Strigoi Part 12

When Michelle awoke she was surrounded in complete darkness. Her head throbbed, her legs felt crushed, and the driver seat air bags had exploded against her chest, making it difficult for her to breathe. She suddenly remembered what caused the car wreck, prompting her to suddenly gasp in fear. Michelle looked around the car and peered out of the windows. The windshield was completely shattered, and the hood was crushed due to the impact against the tree. She listened carefully for any sounds, and continued looking around for any signs of that thing that jumped on her car as well as any familiarity of where she might be. Michelle moved her neck from side to side to make sure she could and there weren’t any damages to her neck or spine. She knew you weren’t supposed to move if injured in a car crash but this was a different situation. She looked around for her cell phone to call for help but she couldn’t find it anywhere. Most likely crushed between the seats and dashboard. Michelle opened the car door, glass pouring into her lap. The pain in her legs was excruciating and she wondered if she sprained something. Surely it wasn’t broken or she would be in worse pain than she was now. Michelle pulled each leg out of the car and inspected them. They were scraped and bleeding from the interior’s impact of the crash. She wiggled each foot around, stood up, and took a couple of steps. Michelle thanked God that she could walk, as painful as it was.

She looked around, listening for sounds, shivering from fear. Tears streamed down her bruised and battered face. Michelle walked slowly, careful to not step on any loud leaves, or trip over any branches and tree stumps. She heard a twig snap, causing her to freeze. Michelle crept towards a large oak tree and kneeled down, squeezed her eyes shut and counted to sixty. She needed to get out of the woods and to the nearest house available so she could call for help. Michelle counted past sixty and there wasn’t anymore sounds, so she stood up and continued walking trying to find the edge of the woods. Michelle pushed herself to walk faster, even though it pained her to do so. It was so dark, no street lights, no lit up houses peering through the trees to guide her out of the woods. "Oh God, please help me”, Michelle whispered a prayer. Suddenly she heard a dog barking, nearby. A barking dog mean’t there was a yard nearby, which mean’t a house. Michelle ran towards the sound of the barking, the more she ran, the closer the barking got. Suddenly she was in the middle of a street. She couldn’t read any addresses or street signs because all of the street lights were out. Michelle felt dizzy and her vision blurred, causing her to sway as she walked. “Michelle”, a voice whispered. With the blurred vision and dizziness, Michelle assumed the voice she imagined calling her name was due to the possible concussion she may have gotten from the accident. “Michelle” the voice whispered again. Michelle became frantic and scared, the voice was loud enough for her to be certain that someone was calling her name, concussion be damned. She begin running, the pain in her legs excruciating and mind numbing. That thing was probably after her and she would not let it get her without a fight.

Michelle begin running as fast as she could until someone or something picked her up off the ground. Michelle begin screaming, kicking her bloody, pained legs and swinging her cut up bloodied arms. “Michelle please”, the familiar voice said. But Michelle was so delirious from pain, shock and fear that she continued fighting and swinging to get away. Then she was suddenly turned around and faced the voice that was calling her name. Michelle took one look at the familiar face and a strong sigh of relief left her. She leaned against the person and fainted.