BUMO: is the blockchain platform where more is better


The Problems


Since the appearance of bitcoin and the blockchain, it has been a revolution in economic terms and technological projects based on these platforms. Virtual currencies are in everyone’s mouths, but in pockets (or purses) of few.

Since the appearance of bitcoin and the blockchain, it has been a revolution in economic terms and technological projects based on these platforms. Virtual currencies are in everyone’s mouths, but in pockets (or wallets) of few.

Then he began to understand some things, how to participate in the crypto-market and especially how to make a profit. But the frauds appeared, the hackers, the scandalous attacks to great exchanges of cryptocurrencies. And with them the fear of investing, which greatly harmed this virtual world.


However, the developers did not give up, and more blockchain-based projects continued to appear, more miners appeared, more coins than bitcoin and ethereum to name a few. But more people and projects joined and continue to join this crypto-world. More complications appear such as problems of scalability, problems in transaction speed, the collection of high commissions for each transaction, and the increase of energy consumption for mining equipment..

It becomes necessary an integral platform, that is robust and safe, but at the same time that facilitates the things for the users. Where the aforementioned problems are a thing of the past

Bumo is the answer


What is Bump?

BUMO is a platform that seeks to be the answer to the problems raised. Bumo creates a network that focuses on establishing a freedom and facility for transferring digital values at the time and place where the user wishes.

Bumo uses the potential of the same smart devices that are around the world. Allowing speeds of up to more than 10,000 Transactions per second.

Bumo offers the user a series of tools and templates to facilitate the integration of the person or company with the world of the blockchain. Encouraging giving a digital value to everything and any asset you want.

How does it work?

Ubiquitous trust network

A global network that allows the tokenization of any asset

Based on the infrastructure of BUMO public chain, all assets could be tokenized, no matter they are Loyalty Points, Game Points, Insurance, Financial Assets, or even some Fixed Assets or Reality Assets, which extend the scope of assets in circulation, make them easy for transferring, and enable these value to be circulated freely around the world and different chains.

Bumo not only agrees to tokenize any asset of value, but also promotes that the users themselves and their devices allow the transactions in the network to flow without any barrier.

Unlike networks such as BTC and ETH, the more users join, the more the network is harmed by more data traffic and transaction verification, which brings the problem of scalability. The network created by Bumo, makes all users benefit by the entry of another user to the network, because a new node is established that will give more potential in terms of speed and robustness to the network.

This network that involves users and their nodes, will be available at all times and in all places, adding more and more smart devices to this decentralized family..

Reliable value transfer system

Digital trust is the linkage of virtual world and the real one. Ubiquitous trust system will be established. Online value flows will become ubiquitous as well.

With the possibility of attaching any intelligent device to the network, which can add benefits to the network, it also adds a greater value such as accessibility, having the network available anywhere and anytime.

With Bumo users have their digital values available to make transactions whenever they wish.

DApps ecosystem

Digital Identity, Tokenization Protocol, Value Transfer, Decentralized Transactions, In-DApp exchange, etc. Distributed applications will also be ubiquitous.

Speaking about the applications in Bumo, we can say that developers will have the possibility to use API’s with great compatibility, supporting the most common programming languages. And to work on the Bumoplatform will also be available when and where the user requires it.

Architecture of Bumo

Bumo establishes its architecture to generate a reliable and stable platform. Its technological infrastructure focuses on well-defined modules BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach. In addition, BUMOprovides tools for developers to improve the efficiency and access of their applications to BUMO.


Technical Aspects of Bumo


1.- An Improved Two-layer Consensus Protocol

Bumo puts into practice a double layer consensus protocol, allowing operations between several block chains.

Bumo applies an improved DPoS + BFT model. Where a structure of several children is supported and the selection of validators is dynamic. Improving transaction processing and serving diversified scenarios.

  • Improved DPoS+BFT model
  • Dynamic continuing voting
  • Subset mapping for Subchain

2.- Two-layer Polymorphic Architecture for Multi-child Blockchain

The Blockchain Multi-Child System establishes that both the main chain and the secondary chains are related transparently to the user, even though they have different technical characteristics.

  • Diversified Subchains are included
  • A whole ledger with hashing and indexing
  • Easy to create a Subchain
  • Separated Ledger Storage for Child Chains
  • Subchains have different paramenters
  • Value transfer freely among all the Blockchains.

3.- Inter-Chain for Routing Value across Blockchains

Bumo establishes a bridge to connect homogeneous blockchains as heterogeneous. Bumo uses InterChain to route the different value transactions between the main blockchain platforms.

  • Bridge the separated MainChains
  • Both of homogeneous and heterogeneous Blockchains can be supported
  • Value transfer freely across Blockchains
  • Joint-Consensus is needed on Inter-Chain
  • Just like a “Router” on traditional Internet

4.- Developer-friendly Smart Contract on Blockchain

Intelligent contracts are fully available on the Bumo platform. Developed in the most popular programming languages such as JavaScript, C / C ++, Python, etc.

  • Popular programing language with JavaScript, C/C++ and Python, etc.
  • Trustworthy data feed
  • Smart contracts can be executed in an isolated environment.
  • Turing-complete.

5.- Tokenlization Protocol

  • Account-based Tokenlization Protocol (APT)
    Users issue tokens using the operating platform of the Bumoblockchain directly, without the need for smart contracts.
  • Contract-based Tokenlization Protocol (CPT)
    Applicable in more elaborate applications, users can emit token using intelligent contracts, which makes Bumo compatible with a multitude of applications and markets

6.- BU Token

BU is the Bumo token. Whose value is based on two factors:

  • The amount of BU consumed as fuel in the Bumo network.
  • The ability to participate in the governance of the BUMO community by maintaining BU.

BU can be applied to:

  • Gas: fuel to execute intelligent contract interactions
  • Bookkeeping Award: incentive for validation nodes
  • Community incentive: motivate developers to create infrastructure contributions

BU can be acquired by:

  • Acting as a validation node and charging a transaction fee through gas
  • Transfers between accounts in Bumo (purchase / sale)
  • Participation through donations in Ethereum to developers of Bumoprojects.
  • Participation in the development of the Bumo ecosystem construction.

BU Token Allocation:

[Imagen de @autinf]

Benefits of Bumo

  • Free flow of digital assets.
  • Static assets are practically useless.
  • The circulation between domains creates new magnitudes of value for all the users that interact through the intelligent value chain of BUMO.
  • 45 billion IoT devices expected by 2020
  • Smart devices can generate data and, therefore, create value
  • BUMO wishes to act as a universal digital book, allowing this data to be exchanged without problems.
  • Eliminate fragmented communication protocols between different devices.
  • Eliminate the high maintenance costs of the network.
  • Eliminate the fears born of the lack of trust through illicit nodes in the network.

Use Case


Peter is a local internet provider, as he is always up to date on technology, he knows the benefits of the blockchain, and he tries to tokenize his services and assets. Although he understands very well the terms and aspects related to the blockchain, he knows that not all of his clients will have the same ability to adapt to this technology. So Peter already has more than 8 months postponing this big step for his company. Peter reviewing Steemit begins to read a series of articles that talks about BUMO and its benefits. Know that the characteristics of BUMO adapt perfectly to what you want, because with the facilities that Bumo offers, through its templates and tools you can include your business in the world of the blockchain, and the most important your customers will be satisfied.

Conclusions and Personal Thoughts

Bumo is a truly comprehensive platform, where even less experienced users can explore the world of the blockchain.

With Bumo, the world will be more connected, establishing a world-class blockchain network. Where each person can add value to the platform.

Bumo promotes the representation of assets with value in the block chain, using tokens. This encourages and encourages users and partners to work in favor of the ecosystem, for mutual benefit among its members.

At a technical level Bumo has important aspects well controlled, the Bumo team is not improvising. On the contrary it has a series of tools and templates to help users with less knowledge about the blockchain. But it is also very stable and with the necessary compatibilities for developers to integrate their applications to the platform.

For me the best thing about Bumo is participation. That is to say, by allowing the possibility that anyone with their technological devices can become a node of the network, it encourages the participation of users. The more users the more robust the network will be, and more people will join the platform.

A very beneficial point of Bumo is the speed of transaction, this speed increases as the network grows, unlike other blockchain platforms. Where the speed looks pretty bad if more users connect to the blockchain.

So Bumo wants, seeks and promotes more people to join the network, without this lowering the performance of the platform. Bumo is a blockchain platform where more is better.

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