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Talk about old wine in new bottles.

As someone who was around during the Hopkins program (I did not go through it but transitioned outside of that program) I have to remind people that it was a rather small population in the Hopkins program who actually got all the way through the surgical stage at Hopkins. At the same time as the aforementioned program, a great number of people were taking their destinies into their own hands by going to Casablanca; Trinidad, Colorado; and New York City to get reassignment surgery on their own nickel. Most all of them met the Standards of Care. As many as 10,000 people may have had sex reassignment surgery in that time period 1960–1980 and for the most part we flew below the radar and went on to live what in today’s parlance is “stealth” lives. In short, the data on these 10,000 cases goes unexamined. The 10,000 number likely doubled in the 1980s.

The Hopkins outcomes are mid-20th century and based on a small data sample and are now being milked for a political outcome. There is a lot of data coming out of Holland with populations a hundred times greater than the Hopkins group. The 21st century data is out there for those who aren’t cherry picking for a result.