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Since 2009, with the appearance of Bitcoin, the world has been revolutionized. The Blockchain is here to stay and who does not adapt to these changes will be left behind.

It has been difficult for most common users to assimilate this crypto-world. What has brought as a consequence a deceleration of technological and economic development for this neo-activity.

When a common user starts to understand what cryptocurrencies are, it usually starts with Bitcoin or Ethereum. But then he knows that there are many more, and behind each one there are interesting projects, where the user sees great potential and wants to invest.

Unfortunately, the thing gets a bit complicated here, most of the cryptocurrency exchanges have an interface with a lot of information. This information is not bad for more experienced users, but for the user who only wants a direct change interface, without much distraction. Something that says “deposit this here, tell me what I do and where you want me to put it”.

Something simple, practical and fast.

OnePageX brings this vision.

OnePageX in a cryptocurrency exchange, I practice and very direct. That allows you to change your cryptocurrencies in a simple and transparent way.

OnePageX considers important the ease of access to our cryptocurrencies, and the power to exchange them when we want them, to have a prosperous economy. Therefore, OnePageX will continue to add cryptocurrencies to meet the needs of all potential users.

Change your cryptocurrencies in 3 Steps:

Advantages of Using OnePageX:

  • No registration is required, nor edit any user profile to exchange your coins.
  • You decide what is the final destination of your cryptocurrency. You just have to place the corresponding address in the destination account.
  • The commissions to be exchanged is very low, just 0.5% of the transaction.
  • Transactions are fast.

Some Frequently Asked Questions: (Source: OnePageX — FAQ)

Q: What are the fees?

A: OnePageX charges 0.5% along with a small network fee on all transactions. All fees are included in the estimate shown.

Q: How long does an exchange take?

A: While the exchange happens instantly, it does not occur until your deposit is confirmed. The time for your deposit to confirm on the blockchain may vary based on asset, blockchain congestion, and fee paid. Most transactions are completed within 25 minutes.

Q: I have not received my transaction. What’s going on?

A: You can see the status of your transaction(s) in the status column. The status is a live representation of the current state of your exchange. The most common situation is that your deposit has not been confirmed. That being said, if your transaction has not been processed for over an hours, please send us an email with your transaction details and an agent will look into the matter.

Q: What do the status messages mean?

0 of X confirmations
Your deposit is still unconfirmed on the blockchain and has not been received yet. This can occur because of blockchain congestion or a low transaction fee. Unfortunately, this is a blockchain issue and not a OnePageX issue, your transaction will be processed once confirmed on the blockchain.

Withdrawal Queued
Your exchange has been completed. Withdrawals are batched and sent out periodically. Your transaction will be completed very soon.

Below Minimum
The minimum deposit limit is shown before all transactions. We would love to process even the smallest of transactions but due to per-transaction costs and minimum withdrawal amounts it is not feasible. Unfortunately, all deposits below the minimum are forfeited. As well, all exchanges resulting in a withdrawal amount less than the minimum unit of the withdrawal asset will be forfeited. Please ensure that your deposit is within the stated limits and has a non-zero result in the estimator.

Flagged For Review
There appears to be an issue with your transaction. Rest assured your funds are safe. An admin will review your transaction and it will be processed as soon as possible. This can occur if there is an issue outside of our control that prevents exchange or withdrawal.

Q: How can I integrate OnePageX with my website/service??

A: OneBox is a turnkey solution for embedding OnePageX on your website. Visit the OneBox link via the navigation bar and simply copy the provided code into your template. OneBox is both desktop and mobile friendly, offering the full functionality of OnePageX in a single frame. A public API is in development and will be released once ready.

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