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Bobbi Dare

Lessons from Wonder Woman

Not seduced by the dark side

Wonder Woman leads by example and not intimidation.

Thank you for your kind words.

Long winded answer. I grew up loving Wonder Woman. I read the comics years before the TV-series. I saw the film was coming out and I thought, “Ya. More skimpy costume for teen boys,” but I went to see it in IMAX 3D and many women were moved to tears, yours truly included. I went to my third viewing a few days ago so the film is much in my mind.

True a work of fiction, but nevertheless . . .

Diana of Themyscira should be an example to us all. She believes humankind is basically good. It is only the God of War, Ares (the patriarchy!), that clouds people’s minds. Yes, the Germans shoot at Diana and they kill some of the Amazons, but she knows in her heart the people are good and even though she is only one (albeit extraordinary) person, she will not let the hatred of others or their wishing her harm stop her from her mission.

(Above) From the film, Gandhi. Turn the other cheek. You’ll find there’s room for us all.

When you are fighting in a just cause people just seem to pop up to help. Some people, though, will lash out at what they don’t understand. It is very hard for cis people to imagine what it must be like to be trans. Many have been taught in church, temple, or mosque that trans people are bad, sinful, dangerous, deluded, or unclean in the eyes of God. That not all of us are God’s children and that some of us should be reviled and cast out.

But the truth is on our side. I take heart that in real life their are people with open hearts and open minds who will consider your information. If someone disagrees with you, she may not have the information you have. Present your information. Listen to hers (or his) and in that way we begin to understand one another.

Humankind is basically good. If people of goodwill find common ground, we can move forward.

My goal in life is to educate. I hope that no child ever has to go through what I had to go through — as a toddler, 28-months old, being forced to grow up more or less as a Tomboy (the Tomboys were my friends and likely saved my sanity) and then to go through a disfiguring and irreversible puberty. In my late teens, late 1960s, I got some cast off estrogen (birth control pills some friends stopped for personal reasons) and it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I could start transsexing. Today, kids who are early onset are able to get diagnosed and can live as their true gender until puberty and if they continue to affirm the gender that differs from the birth assigned one, they can get puberty blockers and continue in their gender of affirmation. If by high school they continue to affirm, they can get cross-sex hormones at 16/17. They will develop a female shape, hips, breasts and keep their voice. They will not grow body hair in a male pattern. (Of course for trans boys it is equal and opposite.)

That some people behave badly toward some women sometimes happens, but that is no reason to punish children.

All that the stories tell us — and may document very wicked and terrible behavior, by people claiming to be trans, toward other women. This is deplorable and makes me very sad. On the other hand, this acting out might be because of the mental damage their people experienced by going untreated earlier in life.

Humankind is basically good and we must call on the best in each other and hopefully we shall see “there’s room for us all.”

Thank you, again, Bobbi!