Strigoi (Part 8)

Michelle was walking to her car after closing up the flower shop for the day, when she noticed the strange person just standing there watching her. Michelle closed the flower shop on weekdays at eight at night but it took her a half hour to clean up, tally up the register, and lock up before leaving. Michelle was exhausted but felt blessed that the rare warm day in March resulted in a busy day at her floral shop. During the winter months, she had to depend on the holiday season to earn a generous amount of income. But Roy’s behavior is what tugged at her mind for the rest of the day. He had come in to the shop looking as though he had seen a ghost. Staggering around randomly opening doors looking for someone. Michelle had a new customer that stopped in on their way to the next town, they also mentioned stopping by again for more sunflower buds on their return . So when Roy came in drunk acting a fool, she was extremely embarrassed and angry.

Roy had never came into her store drunk and disorderly, so when he decided to come in not only drunk but acting irrational, Michelle was shocked. She didn’t understand what the hell Roy’s problems were anyway. Sure there was talk around town that the things he saw on his tours in the Army is what drove him into a crazy drunk. But when she looked in Roy’s eyes there was more there. Something he was hiding, something that was hurting him deep in his soul. Michelle had offered to help Roy plenty of times, but of course his pride wouldn’t accept the help from a woman. But then again the pastor at St. Olive Baptist Church on Hughart Street offered him room and board as well as pay to do maintenance work and Roy turned that down as well. Michelle chalked it up as Roy being just a drunk who let life get him down and couldn’t raise himself up out of the pit to want to do any better. But that still didn’t excuse him for running in her place of business potentially scaring off her customers.

Michelle had pressed the button to unlock her car, when she noticed the stranger just standing watching her. She assumed it was a man by the stature. He stood about six foot four, wearing a long coat, scarf, a fedora and what looked to be tattered rags hanging off of him. Remembering that she was also holding the bank deposit for the day, she hurriedly speed walked to her car. Tossing the bank deposit in the front seat, she sat in the driver seat, closed the door when she looked up and noticed the man walking fast, close to her car. Michelle’s heart begin beating fast, so fast she felt it slamming against her rib cage. Her intuition told her that this wasn’t just some person coming to her car to ask for directions on where the nearest gas station was. The fight or flight signal in her brain that clicked on told her that this person wanted to hurt her. Michelle hurriedly put the key in the ignition and by the time she put the car in reverse to back out, the man had jumped on her hood like a masked ninja in a karate film.

Michelle screamed, swerved the car in reverse to back out of the parking lot and hit the brakes. But the man, who’s entire face was wrapped in the tattered scarf, stuck to the hood of the car like glue. She swerved around and around in the middle of the parking lot and slammed on brakes but the man still stuck to the hood of the car. Michelle screamed in terror as he begin to slam his head on the windshield causing a zig zag crack in the glass down the middle. Brake. gas. brake. gas. brake. gas. Michelle mashed on the gas and flew out of the parking lot down Emerald Lane. Michelle was blinded by tears and the man on the hood of her car, so she had no idea which directions she was going. She just wanted this deranged person off of her car and away from her. Suddenly, Michelle heard a crash, her head hit the steering wheel, air bags erupted, her legs felt crushed and everything went black.