Strigoi Part 11

The deputy’s intestines spilled out like steaming tangled spaghetti as it hung from his split open belly. He was suspended upside down from the branch of a maple tree. His eyes were wide open, his mouth still gurgling blood, and his dark coal black skin half way peeled off of his face. The Strigoi feasted upon his insides first, enjoying his digestive system, stomach acid fizzling in their mouths like soda pop. His name tag read Deputy Logan. They saw him sitting in his car, on the corner of Lendall Lane at the edge of the forest. They watched him, waiting on the right time to attack and feed. First he spoke to dispatch, then read from a paperback book, after reading some pages he drove around the neighborhood and then returned to the same spot. It wasn’t hard to catch him. The Strigois made loud noises to bait him and when he stepped into the woods, he was instantly captured. One quick swipe of the throat and there was a quick meal. The Mambo would be proud of them. How quick they worked to collect a debt. Her debt. Roy Armstrong was a brave one. A strong one, as the Mambo called him. Darren Webster made sure to never step foot back in Stamburg. The Mambo called him “The Smart One”. Roy Armstrong and Darren Webster went to the Mambo for a favor… A favor they could not afford to pay back and the Mambo warned them. But they thought she was just a crazy old woman talking trash. Poor Sheriff Ward was caught in the middle again just like he was caught in the middle twenty years ago. At the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh well. Such is life. The Mambo sent them to do a job and the job must be done. For they were summoned and once they were summoned they must obey the commands.

The Mambo watched from a distance as the demons feasted upon the deputy. She smiled to herself, licking her dry cracked lips as she stood there. Krishna was finally getting what was owed to her. Roy Armstrong would also repay her generously for sending her to hell, making her wait two decades to claw her way back up from the bowels of the earth. He would be exposed for worshiping the dark arts to get what he wanted, then everyone he cared about will be eaten in front of him, and then he will be eaten alive. Two demons crawled to her and bowed down in front of her. She rubbed the slimy tops of their bald heads and spoke to them in the forbidden language. Krishna walked slowly to the body of the deputy, took a long sharp nail, sliced open his chest, removed his heart, and bit into it.