Fatal Bullying

We lost the hero of the future at a very young age. We lost him even before he could bring the scientific breakthrough, which he dreamt of all of his life.

I want to share the tale of a genius who lost the battle of his life due to mental disorder. The research showed that one of the greatest factors of the mental disorder was the bullying he faced when he moved from a school to a college.

After passing from school with flying colors, he got admitted into the college where the remarks of boys, just for the sake of fun like ‘O nerd,’ ‘O geek,’ ‘O goofball,’ struck him very hard. He lost his hard-earned confidence.

The words sapped his sensitive heart badly and combined with his biological problems; his mental disorder reached an alarming situation.

The last days of his life were painful. The young man of 19, the first boy of the family, the boy with the soaring missions to bring a scientific revolution in Pakistan, and who dreamed of becoming second Abdul Qadeer Khan was there lying under the profound effect of tranquilizers as the body would awake with the never ending epilepsy episodes. He was trapped in the miseries of the pipe for food, the hospital bed, and the urine bag. I can’t explain it more as the sight was unbearable.

It’s just my appeal to the youngs’ that playing with hearts is no game of pleasure; your remarks could change a life, could snatch the heroes from the nation of sacrifice.

I have observed the bullying in schools all over my life and has seen its drastic outcomes. However, this trauma endorsed the words on my heart
Bullying is fatal
I want to give the youth community food for thought that some words spoken without the integrity may be fatal for innocent hearts.

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