What’s Wrong With Functioning Labels? A Masterpost.

Functioning labels (claiming that some autistic people are “high-functioning” while others are “low-functioning”) do more harm than good, not just because they aren’t able to give you an accurate impression of how much support an autistic person needs — but because they’re instead mainly used to either silence or invalidate autistic people. Autistic people who speak up about the issues concerning them are labelled “high-functioning” to invalidate what they have to say as being inaccurate and irrelevant for other autistic people and so-called “low-functioning” autistic people are being silenced and spoken over because they are written off as too ‘low-functioning’ to have nuanced, relevant opinions or even communicate at all. If you have trouble understanding why it’s bad to label autistic people as either low- or high-functioning, please take the time to educate yourself with some of the many articles linked below.

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