The “defining narrative?”
Serah Eley

Something else is going on with transphobes beyond their “political” arguments. They seem obsessed with penises. Don’t they realize a lot of trans girls don’t have them and didn’t want them? As Siobhan O’leary pointed out the reference to chests was to be inclusive to a transman. Speaking for myself, some of us developed beasts the old fashioned way through estrogen. It gets down to parsing body parts instead of living lives. A lot of shaming of people based on arbitrary ideals.

Some of us have lived female lives longer than the opponents of trans women have even been alive. Some of the spaces they talk about keeping trans free might exist because trans women helped build them aa unpaid workers who worked for the greater good. And then to be lectured by someone who took no part on second wave feminism because she read it in a book. Who wrote those books? The second wave women who were there and it is in living memory.

It would be laughable if it were not so sad.