Autify: Reinvention the in-car experience using smart devices

Be smart. Drive with Autify

Worldwide, nearly 7 billion active mobile phones is existing of which more than half are smartphones. Cellphones have become an indisputable part of everyday life for most of us. Cellphones are everywhere with us. Mobile`s alarm clock sounds in the morning, which tells us that is just beginning the next amazing day of our lives. During breakfast, we usually read what new has happened in the world while we slept. When we go to work, we listen to our favorite mobile music. When we want to capture the joyous moments of our life, there is nothing easier than to take a photo with its. When you get lost, just use it as a GPRS navigation. We can always write with our friends on social networks, even when we are not with them. Serves as a calendar helping us to organize our time.

In 2009, the number of registered vehicles has exceeded one billion worldwide. It’s no big secret that according to surveys, more than 70 % are using your phone while driving. Since the current phones are not adapted to operate while driving, they may for millions of road accidents throughout the world.

Autify, the start-up has announced the app that will revolutionize allows the use of smartphones while driving. You can listen to your favorite songs, call your friends, or turn navigation to your destination.

The very simple, intuitive interface is controlled by only two movements — swapping and clicking. The screens are switched by swapping and the selection is confirmed by clicking. It is a very simplified control that minimizes the time that drivers must pay to smartphones and driving is becoming secure. This app is the first step towards shaking up the in-car technology experience.

Autify is currently available for the Android OS. Windows Phone and iOS in itself contain certain restrictions that don`t allow the same functionality as the app running on Android.

Actually, Autify wants to focus on the further development of new features. In the next phase, they want to help automobile manufacturers and built-in it directly into cars.

Autify app is available via Google Play in two different versions — Trial and Full. The Trial version is free and includes the full functionality with sometimes pop-up window (like in Total Commander). Full version is $2 fee.