t used it since the first time she charged it up. There was an x at the top left corner of the phone screen. “Lina… Lina baby I need you to help me with this cell phone”. Mrs. Webster rushed to the living room and saw that Lina was outside on the porch with Cheeky, calling for Daniel. Mrs. Webster went out to the porch and asked her to help her with the cell phone to call the Sheriff. Lina took the cell phone and saw that there wasn’t any service. “Ma Webster, is your service connected”, she asked, puzzled while inspecting the phone. “Yes. Darren pays the bill every month even though I don’t use it”. A gun shot suddenly rang out, causing Mrs. Webster and Lina to scream and Cheeky to cry out. Lina begin crying uncontrollably and Mrs. Webster begin screaming Roy’s and Daniel’s name. “Where the hell is that patrol car”, Mrs. Webster asked aloud, walking to the sidewalk. Mrs. Webster looked across the street and what she saw made her question her sanity. Mrs. Webster didn’t know if they were human, or animals, or some kind of monsters. They were gray, bald, and human like but was standing on all fours, there was eight of them or maybe ten… Hissing and standing up right and lowering to all fours. She saw them clambering through the woods, hopping over tree stumps and tangling through branches. “LINA GET IN THE HOUSE”.

Daniel shot at the thing, whatever the hell it was twice through the window, causing the glass to shatter. Roy was holding a fire poker and was yelling at Daniel that he couldn’t kill it that way and that they both need to just get out of the damn house. The thing was grey, slimy, and about damn 5'11 with tufts of white hair coming from it’s balding head. When Lina ran out of the house screaming with the baby in tow, Daniel immediately knew the damn man who had been peeking through the windows had come back. So he ran into the house, got his gun and didn’t even know Roy went with him until he saw him slowing walking behind him holding a fire poker, nodding at him. They both checked each room in the house, opening the curtains to each window. When they reached Cheeky’s room, the curtains were already drawn open from Lina looking through them. Roy screamed out “OH MY GOD NO” and Daniel automatically just started shooting. When the glass shattered, Roy kept screaming at Daniel to get the hell out of the house, but Daniel couldn’t stop shooting at the thing, which bullets seemed to bounce off of. When it jumped through the broken window, Roy grabbed Daniel’s collar and pulled him through the bed room door while slamming it shut. Daniel was in utter shock at what just occurred. Roy pushed Daniel out of the front door and they both ran to Mrs. Webster’s house, banging on the door, begging her to open it. When Mrs. Webster opened the door, they both tumbled in looking as though they seen a ghost.