Strigoi (Part 4)

“I had my men check all the way back in the woods and both of your backyards. There was nobody there. He must have ran off”, Sheriff Ward said to both Lina and Mrs.Webster as they both stood in the middle of the sidewalk in front of of their homes. When Lina saw the strange man staring at her through the window as he stood in her backyard, she quickly called the sheriff’s office, ran to get Cheeky and then called her husband, which the receptionist told her that he was in the middle of setting a broken leg. After telling the receptionist to tell Daniel to call her back as soon as possible, that it was an emergency, Mrs.Webster called her frantic about a strange man watching her from across the street in the woods and if she should call the sheriff. Lina ran back to her kitchen window to check to see if the man was still standing in her yard, but he was gone. This made her even more afraid, thinking that the peeping Tom left from her window to watch Mrs. Webster in hers. So she grabbed her husband’s pistol and waited by the door, while holding her baby.

Mrs. Webster knew she was old and sometimes she had senior moments where she would put down an item and forget where she put it a few seconds later. But although forgetful, Mrs.Webster was not blind and last she checked she was definitely not senile. She definitely saw a tall, man, covered in tattered rags wearing a fedora covering his entire face, standing in front of the woods watching her. After calling the sheriff and looking out of her living room window to find the man gone, Mrs. Webster immediately called Lina in a panic. Over the phone, Lina’s voice sounded stricken as if she was terrified and then the phone hung up. She was too afraid she would be attacked by the stranger if she walked out of the house so she called the Sheriff’s office. The dispatch told her he was on his way.

Now the two women stood on the sidewalk huddled together, shivering in fear despite the oddly warm weather. They watched the deputies walk through the forests, peeking around trees as well as some deputies walk around the block and their back yards. “Probably a couple of vagrants. Drunk and wandering around. Are you sure it wasn’t Roy”, Sheriff Ward, eyes narrowed as he put his hands on his hips, facing Mrs. Webster. Mrs. Webster folded her arms across her chest and turned towards the Sheriff. “Roy wouldn’t do that. He may be a drunk and a bum but he is harmless and you know that, Michael”, Mrs. Webster pointed her finger at the Sheriff. “Whatever beef you and Roy have has nothing to do with the imbecile we saw peeking through our window”. A chiming sound interrupted their conversation and Lina hurriedly answered her cell phone. It was her husband. After telling him about the incident, Daniel said he will be there as soon as possible. “That was my husband. He’s on his way home”, Lina said relieved. Sheriff Ward asked Lina to describe the person she saw, just to make sure that it was only one guy walking around peeking in windows. “He was tall, lean, wearing a long, looked to be wool coat, a fedora hat and a scarf covered his whole face. Sheriff, the same guy who was watching Mrs. Webster was watching me. He left my back yard because he saw Mrs. Webster sitting on her porch. The fact that he was walking towards her is really scary”, Lina said, putting her arms around her elderly neighbor.

“Sheriff, I think you need to come and look at this”, a young deputy with a child like face, walked up to the three. The facial expression he wore was pure fear and confusion. “What is it?”, Sheriff asked puzzled. “In the woods, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you”, the deputy said right before gulping. Lina noticed that his adams apple bobbed up and down as if he was literally trying to compose himself and keep up an air of courage. The sheriff glanced at the two women and walked with the deputy across the street into the woods.