The trans movement is promoting a poststructuralist notion of gender that considers the materiality…
Casey Hall

Gender Identity — Latest Clinical Findings

Gender identity and the the brain.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

While I agree gender roles are not fixed and vary among societies and epochs, gender identity is biological and likely fixed in the first trimester. It is tempting to think that it is completely nurture, but that is a difficult position to support in light of some of the latest medical findings based on peer reviewed clinical studies published in the medical literature.

I include some below and then will close with a few comments.

The first is a summary overview in Scientific American, January 2016.

The next is a more in depth overview out of Harvard.

The slide below illustrates the clinical findings that trans people have brain structures of the “opposite” sex. This is “baked in.”

Gender identity is biologically determined.

A helpful video is the Charlie Rose panel of clinicians and medical doctors who have studied the science of gender variation.

I am aware that people who transition late in life especially annoy many people who call themselves feminist. They argue that the trans people do not conform to their views of womanhood or of femininity or of what they think is essential to the female experience. This is in large part because the people transitioning were not treated early. Treatment delayed is treatment denied and if there is any “trans agenda” it is in early diagnosis and getting the right treatment at the right time for the right population.

The Dutch recognized this some years ago and by using reversible puberty blockers they were able to allow the gender variant youth to go through the puberty of affirmation. The blockers bought time for counseling. The trans youth could socialize in the proper peer groups.

I also attach a more clinical article from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism on what was done as well as an article from Pediatrics on outcomes.

There is a link in the Pediatrics article that links to the PDF.

Again, I agree gender roles vary among cultures and within cultures. As to abolishing gender roles, that is up to the individual.

Being trans is not a political movement, even though there are some who believe that.

I must say your arguments are not helped by using salty language. You claim scientific research backs your view yet cite no sources.

Female Liberation, which is what we called it in the early 1970s is being supplanted by Gender Liberation. The LGBTQ+ and the women’s movement should think about the real goal which is equality and ending discrimination based on sex.