I know people like to distinguish between sex and gender.
Chris Warmuth

Agreed. I recall this this quote. My point is that when we look at “biology” we have to look at all the biology and how the brain plays into our instincts.

The interesting thing is that dysphoria disappears in many patients after they transition, especially in kids, and they don’t want to go back to the assigned gender. I am baffled why this need is so overpowering.

And then after transition that many people seem to go on and live rather “ordinary” lives. I put the word ordinary in scare quotes because some of these people are extraordinarily talented and accomplished. Wendy Carlos is one such person who pops into mind.

My sense is that this drive seems almost instinctual — like birds flying south. And since the BSTc is associated with the hypothalamus which is evidence in all mammals and does govern instincts such as care of the young, bonding, hunger, and even breathing I ponder whether there is something different in the trans brain that runs opposite to the chromosomes. If the brain is going one way and the body the other, then there’s trouble in River City.

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